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Part 37: CH30: This Man is not Worthy of the Name Maxwell

CH30: This Man is not Worthy of the Name Maxwell

: So anyway, fighting and all.
: What did you say?

: This is impossible! You must... You must die!

: Isn't that right...

: But he's never been alone.

: I must be dreaming.
: Milla!
: Milla!
: Is this truly happening?
: Milla? No way!
: Mi--

: Is it not Maxwell's mission to protect the future for all of us, both human and spirit?
: But how can this be? Was this the Four's doing?
: Uncertain? Uncertainty makes you weak, you know.

The four heal our party, despite not actually having any healing artes in gameplay. Xillia 2 eventually gives Undine a healing version.

: How... How dare you!
: Okay, Jude! Let's go!
: Right! Here we go!

So we've gotten Milla back. The game gives us a moment here to adjust her Lillium Orbs and gear. Surprisingly, they gave her a sword that was better than the best one I could purchase for her at the moment, even after upgrading the shop a few times. I guess my shop levels may be a bit behind. Her level is about the same as everyone else's, except Elize is six levels above party average. I bind all the Four to right-stick shortcuts.

Anyway, now we're fighting him for real.

Milla is by far the best character to go after Maxwell with, due to her full elemental coverage.

Flame Vanguard is new, his elemental eye thing starts emitting fire, then sweeps in a vertical arc in front of him.

You can just see Sonic Breaker behind the Binding Sphere spam, it's an eye-laser that sweeps out a frontal arc horizontally.

Teepo Copter features Elize hanging from Teepo as he flies towards the foe, and smacking them with her wand/mace/whatever they're calling it.

Tornado Blade is a new linked arte off Milla's Cyclone, Jude knocks a dude up into the air...

...and Milla spin-slices them.

Sometimes the positioning gets messed up though.

Trinity Drive seems a little different here. I'm sure if I spent a few more times fighting him, I could figure out exactly what it does. But it's just not that important.

Hey remember last update when I said that maybe Elemental Meteorites was a mistranslation of Meteor Storm?

That was a joke.

It remains TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE however.

It manages to inflict a few status effects, but nothing too bad.

Soul Absorption drains TP.

Soul Absorption. If you watch the video closely, Jude screws it up by using an Orange Gel right after I give the command to use this. Bad Jude!

Oh, so what Trinity Drive does is fire a series of homing projectiles.

Everyone gets 2-3 levels.

: I like how everyone was more concerned with Milla being alive than Maxwell being defeated. Screw him.

: Hey.
: Hi there.
: I mean, what do you say after telling the cycle of reincarnation to fuck off and returning from the dead to stab a god in the face?
: Hey!
: Millaaaaa!
: Elize, Leia.
: She's back! For real! For really real!
: I feel blessed to have lived long enough for this reunion. To think that we would meet again.
: This feels like a dream. But it's real, isn't it?
: I'm glad to see you, too.
: Welcome back, Milla.
: Thank you.

: Hey! Stay away from us! Or am I gonna have to finish you off myself?!
: I do not understand. The Four... Tell me, what is the meaning of this?
: I could no longer stand idly by and allow you to continue with this folly.
: Right. Exactly, so we decided to help Milla out and bring her to the spirit realm.
: How dare you! I gave no such order.
: Lord Maxwell, all people have hearts and minds, just the same as we do.
: You can't just treat them like tools, even if it does help save the world in the end!
: ......
: Maxwell, you may have been the one to give me my mission. Nevertheless it was still my own mission.
: You exerted your own will. And that was a decision that came straight from your own heart.
: Yes.
: The world you created seems to serve no purpose other than to exist.
But what kind of life is that for its people?
I... We all just want to live!
: I suppose this is why I could not understand your actions. Human hearts truly are complicated things.
Perhaps my ignoring that fact is what ultimately led me astray.
I shall dispel the schism.
: Are you serious?!
: Maintaining the schism requires a tremendous amount of mana. Dispelling it will disperse this energy into the world.
That should protect the world's spirits. At least for a time, anyway.

: Thank you, Maxwell.
We'll figure out a solution!
Both Rieze Maxia and Elympios will live on together. We'll find a way. You have my word.
: So Maxwell, you would step down from your rightful place as this world's god?

: Gaius?!
: Answer me, Maxwell.
: I have grown weary of constantly being at the mercy of human hearts.
: Maxwell.
: If you wish to abdicate your throne as Rieze Maxia's god, then I shall sit upon it in your stead.
: OK I have to admit in retrospect this may have been a bad idea.
: MAY???
: A mere human to replace me as my equal? How absurd. You are not worthy at all!
: It is not a question of being worthy. It is a question of actually being willing and able.
If you cannot fulfill your obligations, then I certainly will.
: Not so fast. I'm afraid that's not going to work for me either.
: It matters not. I don't need your approval.

: Don't think you can dodge all the blame.
: Such power. It can't be.

: The Lance of Kresnik?!
: What choice did I have? After all, you refuse to tell me what I should do now, didn't you?
: Muzét, have you lost your mind?
: I cannot allow you to destroy the schism!
: Maxwell, you shall serve as the cornerstone of your own world.

: It is my mission to protect the schism! My mission! Mine! Mine! Mine!
: Release me right now! That is an order!
: I'm afraid it's too late! You're always too late!

: Ugaaaaaah!
: Muzét, come to me.
Are you prepared?
: Whatever my lord wishes.

: No! Stop now! You can't mean to unleash it.

: Behold, Muzét's true power: a sword that can slice through space and time.
: I don't expect we'll meet again. Farewell, my sister.
: You can't be serious.
: Why are you doing this?! Gaius!
: For the sake of those who were killed, I will go to Elympios!
And you shall return to Rieze Maxia, where you cannot interfere!

: Come on, you gotta be kidding me!

: H-Hang in there, Elize!
: Help!
: I've got you!
: What can we do?
: Maxwell decided that if Gaius wanted them back in Rieze Maxia so bad, he'd send them to Elympios with whatever power he could muster.
: Maxwell! No!

: Wait! What's going on?!
: Not another one!
: Leave at once! This man is not worthy of the name Maxwell!
: We shall see!
: Everyone, brace yourselves.

: So they deliberately let themselves be sucked into Maxwell's portal like the total maniacs they were.
: Projecting much?