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Part 39: CH32: Light at the End of the Tunnel

CH32: Light at the End of the Tunnel

: The situation at the research center wasn't very good. A lot of that was my fault, of course.

: Where is everyone?
: A spyrix casing.

: Did Gaius do this?
: That's an awfully large slash, so I'd guess yes.
: Wrong! It was me.
: Whoever it was leveled the larger facilities and warehouses, but left the other buildings intact.
: OK that was Gaius.
: In other words, their goal is not an invasion or to wipe out the military.
: Milla, we should hurry and look for Balan.
: Right.

Dungeon Video! Robot fighting!

Soldier: H-Help me.
: Are you okay?!
Soldier: Thank you. I think I'll be okay now.
: This place seems deserted. Do you know where everyone went?

: Did you see the attackers?
Soldier: The soldiers hit us like a wave. They were led by some guy with a giant sword and a flying woman.
: Well, that settles it.
: That it does.
Soldier: They told us they'd destroy every last spyrix. Then they ordered us to retreat.
: Sounds like something he'd say.
: Wait, he can't be!
: Gaius must be planning to eliminate every spyrix in the entire world!
: Just to stop the Otherworld Reactor Plan? Isn't that a bit extreme?
: No, it's a sound plan. Elympios' situation won't change as long as it has access to spyrix.
Even if the current plan is halted, someone else will eventually come up with something similar.
: By eliminating spyrix, Gaius is going right to the heart of the two-world problem.
: Sounds like a lot of work. But if Gaius is anything, he's determined.
: Damn it, that puts Balan in danger.
: Excuse me, do you know anything about someone named Balan?
He's a spyrix engineer.
Soldier: You might find him over in the spyrite research wing.
: What?
Soldier: Officially, it's called the Military Research Wing. But, I wouldn't get your hopes up.
Those freaks are probably still wreaking havoc over there.
: ......
: I'm sure he's okay.
: Don't worry about me. You just worry about Gaius.
: Yeah, but still...
: You already have enough on your plate. Your job is to keep moving forward, remember?
: R-Right.
: We don't have time to worry right now. The sappy stuff'll have to wait.
: All right, thanks.
: So where's this Military Research Wing, anyway?
Soldier: Just ahead. If it's still standing.
Be careful.
: You too.
: You sure you're going to be okay?
: Save it. I'm fine.

: They found the building and got in easily enough, but...

: Let's look somewhere else.
: Hold on.
: What is it?

: There was a computer I forgot to wreck. I love the way those screens pop when you zap them.
: This confirms it. They created a spyrite with the information Exodus gave them.
Something called Volt.
: Interesting.
: So Gilland really was trying to save Elympios with spyrites.
: What? According to this, that spyrite thing was powered about a half an hour ago.
: It sounds like it was one of the reasons for the chaos that transpired here.
: Where'd it go?
: I don't know exactly, but it looks like it climbed to one of the floors above us.
What do you think?
: It might be worth checking out.
: Why do you say that?
: I don't have any proof, but I think Gaius might have activated it. If he did, we should find him nearby.
: But, what would be his motive for using spyrite?
: I have the same question.
I think it's important we get in contact with him.
: Jude, it's not that I don't want to meet him.
But, if Gaius is dead set on destroying all spyrixes...
I doubt he'll listen to anything we have to say.
: We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. If that's his plan, then I'll just have to stop it.
: You say that now, but we all know how much you respect him.
Just as you respect Milla.
: Please, Rowen, there's no need for this.
: You sure you won't back down in front of your hero, kid?
: Hey, Jude doesn't need a lecture from you!
: Yeah! Who died and made you head honcho?!
: It's okay.
I do respect Gaius.
But it doesn't mean I have to follow his path. I can create my own.
Otherwise, I'll never make my own decisions. I won't grow up to be who I want to be.
: Well said.

: Ah!
: Hey, who turned out the lights?!

: Let's proceed with caution.

: They made it to the roof

: That must be Volt.
Volt: Bzzzzzt. Bzzzzzt.
: Ah!
: Anyone else all tingly?
: It appears to be a spirit that can control lightning.
: It doesn't seem to be tethered to a human the way Celsius was to Gilland.
: So you're saying it's out of control?

: Volt's drain was the cause of the power outage.
: We won't get any answers until we calm it down.

It's no Muzet, but it could be a tricky fight.

Except I set Milla up with over 100% resistance to both fire and wind. SUCK IT! No literally suck it, I'm absorbing the damage and healing instead. Anyway, I captured him in the middle of his "bounce up and then land with an electric shockwave, repeat once" attack.

He emits an arc of lightning in front and behind himself.

Thunder Volley appears to involve rolling forward and leaving behind electrical projectiles that move around.

He starts casting electrical spells like Bolt Strike.

He spins, sending lightning in all directions. He can damage Milla somehow even though she's absorbing everything, I think he might actually have a physical attack somewhere.

He can cast Thunder Blade too.

Banishing Volt seems to be a wider Bolt Strike.

He also summons some Thunder Djinns, which have the same problem he does here: namely, that they pretty much can't damage Milla. Or most of the rest of my party.

Opportune Moment freezes time for the enemy whenever Rowen does a perfectly-timed backstep. So good. But unnecessary here.

Sorry Volt, but I had invincibility mode for that fight.

You're sort of expected to have your final build done-ish by now, so the level-ups are only giving you 2 or so nodes filled on the Lillium Orb. And honestly I've gotten most of the things I care about for everyone.

: Volt was mighty, but they were prepared.
: We finally beat some sense into it.
: Just another easy battle for yours truly!

: They're just as strong as the Great Spirits.

: We were wondering when you'd show up.
: Interesting. I never expected to find you here.
: So you've come to Elympios after all.
: I'm assuming you're the one that activated Volt.
I don't understand your motive though. Were you testing its potential?
Potential? I would never entrust my people's lives to something as tenuous as potential.
: I attempted to tether with a spyrite precisely because it is something you would consider.
: What?
: But it was for naught. Their power is far beyond human control.
That leaves us with no choice but to eradicate every last spyrix from this world.
: So that really is your plan.
: Don't you realize what would happen?
: We would end the Otherworld Reactor Plan once and for all. Surely the end justifies my means?
: What about the schism?
: We will leave it in place.
As long as spyrixes exist, the threat of Elympios exploiting Rieze Maxia remains.
: And what of Maxwell? Do you plan to leave him where he is?
: It is the duty of the strong to ensure that the weak do not perish.
: This isn't right, Gaius!
: What about it isn't right?!
We will safeguard the schism until the last spyrix is destroyed. Then we shall unite the two worlds!
: What about all the people who will suffer if you eliminate their spyrixes? Are you just going to ignore them?
: Don't worry about the poor, suffering humans. Gaius will protect them.
: Jude! Milla! You of all people should understand the ideals I'm striving for.
: What's the point of ideals if you force them on others? Don't you see what's happening?
Spyrix is a necessity for these people. Take it away, and they'll have nothing left!
: Jude...
: You talk only of possibilities. I demand certainties.
: Maybe you're right, but I can't give up.
: This conversation is pointless. Please, let's be off.
: Yes, I suppose you're right.
: What should we do now?
: In the end, I couldn't-- No, there are still things we can do. There has to be.

: Balan?
: Huh? Alfred!
: It appears the elevator stopped working when the power went out. We must find some way to get them out of there.
: Let's try climbing to the elevator.

: How? Wait, you can't be serious.
: You're not planning on tethering with it, are you?
: Is that really wise?
: Maybe not, but it's worth a shot.
Only way to find out is to try!
Volt: Bzzzzzt. Bzzzzzt.

: No way, it worked!
Volt: Bzzzzzt. Bzzzzzt.

: It's still stuck. We need more power.
: Please, just a little more!

: This must be the same backlash that hit Gilland! Give it up, Jude!
: Not yet.

: Why do you insist on doing such reckless things by yourself?
: Haha, look who's talking.

: Hey, don't leave us behind now.
: If a task cannot be done alone, then we must simply do it together.
: Keep tryin' and something's bound to stick sooner or later!
: We want to help, too!
: Uh-huh!
: Thanks, everyone!
Volt: Bzzzzzt. Bzzzzzt.
: Almost there! Focus!

: Balan, who are these people?
: They're patients. Each one of them has a condition that makes it impossible to live a normal life, even with spyrixes.
: Wait, does that mean the next-generation spyrixes you've been researching are...
: Yep. Those little critters they're using are spyrites.
: These creatures are spyrites?

: Of course not. They're lesser spirit spyrites, after all.
Wait a sec... Are you telling me you don't know how spyrites are made?
: Do us a favor and assume we don't.
: Well, you should ask one of the other engineers if you want the full spiel.
But in simple terms, you've all seen spirit fossils, right? If one of you Rieze Maxia folks pours mana into one, voilà!
A spyrite is born from it.
: How strange.
: I guess there's multiple uses to those fossils, huh.
: The only catch is you need a booster.
: What?
: Wait, did you just say "booster"?
: Yep. If someone with a booster pumps mana into a spirit fossil, the calculatrics arte inside takes physical form.
And that's how you make a spyrite.
: How are they different from spyrixes?
: It's a matter of arte precision. These spyrites can be as precise as the aspyrixis devices from back in the day.
: I didn't expect to hear that name here.
: Uh-huh. Too bad aspyrixis devices consume spirits.
: Does that mean spyrites don't kill spirits when they're used?
: Pretty much. They're fueled by the mana stored inside spirit fossils, after all.
: Well, that's awfully convenient.
: It's a little more work than just that. But spyrites are pretty cool.
: One thing I don't understand. These people seem to have no trouble using spyrites.
And yet we struggled to tether with Volt.
: Spyrites made from Great Spirits are in a whole different league.
The more powerful the base spirit, the lower the chances of a successful tethering.
We're still just at a fifty percent success rate.
: Hey, but that's more than enough!
: At that rate, lesser spirit spyrites might completely replace regular spyrixes someday!
: Then people won't suffer, and spirits won't die either!
We did it! Great job, Teepo!
: Hey! What're pals for?
: Does this mean that Elympios' environment might recover, too?
: It just might.
: Thank you, Balan! You have no idea how much this helps us.
: Haha! You're welcome, I guess. But we really should be thanking you.
You're the ones who saved our research, after all.
: We did?
: If you hadn't saved us, all of our spyrite research would've gone up in smoke.
Someday these people will be able to get on with their lives again.
: Something tells me this spyrite research is going to become very important.
: Looks like we've found the path we've been seeking.
: Yeah... Although, the fight's not over.
: Balan, could you tell us the exact spot where you found us?
: Oh? Of course.
I found you all collapsed at the end of Rusalle Highroad.
You can reach the highroad by following this passageway here.
: Now Gaius will have to listen to us, right?
: No, it's too late.
I don't know why I know this, but that was our last chance to convince him.
Wee bit of diablos ex machina there eh?

Skit Video: Teaching by Bad Example

: I am, now that we understand the potential of spyrites! And it's all 'cause Jude wouldn't give up.
: I'm all like, "Yeah! Take that, world!"
: Jude can really do great things when he tries.
: I always knew that he could!
: Haha, they're just as happy with his success as if it were their own.
: I completely understand their sentiment though.
: Jude had never been the type to lead the way.
: But this time, he chose a path and followed it through.
: It's always good to see positive growth.
: I wonder whose influence that was?
: One thing's for sure, it certainly wasn't yours.
: Oh? Haven't you ever heard of reverse psychology? Teaching by bad example?
: At least your humility makes a fine example!
: It's good to see everyone upbeat for a change.
: Yes.

Skit Video: The Legend of Mighty Geezer

: Whoa, come on Leia. You need to calm down.
: No Jude, you need to calm the heck up! Why can't you be happy about this?
: I, for one, am moved by our achievement! I never imagined I'd be so strong at this age!
: That is quite an accomplishment.
: No achy back can stop you!
: I'm proud of you, Rowen.
: Now you've done it all, huh?
: Whatever do you mean? The legend of Mighty Geezer has only just begun!
: See Jude! You need to be more like Rowen! Get into the spir--
: Guard's down.
: What?!
: No matter how strong you get, you still drop your guard when you get excited. You need to work on that.
: That whole act was just to catch me off guard?!
: Possibly. Oh, but I truly am happy to be this strong.
: That's one point for Rowen.
: Fine. I'll be more careful.

SKit Video: Browner Pastures

: Nope. Pretty much everywhere outside the cities is like this.
: If anything, it's a little worse than I remember it.
: The lack of spirits must have broken the cycle of nature.
: To the people of Elympios, this is what nature looks like.
When I first laid on eyes on the forests of Rieze Maxia, I could barely comprehend what I was seeing.
: So this is the world that spyrix has given you.
: Go ahead and say it. We brought this on ourselves.
: That may be true. But still...

Skit Video: Difficult Questionnaire

: Because unlike spyrix devices, spyrites can use artes without harming spirits.
: Did you actually take notes while Balan was talking?
: Yes. But there are still things I don't understand.
: If there are things you actually do understand, then you're way ahead of me.
; I bet Teepo'd say, "Hey! You need to study, Leia!"
: Ah. But after that he'd probably say, "I don't understand any of this, either."
: Haha, probably!
: Hey! No Teepo impersonations!
: Ah! He heard us!
: You're both being rude!
: Elize, do you understand spyrite theory?
: Of... Of course I do.

: Let's look for a path down.
: What's that?

: Isn't the rift a little small?
: My guess is it's about to collapse. Jumping back through would be a leap of faith.
: Count me out! It looks too dangerous!
: Let's head back to town and figure out another way.
: Hey, everyone.
If you plan on returning to Rieze Maxia, then I think it's time we parted ways.
: What? What makes you say that all of a sudden?
: I know that we pulled off a successful spyrite tethering together. And we found out some great news.
But, I'm afraid the only way to stop Gaius at this point is to fight him.
I don't want the way you feel now to get in the way of your true feelings.
: I agree.
If we can't be honest with ourselves about why we're fighting, then there's no point in fighting in the first place.
: In other words, you want us to make our own decision.
: It'll be a difficult ride ahead. I guess it only makes sense.
: ......
: Mind if I have some more time to think? At least until you're all ready to leave?
: Sure, of course.
: Don't let your current emotions get in the way.
: Hah, I'm almost acting human.
: Milla?
: Sorry, it's nothing.
: Wait, isn't this...

: ...the spirit fossil from her aspyrixis? Yup.

: Not impeding her ability to walk, hmm?

Skit Video: Buying Time

: In terms of raw numbers, just think of how many spyrites we'll need.
: It's true. The spyrites need to be researched, created, distributed... It won't happen overnight.
: There is much that needs to be done. But if we can't buy more time, the spirits will go extinct.
: I will buy us time. Maxwell said it himself.
If we remove the schism, the mana that it contains could sustain Elympios for a considerable amount of time.
: And that's what you intend to do?
: Yes. It is.
: It's a long road ahead for all of us.
: But the more pressing problem is Gaius. If we can't stop him, it'll be too late for Elympios.
: Yeah.

: On the way back they dropped in on an apartment near Balan's that was rumored to house an official who worked on the Otherworld Reactor Plan.

: Were you involved in the plan's creation?
Official: Hm? And who might you all be?
: Oh, we're from Rieze Max--
: I'm a relative of Gilland Yul Svent.
I was hoping you could educate this group about the Otherworld Reactor Plan.
Official: You're with Gilland? I apologize for my rudeness. I work at the Department of Otherworld Affairs.
: Figured it'd go smoother this way.
: I presume your department deals with issues related to Rieze Maxia?
Official: Correct. As you're no doubt aware, we Elympions have passed down legends of another world since antiquity.
: Every kid knows the story of the Spirit Maxwell and the utopia he created for his followers, Rieze Maxia.
But from around the time I was born, scholars and politicians started taking that story seriously.
Official: Correct. That was because we detected an unusual distortion in space.
Our research suggested that vast amounts of energy could be circulating beyond the distortion.
That discovery led to the creation of the Department of Otherworld Affairs' predecessor, the Next Gen Energy Bureau.
They developed equipment to widen the distortion and study what was on the other side. Things were going well at first.
: Then the equipment went haywire, and a passenger ship near the experimental site, the E.S.S. Zenethra, disappeared without a trace.
: The incident twenty years ago.
Official: Everyone thought the experiment had failed. But it hadn't.
Several years later, we received a transmission straight from Gilland.
He told us that he and the Zenethra had been sucked into the otherworld!
And that he had since created a device that could punch a hole through the spatial distortion.
: And that he'd found a solution to Elympios' energy problems to boot.
Official: That's right. His plan was to use the energy circulating throughout this other world as a reactor!
: So what will happen to the people on that world?
Official: Are you with the anti-governmentalists?
Right now, the opposition party is using the issue of otherworld people's rights as a shield to try and block the Otherworld Reactor Plan.
Yet they have no alternative solution for our energy problem!
Elympios has long since passed the point where we can solve our problems with idealistic jargon!
: So you supported the Otherworld Reactor Plan fully aware of the consequences?
Official: You're damn right I did. And I continue to support it wholeheartedly!
: Forget it, Milla. There's no point in trying to change his mind.
: I know.
My duty remains unchanged: do everything I can to stop the plan from succeeding.
: If they'd gone there before they found the spyrites he'd probably have ended up with Milla's sword in his gut.

: Anyway, they made their decisions that night.
: Why is it always night? How come nobody every bothers with trying to get a good night's sleep first.
: I donno. I don't need sleep that badly.

: Figured I'd stay away since everyone's so sick of me.
: Maybe because you're a big fat liar.
: Yeah, that's just who I am, all right.
And what about you, Elize?
Wondering what to do?
: Yeah. I just don't know what the right choice is.
: Well, you're talking to the wrong guy. I don't know much about being a kid. Never really had a childhood.
: So were you a member of Exodus ever since you were just a little boy?
: Yeah, that's right. I thought it was okay to trick people. When things would go bad, I'd just disappear.
I'd take the path of least resistance. I pretty much just did whatever didn't hurt me, that's all.
: Then, does that mean you won't be going with Milla and Jude?
: You know what? That kid forces me to wake up and smell reality.
They're all just so mature, the way they hide their real feelings about me.
: Oh, now I get it! You're lonely, aren't you, Alvin?
: I've never been much for expressing my feelings, I suppose.
But even if they do hate me, I have to stick it out. I'm not leaving this time.
: So does that mean that you really want to be their friend again?
: I've learned that building real trust with people takes a lot more work than you think.
: Being a grownup sounds like an awful lot of pain.
: It seems like the older you get, the tougher it is to share your feelings with others.
Anyway, no one will want to be friends with me until I can make the first move.
It's hard, but it sure beats being alone.
: I wonder what I'm supposed to do now? What do I have to do to become happy?
: Well, it's different for everyone. You just have to find what works for you.
I'm sure you know what you want by now?
: I guess so. It hasn't been easy, but I've learned a lot traveling with everybody.
: I know that I definitely don't want to stop. That's for sure! I want to keep on learning more, and I want to make some new friends!
: Yeah. That sounds pretty good to me.
: Some help you are.
: I told you, I'm the wrong guy to ask about this stuff. Sorry about that, kid.

: Huh?
: That's a "thank you". I just wanted you to know that from now on, I'm gonna be your friend, 'kay?
: How come the kids are the wisest people in this group?

: Trouble sleeping, young miss?

: Yeah. I still haven't made up my mind. What about you?
: I've reached a decision. I have decided to go with them.
: I see.
I wonder if I'm the only one who's still on the fence.
: You're not alone.
: Huh?
: When Lord Cline passed away, I inherited the keys to the kingdom, along with many doubts.
: But, eventually you figured out what to do, right?
I used to think that everything works out if you do your best, but I've been proven wrong every time.
: Does Agria still haunt you?
: I keep thinking there might've been something else I could've done for her.
: I know that feeling well.
: Oh, you mean with King Nachtigal.
: Hohoho, am I that easy to read? Let me tell you, life does not become any simpler the older you get.
But I must say, I am a bit surprised by you.
: In what way?
: I was under the impression that Jude was the one who occupied your every waking thought.
: Come on now, don't be silly!
Is it obvious?
: Yes, I'm afraid it is.
: You know, I once thought that if I became a nurse, that I might find happiness.
After all, when Jude's happy, I'm happy. Simple enough, right?
: But now I'm starting to get the feeling that Jude just might be better off without me.
I mean, I don't want to get in his way again, you know?
: Leia, would you like to know what my reasons are and why I've decided to go along with Jude and Milla?
: Are you willing to tell me?
: I would like to be there to walk with them in the future that they wish to create.
: That sounds like you.
: But that's not all.
: Huh?
: I plan to take the lead and pull the two of them along behind me!
That is my true desire.
: And I... What do I really want?
: I think you already know your answer, Miss.
: What I really want is to see Jude's smiling face again!
I suppose that's it. That's a good reason, isn't it?

: And of course it's a snowy night.
: Hey.

: You've changed.
: Not really. To be honest, I'm so scared I can't even sleep.
: I told you before. If we can just dispel the schism, I'll handle everything from there.
There's no reason for you to be afraid.
: Milla. If the schism disappears, so will the Temporal Crossroads, right?
: Yes. The destruction of the schism means the death of Maxwell.
The Temporal Crossroads were born from Maxwell and that unique spirit clime, so they will vanish too.
: Why... Why didn't I realize what's happened to you?
: Hm?
: I know. You never told me because... because you wanted me to find my own answer first, isn't that right?

: Milla...
: It was just easier for me that way.
: Huh?
: The entity known as Maxwell is essential for the spirits.
So they will need a new Maxwell.
: Then we won't be able to stay together anymore?
: The sadness of parting is a human emotion.
Such emotions no longer apply to me.
: And there's no other way, is there?
: Maxwell created me, so perhaps he could restore my human body.
Jude, is that what you really want?
Let's create a new future for all the spirits and people in the world. And let's create it together.
: Together...

: Gaius!
: Just relax. I've come here to tell you something, and that's all.
: Well? What then?
: We are ready to commence our operation to wipe out every spyrix in Elympios.
: So your attack, from before was just to check whether spyrites were usable?
: Exactly.
: You came here to tell us that?
: No. Listen. You have a dream for the future of the world that is vastly different from mine.

: Take it easy.
: This is a piece of Muzét's power.
: The power to slice through space? What of it?
: Here, I give you a chance to return to Rieze Maxia quietly if you choose to.
: Heh, you'd still offer us a chance to end things peacefully.
: Gaius, you know full well that we can't walk the same path. Not anymore.
: If you wish to make your dream a reality, then come and face me.
I won't run, and I won't hide.
: Wait! What about Muzét?
: She is very torn. She has incredible power, yet she knows not how to use it.
In hindsight, I was cruel to force such a weak person to become strong so suddenly.
: He wants to save her too, doesn't he.
: Hey...
: Hm?
: I know I might just be fighting for selfish reasons now, but I know that I have to go face Gaius.
I need to get a grip on these fragile feelings. Otherwise, I won't become the adult I want to be.
So, Milla...
If I ever stray from my path, promise me that you'll be there to remind me who I really am.
: I will.
: Thanks.

Milla Side posted:

On Milla's route, you get a slightly different version of this conversation. Thanks Feinne.
: Gaius!
: Is Muzét with you?!
: Just relax. I've come here to tell you something and that's all.
: Then talk.
: We are ready to commence our operation to wipe out every spyrix in Elympios.
: So your attack from before, was just to check whether spyrites were usable?
: Exactly.
: You came here to tell us that?
: No. Listen. You have a dream for the future of the world that is vastly different from mine.
: You plan to fight us here?
: This is a piece of Muzét's power.
: The power to slice through space?
: What of it?
: Here, I give you a chance to return to Rieze Maxia quietly if you choose to.
: Heh, you'd still offer us a chance to end things peacefully.
: Gaius, you know full well that we can't walk the same path. Not anymore.
: So you say, but I wonder if Milla agrees with that.
: Why should I? What makes you think I've wavered?
: One can only handle so much. Take Muzét for example.
: What about her?
: She is very torn. She has incredible power, yet she knows not how to use it.
In hindsight, I was cruel to force such a weak person to become strong so suddenly.
: You want to save her too, don't you?
: Along with the rest of my people. Stand down and I will take over.
: Your words cannot shake my will, nor can they alter my mission.
It remains unchanged even after all this time.
: I see.
: Jude.
: Hm?
: Our choices matter. They're meaningful for precisely that reason, because they're our choices.
Following the will of others will lead nowhere. That's why our choice right now is more important than our own survival.
So Jude, please.
Watch over me, so that I stay on my path until the very end.
: Yes, I promise.

: Sleep well?
: Yes.
: That might've been the best sleep I've had in my entire life. I was dead to the world.
: I decided I'm coming with you. I won't bore you with my reasons though.

: Thanks, Leia. Let's do our best.
: Yep!
: I'm coming, too.
: And me three!
: I shall accompany you, as well.
: Wouldn't do for the only Elympion here to sit this one out.
: So you've made up your minds.
: Then there's something we need to tell you. Check this out.
: Nifty knife.
: Gaius brought this to us last night. He called it a piece of Muzét's power.
: Does that mean we could use it to tear open the breach?
: Looks like it.
: Gaius truly is inscrutable.
: He's mocking us.
: I don't think so. We might be fighting against one another, but he's a good guy.
: Nice to see you're actually talking to me.
: Ah, well...
: I appreciate it. Thanks.
: You're... welcome.
: It's a bummer there's nobody here to send off the heroes!
: That shouldn't be a problem.
: We'll just have to accept that we're unsung heroes.
: Who needs an adoring crowd? Let's have a pre-battle cheer!
: If you insist.
: Couldn't hurt.
: Make sure to put some feeling into it!
: Indeed.
: Here goes nothing...
Everyone, let's finish what we started!

Skit Video: Musing About Muzét

: I'd say it's more that Muzét has finally found someone she can rely on.
: She had been yearning for someone to guide her.
: That girl has some big-time dependency issues.
: She's like my own dark shadow.
: I wish we could have met under different circumstances.
: Whatever the nature of their relationship, Muzét's ability to manipulate dimensional space is now in Gaius' hands.
That is no trivial matter.
: Agreed. Even the Great Spirits are no match for a blade that can sever dimensional barriers.
: That doesn't sound promising. Should we turn tail and run away?
: Yes, let's do that.
Hah, do you really think I would say such a thing?
: No way.
: Of course not.
: Never.
: You know me well.

Skit Video: Item Steal

I have NO clue how this triggered here.
: Is it really okay to steal like that?
: Of course it is! We won that battle fair and square.
: Yikes. So might makes right, huh?
: Does that mean if we lose, the enemy might take something of ours?
: Yep. If we were to lose...
The enemies could have Teepo.
: What?!
: You can't take Teepo without my permission!
We'll let them have your hairband!
: Hey! That's off limits!
: I had to save up my allowance for weeks to buy this. It's my number-one favorite!
: But I'm everyone's number-one favorite!
: Fine, fine. If we lose, we'll just have to sacrifice...
: Alvin's coat.
There's apparently an alternate version of this skit in the files where Alvin is called "little buddy", I assume if you trigger it before the Zenethra.
: The hell you will! I love this thing!