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Part 40: CH33: Throw in some of those little cakes, and you've got a deal!

CH33: Throw in some of those little cakes, and you've got a deal!

: There was plenty of chatter to overhear on their way out.

Second Woman: Took them long enough. Didn't the old patriarch die in that Zenethra accident twenty years ago?
Old Woman: Along with his wife, son, and younger brother. Talk about a tragedy.
First Woman: Hey, the real tragedy was the heirs fighting for his title. That sure wasn't pretty.
That only lasted, what, close to two decades?
Old Woman: Nothing like a family feud to brighten up a day.
Second Woman: Haha, tell me about it. You wouldn't want to be anywhere near when me and my daughter-in-law fight.
First Woman: Definitely wouldn't want to see that.
: Svent? Hey, Alvin?
: Yup. That's my family. They're pretty famous here in Elympios.
: And where does Gilland fall?
: He was my dad's little brother, and the head of one of the lesser Svent lines.
He always resented my family for having the stronger position in the line of succession.
But then my dad died in the accident that left us stranded on Rieze Maxia.
: Leaving a young me and my helpless mother to fend for ourselves.
: And Gilland saw that as a chance for revenge.
: Worse. He took advantage of the situation and tried to legally steal my claim to the family leadership.
He used the Svent name to create Exodus and push the Otherworld Reactor Plan.
All so that when he eventually came back to Elympios, he could claim the family mantle for himself.
: He spent twenty years scheming from a whole other world?
: Yup. Even I gotta admire my uncle's persistence.
: So, if we hadn't stopped him...
: I'd probably have been erased the moment his plan succeeded.
: What about now? Are you going to go back home?
: You heard the ladies. There's no place for me there anymore.
Besides, I've been a feral dog for too long now. I couldn't rejoin the noble elite.
: Then...
: You're all stuck with me.
: Oh.
: You could at least try to hide your disappointment!

: Anyway time for them to try out the fancy knife I made for them.
: Jude, you're up.

: Can we look before we leap?
: Less looking, more leaping!
: Uh, not so fast.
: What now?
: You really think we can beat Gaius and Muzét like this?
: Don't tell me you're getting cold feet.
: I don't think that's what he's implying.
: Do we need to take care of any business back in Rieze Maxia?
: We can go back?
: Yes, we can probably return to Rieze Maxia from the Temporal Crossroads.
: Alvin has a point. We cannot expect help from anyone.
: In other words, we must be fully prepared.
: Right. We gotta think these things through. We're on our own, after all.
: Good point.

: Ready, everyone?
: Last one in has to kiss Teepo!
: Hey, no fair!
: I've got you.
: No need to worry. We're all bound for the same destination.
: Guess we'll never get the knack for doing things as a group.
: Hey, it's worked for us so far.
: I guess you're right.
Well, looks like we're up.
: Hehe.


: Hey, nice of you to join us.
Either we ended up in a different place from last time, or it got a major remodel.
: Gaius must've used Maxwell's power to alter things here.
Where's Leia?
: Where'd you go?
: I found another breach like the one we came through.
: Don't tell me you went in it?
: I did. It leads to Rieze Maxia, so that's the wrong way.
: Then Gaius and Muzét must be that way.
: This presents a dilemma. I assumed we would just be following the same path as last time.
: Act your age, Rowen! Never assume things will be easy!
: Hohoho. Well said.
: We have other dangers to contend with besides Gaius and Muzét.
: Better keep our guard up.
: Let's go, everyone.

OK, so when people talk about the game getting suddenly truncated in Elympios, this is what we mean. We could be fighting the final boss by the end of the update right now. OR we could take the hints they've been dropping and go do sidequests. Guess what I'm going to do. Go on, guess.
Skit Video: (Just Go Home ALready)

: Yeah... I guess you're right. I'll do it.
: And when Milla toots the horn, he climbs right on board.
: No, that's not... I was planning to do it anyway!
: Whatever.

Skit Video: (The Vacant Throne)

: I wonder what's going on back at his old castle in Kanbalar?

Skit Video: (Revisiting Nia Khera)

: Actually, it has been a while since I've shown my face around town.
: I wouldn't mind seeing how everyone's doing.
: Well, when we have a chance, let's make the trip.

Skit Video: (Let's Talk to Balan)

: Why, are you hoping to hear one of his humiliating stories about my past?
: The more you bring it up, the more curious we get!

Skit Video: (Let's Give it a Taste)

: Then why not come to my house? I'm sure my dad's cooked up something.

Skit Video: (A Land Rife With Memories)

: Yes, twenty years ago. It's a place that looms large in my life.
If we go there, I may remember things that are, prerhaps, best forgotten.
: That's right. You were part of that war. I'm sorry.

Skit Video: (Worried About Driselle)

: She's probably busy missing you!
: I do hope the loss of Lord Cline hasn't been too hard on her.

Skit Video: (Where'd Wingul Go)

: I wonder where he is? Back in Kanbalar?

: Anyway, since Gaius and I were just hanging around waiting to pound those suckers into the ground, they decided to clean up unfinished business.
: You know, for once that makes sense as the threat is implicitly sitting there waiting for you to make the first move.
: Those guys took forever! We had time to get bored with every board and card game Gaius owned!

: It's difficult to believe this whole area used to be a dry wasteland.
: We were taught a great tsunami did this twenty years ago.
It was right when the former King of Auj Oule was leading his army into battle against Rashugal.
Wait... Rowen, you were a tactician in that battle, weren't you?
: Yes, I was. It's hard to believe it's already been so long.
This is the place where Princess Carrie died.
: Nachtigal's sister.

Milla Side posted:

Princess Carrie?
Nachtigal's younger sister. Rowen told me about her before.
She was killed during the succession dispute between Nachtigal and his brothers.
: Even he wouldn't dare to defy her.
If she were still alive, Rashugal's history would have turned out quite a bit differently.
: She must have been a fearsome woman if she could keep Nachtigal in check.
: Quite the opposite. She was a gentle, easy-going soul. Nachtigal was always at his kindest around her.
But her gentle demeanor masked an indomitable spirit. The meek had no greater ally than her.
She even chose to accompany the army as a medic, so that she could save as many lives as possible.
: A princess working as a medic? She must have been one hell of a woman!
: Unfortunately, her story did not end happily.
Their brothers feared Nachtigal would distinguish himself by leading Rashugal to victory.
So instead, they revoked his authority to lead the army just before the battle began.
In his place they sent an incompetent buffoon of a general, who squandered every advantage Rashugal had.
: Why would they do that?!
: They must have feared Nachtigal more than their own enemies.
Just as Rashugal was facing defeat, the tsunami came and forced the remnants of both armies to retreat.
But Princess Carrie's unit was among the unlucky ones that were caught in the wave.
It was a grave error on my part. Amidst the confusion, I didn't notice that her unit was in the path of danger.
If I had given her unit clearer orders, Carrie would still be alive.
: Wait a minute. Were you two together?
: We were worlds apart in both age and class, but we had pledged our futures to each other.
Nachtigal was the only one who approved of our union.
But that's an old story, and one perhaps best forgotten.

Skit Video: (Hard News for Prinn)

: Yeah, it's the least we can do.
: I hope she's still at the medical school.

: Mom! What's going on?!
: Jude! There's been a cave-in at the mine.
: What? But I thought the mine was closed?
Man: Not anymore. We thought we'd found a new vein, and we were just beginning to explore it.
: Was there anyone trapped inside?
Man: Well, one of our miners is trapped, and...
: And your father.
: Dr. Mathis?! Jude, what should we do?!
Man: We'll save them, of course! We're rounding up people to head to the mine right now.
: Wait! If you rush in there without knowing what caused the first cave-in, you could get caught in one, too!
Man: We know it's dangerous! But we owe Dr. Mathis our lives!
: Which is why he wouldn't want you to waste them on a suicide mission!
Man: Urgh...
: First, we'll go check out what happened. Don't worry, I've been through that entire mine.
: Jude is right. Let us handle this.
: Bringing the Great Spirit of Earth couldn't hurt.
: Okay. Be careful in there.

Skit Video: (To the Felgana Mine)

: Please let Dad be okay.

: Dad!
: Jude... Is that you?
: You've hurt your eyes.
: It's nothing. I just got some rock dust in them during the cave-in.
Never mind me. He needs help.
: He's unconscious! It looks like he hit his head on a rock.
: Don't move him! There's internal bleeding in his brain.
: Fortunately the cave-in wasn't too big. Gnome says it won't collapse further.
: Got it. Leia, head back to the clinic and get ready to receive the patient.
: What about you?
: I'm going to treat him using Healer. It's dangerous to move him like this.
: You're going to try and stop cranial bleeding with Healer?! If you make a mistake you'll kill him instantly!
: I know. But I have to do it.
: Couldn't you have Elize do it? She seems better at healing magic than Jude.
: Elize's approach is more scattershot. And before you ask, would you really trust Leia not to make any mistakes?
: Tch, if only I could see properly.
: It's okay. This is my decision to make.
: Jude...
: We'll leave him in Jude's hands. Leia, get to town as soon as you can.
: On my way!
: All right, here we go.

: And it looks like I can see again.
: Phew... I was really on pins and needles there.
: The miner said to thank you for saving him. You did well Jude.
: Oh no, I didn't do anything special.
: You all have things you need to do. You shouldn't be wasting anymore time here.
: Geez, doc... Don't get all sentimental or anything.
: I'm afraid we'll be taking Jude with us again.
: You don't need to ask my permission. He can make his own decisions now.
Jude, your judgment was absolutely correct.
: Dad...
Take care!
: He's changed, hasn't he?
: Bah, he just learned to do what he should've already been doing.
: You said the same thing when he first learned how to walk and talk.
And you looked just as proud then as you do now.
: Of course.
Who wouldn't be proud to see their child grow?

Skit Video: (Left It at the Clinic)

: What did you lose?
: It was, um... kinda like a notebook. I gotta go pick it up!
: Fine, let's go take a loook when we get the chance.

: They weren't done with the Mathis Clinic yet though.

: Calm down, Soren.
To cut to the point, yes. If Marna has surgery, she'll be able to walk again.
Girl: Really?!
Boy: All right!
: The problem is the post-surgical recovery. She will require extensive physical therapy.
Girl: Will it hurt?
: Enough to make even a grown-up cry.
Boy: That's not what I heard!
They said you could use some sort of machine to make her walk again!
: I don't know where you heard that. No such machine exists.
: Don't worry! I know you can get through it.
I was hurt badly when I was a kid too. But thanks to Dr. Mathis' physical therapy, I'm as good as new!
Girl: Really?
: Yup! And don't I look great now? If I do say so myself.
: If anything, she's got too much energy.
: Leia told me how hard her physical therapy was.
: Yeah. That's why she's so happy to help someone else through it.
: Do you know how Leia got hurt?
: Not really...
: (She told me it was a spyrix explosion.)
: The physical therapy really was extraordinarily hard. But Leia never gave up.
: You know, she told me it was you that--
: Hm?
: Never mind. That was just... girl talk.
: Dr. Mathis may seem like kind of a jerk, but he's a great doctor. Believe in him and work hard.
Girl: ......
: Jude, if you're back in town, why not rest here a bit? Your mother will be thrilled.

: So what are you going to do?
: Nothing. I disposed of them in the Old Vicalle Mine.
I won't ever let that tragedy happen again.
: It's not your fault, doc. After all, you saved her life.
BoyAt the Old Vicalle Mine, huh.
: You need help with anything?
Boy: I-It's nothing.

: We haven't seen Soren all day.
: He's not one to leave his sister's side. Maybe we should look for him.
: Wait a minute.
: Do you know where he is?
: Last night he said something about the Old Vicalle Mine.
: What?! That place is infested with monsters!
: Are you sure that's where he went?
: No, I'm not. But we can't ignore the possibility that he did.

Skit Video: (To the Old Vicalle Mine)

I'm not bothering with a dungeon video for the Old Vicalle Mine. I will, however, be showing you one fight from it.

Remember WAAAAAAAAAAAY back in chapter six, a storyteller told us about a man named Trille who could control monsters, and created great beasts with weapons growing out of their body? Yeah.

That monster has a staff growing out of its tail.

Its main gimmick is randomly swapping its elemental affinity, and its secondary gimmick is summoning adds of its current elemental affinity.

The adds can stack up, but they're not that bad. Anyway this isn't the most memorable of bosses. After Maxwell it's kind of a mediocre imitation with too much HP.

Skit Video: Bagging A Devil's Beast (Jude)

: That must have been one of the artificial monsters that the storyteller told us about.
: One was bad enough! Are there really five more of htose things out there?!
Uh, judging by the history of the Tales series, ABSO-FRIGGEN-LUTELY. Also I gotta remember to get the Milla version from the skit viewer.

Skit Video: A Meal to Remember

: It's not weird. It's delicious!
: Leia's right. Everything's been great.
: Aw, when you're young like you two, everything tastes good.
: And when you're as old as you are, you complain about everything!
: I'm not complaining! I just want to eat something normal. You know... scrambled eggs or something.
: Ah, I understand. You want your mother's home cooking.
: The older a person gets, the more they crave the food from their youth.
: Yeah, I guess you could say that.
: I wonder what home cooking is like.
: Oh, my apologies.
: Adults can't help but get nostalgic over these things.
: Elize, never forget that weird food you just had.
That way, when you're an adult, you'll always remember this moment.
: As if she'd ever want to remember you, Alvin! Right, Elize?
: But please don't forget about old Rowen!
: I promise I'll remember everyone! For as long as I live!
: Even if she'd rather forget a certain someone.
: Heh heh. Thanks Elize.

Boy: These must be the machines Dr. Mathis was hiding!
Marna will be walking in no time with this.
: Wait, those are spyrix!
: Soren, get away from those!
Boy: Huh? But, I need these.
: I said get away! It's dangerous!

: Leia had good timing.
Boy: No way.
: I'm impressed you could anticipate that.
: I just remembered my old accident. That was how I got hurt when I was a kid.
I was playing with a spyrix in the doc's room when it blew up, like that one did just now.
: That was how you got injured?! Why did Dad have something so dangerous?
Oh no... No way.
: It's not my place to tell you. You'll have to ask Derrick yourself.

: Why did you have them in the first place?
: Because I'm not from here. I came to Rieze Maxia from Elympios twenty years ago.
: Derrick was a passenger on the Zenethra, just like I was.
: After wandering throughout this world, I decided to settle down here after I met your mother.
: Then that would make me...
: Half Rieze Maxian and half Elympion.
: You must be pretty shocked, huh?
: Actually, not really.
: Huh. Didn't see that reaction coming.
If you go back to update 31, Jude already knows that there was a Dr Mathis working with Spyrix in Elympios who died in a "boat accident" so it's pretty obvious he put the details together already.
: Is a medical aspyrixis just a spyrix, then?
: They are similar, yet very different. Aspyrixis are modified to channel the mana produced by one's mana lobe.
They don't kill spirits, but as you know, there's a separate price to pay.
: Having to endure the physical pain.
: I only learned that spyrixes kill spirits after I came to Rieze Maxia.
Once I knew the truth, I could no longer use spyrixes in good conscience.
: But Dad, we found another option.
If you create a spyrite, you don't have to worry about spyrixes killing spirits anymore.
: A spyrite?
I see. If spyrites become commonplace, the downside of spyrixes goes away.
But for that to happen, Rieze Maxia and Elympios will need to find common ground, and work together.
That will take a great deal of time and effort.
Neither the pain of physical therapy nor the effort required for mutual understanding are easy to endure.
There is always a cost required of any major undertaking.
That much is true no matter which world you're from.
: Yeah...
Girl: I want to try physical therapy.
I don't want Soren running off and getting himself hurt because of me.
: That's great! Soren, make sure to support her, okay?
Boy: I know. Don't worry, I've got this!
: Leia, I am so sorry.
If I had only stored the spyrix properly, you would never have been hurt.
: It's fine, really. If I hadn't gotten hurt, I would have never gotten to know Jude.
: Certainly not well enough to fill 100 pages of notes about him.
: Milla!
: What are you talking about?
: Nothing!
: Never mind. That was just... girl talk.

: This is around the time Gaius and I tried Monopoly.

: Just looking at it is making me salivate.
: Sorry Milla, but you can't have any. I'm sure it's for someone's birthday.
: How can you tell?
: Here on the island, it's a tradition to celebrate one's birthday with our special Chicken Leronde!
: The chicken is stuffed with pilaf, which mixes with the chicken's juices, and... It's just delicious.
: I'm drowning in my own saliva just thinking about it.
: It must be a very special dish to the people of Leronde.
: Then you must have eaten this on your birthdays as well.
: Yeah. A long time ago.
: Not recently?
: Well, lately I've been living in Fennmont.
And before that, Leia would try to deliver it to me.
But she tripped and dropped it for three years straight.
: Three years straight!
: What a waste!
: I-It wasn't on purpose!
It's just the more I tried to be careful not to trip, the more I ended up tripping!
: That does sound like something Leia would do.
: I'm really sorry. I only tried to deliver it because I wanted to see you happy.
: I know. Every year you were always the person who got the most excited about my birthday.
: Ah ha ha. Yeah.
: For my birthday this year, I hope we can all enjoy Chicken Leronde together.
: I'll ask my dad to make it extra good!
: I greatly look forward to the occasion.
:As do I. It can't come soon enough.

: Tell me, Jude. Do you know what the greatest challenge is for a soldier on the battlefield?
: Uh... Fighting, I guess?
: No. In fact, it's getting enough sleep. It's surprisingly difficult.
You don't know when the enemy will attack. You don't know if you'll still be alive tomorrow.
Sleeping amidst worries like that is a challenge for even the most experienced of soldiers.
: So, what do you do when you're in that situation?
: Take a deep breath, relax, and look all around. See that your friends and companions are there.
Friends that keep watch while you rest. Friends that risk their lives in battle together.
And friends that suffer from the same fears as you.
: Right.
: There are few things more reassuring than knowing that others share the same fears.
But maybe I only feel that way because I'm a bitter, selfish old man?
: ......
That makes two of us.
: Haha, it's good to know we share such an odd common ground.

: By all rights, I shouldn't be. Not after I betrayed Rashugal to its enemy.
But with the world as it is now, we're getting scores of injured patients every day.
At the very least, I wanted to fulfill my obligations as a nurse.
: That is truly admirable.
Fortunately, conflicts between the nations of Rieze Maxia are the last thing on anyone's mind now.
: Yeah, especially now that Gaius is running Rashugal too.
: Yes, I talked to King Gaius myself recently.
He told me that Miss Nadia was dead.
: So you knew...
: Yes. He was kind enough to tell me personally.
I was shocked that he even knew I was Lady Nadia's lowly servant.
: That is most impressive.
: I'm sorry, Prinn. I wish we could've done more to save her.
: You don't need to say that. To be honest, it was painful seeing Miss Nadia filled with such contempt.
I know this may sound horrible for me to say this.
But part of me is glad to know she's finally freed from her hatred, even if it's through death.
I've seen her truly smile when she held Bobo. Seeing that made her usual misery all the harder to bear.
: Prinn...
: I'm sorry. It's never easy, is it?

Sitting Student: Ever since Professor Haus disappeared, I've been up to my ears in work.
Standing Student: Where did he go, anyway? And why would he disappear the day he won the Howe Prize?
Sitting Student: Something must have happened to him.
Just between us, remember how the military came in and searched the school on the day the professor disappeared?
When they went through his office, they confiscated every document of his they could find.
Standing Student: So that investigation wasn't related to the warrant out for Jude?
Sitting Student: That was their official reason, but I wonder what their real objective was.
First his reward was rescinded without explanation, then everything he ever worked on was confiscated.
There's nothing normal about that.
Standing Student: What was the professor even working on?
Sitting Student: I heard he was researching a theory that involved using spirits without providing them any mana.
Standing Student: Is that even possible?!
Sitting Student: Apparently he'd had some success. But I wouldn't get too interested if I were you.
If you stick your nose too far into it, you might disappear too.
Standing Student: Come on, don't say things like that.
: So that means, Professor Haus was researching something similar to the Lance of Kresnik.

: I do in fact feel bad about the whole "murdering the Elders" thing by the way.
: Uh, good.

: Where is everyone?
Woman: They... They were besieged by a spirit.
: Muzét attacked this village after you died.
: She did what?!
: I'm so sorry. I couldn't do anything.
: Nor could I. In that regard, I am no better.
Tell me the extent of the damage.
Woman: Of course.
: So she killed the elders. I feared that she might.
: You did?
: They were the ones who had heard stories of the schism.
: Muzét said her duty was to kill everyone who knew about it.
: But the elders only passed down stories. They had no idea that they were true.
There was no reason to kill them over it.
: I think Muzét has lost sight of what she needs to do.
: We have to stop her.
: That is my duty.

Other than Muzét's freakout, which we've already been informed of.
Man: Lord Maxwell! You have returned.
Come to think of it, I haven't seen Ivar around lately. Do you know where he might be?
: Ivar? He must've run off somewhere without my permission again.
: That's probably because of me. Sorry about that.
: Hmm...
I see. But I don't think that's something for you to apologize for.
: Indeed. It was the result of a showdown that needed to take place.
: Thank you.
Man: There's one more thing, Lord Maxwell. One of the young folk found this at the base of the Hallowmont.
It's a letter, addressed to someone named "Al".
: "Al"? That would be me.
No one saw who might have left it?
Man: No. There was no sign of anyone at all.
: Go ahead. It sounds like it's for your eyes only.
: Dear Al, I never expected that you would return to me.
: Dear Al, I never expected that you would return to me.
As someone who has endured betrayal her whole life, to have my expectations betrayed so sweetly was, for once, a great kindness.
But if you're reading this letter now...
It means that in choosing to live my life as Presa, I have chosen to betray you. I am truly sorry.
: Presa...
: Alvin!
: Let's go.

: Presa's team was wiped out because of information I acquired by deceiving her.
And yet, the last thing she said was that she was worried about me.
Me, the guy who cost her everything.
Somehow she knew I would go back to you all. I can't believe it.
: You can stay here for as long as you need.
: But come back when you're ready. We'll wait for you.
: I'm going to keep at it. I'll protect all that you've given me.
Goodbye, Jill. That was always my favorite name, you know.

Skit Video: (The Naturalist in Sharilton)

: Ah, yes. Perhaps he's completed his research.
: Yeah, we should go visit him back at the central plaza.

: So the arte we used at Bermia Gorge came in handy, huh?
Naturalist: Oh yes. Now, after reviewing all of the data...
I have determined that there is a clear link between spirit arte usage and nearby spirit clime changes.
As the scale of spirit arte usage grows, the changes in the clime become more pronounced.
: So the recent topographical changes in Bermia Gorge are due to the increased spirit arte usage in Sharilton.
Naturalist: That's right. I saw the same kind of data with Fennmont's expanding night-clime as well.
At our current usage scale, we should only see minor alterations.
But, if we keep developing new spirit artes, we may be facing irreversible changes to our spirit climes.
: Like the whole world going dark?
Naturalist: That is a remote possibility, yes.
: So even if we stay inside the schism...
There's a chance that Rieze Maxia could end up just like Elympios.
: I guess even spirit artes have their drawbacks.
: It all depends on how we use them.
If all we seek from spirit artes or spyrix is to maximize convenience, then of course we'll see repercussions.
Naturalist: I agree.
: But at least this news comes at the right time.
: Yeah. If we open the schism and reshape the world, surely human awareness will be reshaped as well.
: The question, of course, is in what way.
: But nothing will change at all if we don't act.
: You're right. For better or worse, this is the path we've chosen.

Remember this guy? It's been a while. We're going to have to come back again because I couldn't carry enough feathers at once to finish this sidequest.
Merchant: Hey, can you believe it? That trader's actually hunting for feathers.
I've been in business for a long time, but I've never heard of a feather trader.
Citizen: Neither have I. But he seems to be doing pretty well. Guess he found someone crazy enough to buy 'em.
Trader: Ow...
Oh, don't mind me. I just twisted my ankle a little.
Merchant: No way! That guy's Dark Wing?!
Citizen: I know it's hard to believe, but listen... Remember when Dark Wing attacked the owlery?
I heard they found black feathers all over the crime scene!
Who else deals in that sort of thing? It's gotta be him!
We get a Blue Sephira (accessory that doubles Gald gained from battle) and a few random stuff for passing milestones of feathers turned in, and if you recall we can trade these in for powerful healing items and stat boosters. On the other hand, we can now buy most of those outright.

: So uh let's not talk about what happened when we played monopoly. Never should have let Maxwell play. Anyway at this point we started watching what was going on with Jude and Milla using the power of the Temporal Crossroads.

Merchant: At this rate, we won't be able to stay in business much longer!
: P-Please, everyone, calm down.
: The guards have been shaken by all the instability. They've retreated to Fort Gandala and put it on lockdown.
I've been trying to reach the military headquarters, but I haven't been able to establish contact yet.
Big Merchant: We don't have time to wait! Our losses are already catastrophic!
: If we don't do something soon, Sharilton will be doomed!
I... I'll do something... I promise!
Old Merchant: If only Lord Cline were still here.
: ......
: Stop bullying Driselle!
: Elly! Rowen! You're all here!
: We couldn't help but overhear. Perhaps we can be of some assistance?
: No, this is something I need to handle myself. It's my duty as Cline's successor.
: Your determination is laudable, but you are slightly mistaken.
: Not you too!
: I know I'm not capable enough. But I still have to try.
Old Merchant: We know you're doing your best, my lady. We do.
Lady Merchant: However, this isn't just about business anymore.
With the roads shut down, there are people who are struggling merely to survive.
: Then it seems our only option is to invade Fort Gandala.
: But what about the golems that protect it? I thought they were invincible.
: Yes, within the right spirit clime, a golem's defense power is absolute. However...
: In the wrong spirit clime, their defensive power would be diminished.
: Correct. And we now know of a way to change a spirit clime ourselves.
: So if we use a booster like they did at Fezebel Marsh--
: We stand a real chance at victory.
: So if we just need a booster, why not use the same one we used at Fezebel Marsh?
: I'm afraid it was swept away by the marsh flow.
: What about Teepo?
: Teepo is a special type. I'm afraid we couldn't use him for this.
: We'll need to find a different booster.
: I'm so sorry to have failed you.
: Wait! Milla, remember when they captured Teepo at Fort Gandala?
: That's right. Nachtigal was conducting booster experiments right there at the fort.
There should be plenty of boosters within its confinements.
: And if we can get our hands on one, we can take out the golems!
: So the key that we need to break into the fort is hidden within the fort itself. Oh dear.
We certainly have our work cut out for us.
: We'll be going there anyway. This way we kill two birds with one stone.
: But, I can't expose you all to danger just for the sake of my city.
: You're mistaken again. Your determination should be used precisely for that purpose.
: Lady Driselle, each of us has our own role to play.
For a governor, it's showing your people the right path, and taking responsibility for those who walk it.
: You're... You're right.
: Now, Lady Driselle of House Sharil. We await your order.
: Very well. As the new governor, I hereby ask you to retake Fort Gandala.
For the good of Sharilton!
: Yes, my lady.
: Leave it to us!

: Why would they have guards out if the golems are functional?
: No one is able to feel fully secure once fear has overtaken them.
This should work to our advantage. Perhaps we can convince them to tell us where the boosters are kept.
: Devious!
: Do this right and we'll be done in a flash.

They don't actually bother us to fight these chumps. Also a bit of a goof, this soldier has a female model and a very male voice.
: Who said anything about deactivation?
: We're going to destroy them!
Soldier: You're kidding, right?
: Jokes were never my strong suit.
Soldier: ......
: Would you be so kind as to tell us where the boosters are kept?
Soldier: They... They should be in Control Room 02.
: Do we know where that is?
: It's a spare control room located opposite from the one we visited earlier.
: Got it. Let's go.

Skit Video: (Let's Get a Booster from the fort)

: That seems to be our only hope of defeating the golems.

: Here we go! Boosters!
: Ah, this is indeed the same type of booster that was used at Fezebel Marsh.
If we can use this to change the spirit clime, the golems' defensive power should plummet.
: Kind of like a golem inhibitor.
: Hey, a golem imbibiter!
: Do you even know what that means?
: Not a clue!
: So how do we use it?
: Leave that to me.
: Very well. Then let's crush some golems.

Skit Video: (The Great Goelm Reckoning)

: Now we shall put an end to them!

: And two more behind us!
: Four golems at once. Truly a rock and a hard place.
: No, it's four birds with one stone. They've saved us the trouble of hunting them down.
: Ha. It's impossible to get discouraged with Milla around.
: Agreed.
: We're much stronger than we were before. Let's do this!
: You said it! Rowen!
: On it! Activating the golem inhibitor!

So there are 2 fire golems and 2 water golems. We start off with one of each, and they'll be replaced when they fall once.

They hit pretty hard and have a good area of effect.

In the background you can see Fire Crush, which is self-describing.

The water golem will die way faster than the fire one because we're putting the burn status on it, a dot ticking for 1500.

Aqua Crush is a palette swap of Fire Crush.

Flare Drop Kick causes the golem to do a 270° front-flip kick, land on its face, then get up.

Honestly the biggest danger is probably the golem just slamming the ground in front of it repeatedly because it takes just long enough for you to get back up again, but not enough time to move out of the way.

When we kill the first water golem, the second fire golem enters rather than the other water golem. Watching this video I realize I totally forgot I had the four back and was making this fight way longer for no reason.

That's a thing the other one is doing, no idea what it does.

Splash Uppercut is the companion to Flare Drop Kick, but is less ridiculous looking.

Apparently the golems can hover into the air and chase us around like they're boars or something? Weird.

A respectable opponent, the golems did have the power to put characters down but weren't fast enough to be a true threat for the most part.

Soldier: I thought the golems were invincible. How did this happen?
Rashugal is done for.
: Is that all you have to say after holing yourselves up here without permission?! You should be ashamed!
Soldier 2: We were doing it for our country! Rashugal's military assets must be protected!
: Do you truly believe that abandoning the citizens you serve strengthens your country?
Soldier 2: I... Well...
Soldier: Wait, are you Chief of Staff Ilbert?
: No, but I used to be. You all are the military of today.
And as such, it is your duty to figure out what needs to be done.
Soldier: Understood. The Fort Gandala guards will reopen the fort immediately.
We will resume patrolling the highroads and protecting civilian activities.
: That takes care of that.
: That should be a load off Driselle's shoulders.

Skit Video: (Sharing the Good News)

: We have to tell her how great you were!

: Thank goodness you all made it back! Is anyone hurt?
: We're fine, my lady.
: As you can see, we couldn't be healthier.
: We kicked ten tons of golem butt!
: Oh, I'm so relieved.
: You were worried about us?
: Of course! I don't know what I would have done if you had gotten hurt on my behalf.
: Facing that pain is one of the gravest duties of leadership.
: It sure isn't easy.
: No, it is not. But as long as you feel pain at the suffering of your people...
They will always be there to support you.
: I'll do my best. Just as Cline did.
: It might be difficult, but we know you can do it.
: I'm sorry I can't give you the rewards you deserve... Wait, I know!
I'll brew up some of my finest tea. Come, let's have a tea party!
: Haha, I couldn't ask for a finer reward.
: Throw in some of those little cakes, and you've got a deal!

: And so the all-city "tying up loose ends" tour continued.

: Hey, the wyverns are back!
These are the same ones that we flew on, right?
: They certainly look the same to me. But I suppose they all do.
: Aaaah! Save meeee!
: Get off!
: I'm sure of it. These are the same wyverns.
: They must have come back on their own. I believe they call this the homing instinct.
: Thank goodness they're okay.
: Indeed. After all, they, too, have served as loyal companions on our journey.
: Stop reminiscing and help me!

: I remember you. You're the geographer who was studying spirit clime changes.
Geographer: That's right! And I think that hypothesis I told you about just might be correct.
They say the soldiers that came from the flying ships broke through a wall in the sky to get here.
Think about that. A wall that surrounds our entire world! That kind of power could easily affect spirit climes.
: The schism.
Geographer: The schism? Ah, I like that name! Okay, let's refer to this wall as the schism.
The next problem is, where did the schism come from?
The questions never end. But that's why I love science!
: Yeah...

Skit Video: (A Lonely Homecoming)

: And while I'm at it, I should see Isla too.

: This is where your mother lived, isn't it?
: Yeah.
: You're back?!
: Hey Isla. I got your letter. So...
Mom's dead.
You already buried her?
: That... That's right.
I'm so sorry. When I got here she had already departed.
: Mom...
Why did you do this?
: I'm sorry.
: I'm okay.
There's actually a part of me that's kind of relieved now.
Gonna scold me for that?
: A human life is a heavy thing. If you were carrying your mother's burden for her...'s only natural that you'd feel that way.
: Never thought you'd be the one to console me.
All right, enough of this. Isla, how did she really die?
: What? If you mean the cause of death, it was a sudden paroxysm of--
: You don't think it was the poison?
Because my mother knew that you were mixing it into her food.
: What?!
: Remember how she'd have those lucid moments? She told me about the poison in a letter.
: She lied! If she knew about it, why did she eat?
: Don't strain yourself. You never were a good liar.
: It's... It's you and that group of yours' fault for trapping me here!
: Wait! Stop!

Skit Video: (In Pursuit of Isla)

: Damn it! After her!

Actually she's gone past there, to the Labari Hollow.

: Why did you poison Alvin's mother?!
: ......
: Because she was holding her back. So long as Mom was alive, Isla could never get her happy ending.
: Exactly!
I don't want anything more to do with Exodus!
All I want to do is live a normal, happy life! I've worked so hard just to be able to do that!
: Did my mother suffer?
: *Shakes head*
: Good. That's the one thing I was worried about.
: You're going to let her go?
: She killed your mother!
: Mom knew she wasn't long for this world.
She told me so in her last letter. She asked me to set Isla free after she died.
: She knew? And she still...
: Yup.
Even though it meant she'd never return to the home she loved so much.
: I-I don't believe you. You're just going to blackmail me again!
I have to destroy all the evidence. I have to erase my former self.
Or else I'll never be truly happy!
: Wait! Isla, stop!
: Ah... Ahhh!
: Isla!

: Thanks to your first aid, her injuries have healed up nicely.
: Mommy... Why are you leaving me?
Please, don't sell me. I promise I won't complain about being hungry.
Please... Mommy.
: How could this happen?
: Don't worry, Isla. I'm here.
I'll always be here for you, whether you get better or not.
: Isla is lucky to have you.
: But, it's so sad.
: Are you sure it's okay for us to stay here?
: I don't mind.
She'll be safe here. They don't know about this place.
But I'm taking the gun belt with me.
It's been in my family for a long time. I promised my mom I'd take it home with me.
: Then I hope you find your way back home.
: It's the least I can do for her.
She was a great mom.

Skit Video: (To Labari Hollow)

: What is it?
: Do you think we could go back to the booster research lab?
: You mean go back to Labari Hollow? Why would you want to go there?
: OH, of course! If that's where you grew up, you might remember something about your past!
We've done this before already, but what the hell.
: I'm sorry. I know we don't have much time.
: No trouble at all! Besides, maybe you'll remember something that inspires you to new heights?
: that's certainly a possibility. Let's try to get back to Labari Hollow.

: Elize wanted to go back to the laboratory to see if anything else could be jogged loose in her memory.

: Maybe you can remember something about your family.
: I... I can't. I have lots of memories of Teepo, but nothing else.
: Looks like this was a big fat waste of time.
: Well, I certainly wouldn't say that.
I love the way the wind feels here when it's blowing through my beard.
: Wait, didn't Rowen's beard remind you of your father?
: Hey, maybe that means your dad had a beard too!
Do you remember what it was like?
: He gave Elize a piggy-back ride here!
: That's right! I remember his beard swinging in the wind.
He was really big.
And he had a hat with lots of feathers, and a big fluffy coat.
: Are you sure that's not Jiao?
: ......
You're right. The man with the beard wasn't my father. It was Jiao.
He put me up on his shoulders and told me the truth.
That my mother and father had gone off somewhere very far away.
He apologized over and over as he told me. But I didn't understand why.
I just remember watching as his tears fell into his beard.
: Hey, it's okay. You can stop.
: I don't remember anything about my mother or father at all.
: I'm sorry. I thought you'd be happy if you could remember more of your past.
I should've realized some memories should just stay forgotten. I'm so sorry, Elize.
: Ah, there you are!
Some friends of mine said they saw you down here. I've been looking for you.
: What is it?
: I have a message from Isla.
She remembered where Elize is from.
There's a place just through a cave in the Mon Highlands. Isla says the house where you were born is there.
: So Isla is all better?
No, it's just something she said during her delirium. She says the same things over and over.
: Then you've learned of her past.
: I know she can never make amends for what she did.
But, do you think you can forgive her?
All she can do at this point is apologize. Your forgiveness would mean a lot.
: Elize.
: Please tell Isla...
That I said thank you.
: I certainly will.
: Okay, let's go. I want to see the place where I was born.

: But I don't see a house anywhere.
; It's been ten years. It could easily have fallen apart by now.
: Let's try looking around a little bit more.
: No, this is it. This is where my house used to be.
: You sure?
: Elize's flowers!

: So your house really was here.
: It's okay.
Thank you, everyone. I feel a lot better now.
: Teepo, you said these were Elize's flowers?
: That's what they called them! Couldn't tell you why, though.
: Jude, what are these flowers really called? Are they native to this area?
: They look like Princessias.
Normally, you don't see them in a place like this.
Her parents must've planted them back when they still lived here.
: And don't all flowers have some hidden meaning behind them?
: Yeah, I can't really help you with these though.
: They mean "priceless treasure" and "a long and happy life".
: This may be a stretch, but these flowers may represent what your parents thought of you, Elize.
At least, that's what I'd like to believe.
: Mother... Father...
: I'm impressed that you put that together.
: You shouldn't be. After all, you were the ones who taught me what it means to be human.

: I do.
: So now we know that Elympios is what lies beyond the edge.
: Yep.
: That's right.
: So a long, long time ago, Maxwell enclosed this world in the schism.
; And since that time, Maxwell has spared no effort to keep it that way.
: And it was all to protect the people of Rieze Maxia?
: Correct.
: But now, we're trying to destroy the schism.
: We're not the first. Over the years, there have been countless adventurers, scientists, and artes experts.
A great many humans have devoted their lives to solving the mysteries of the schism.
: I guess even the great Maxwell couldn't keep up with humanity's boundless curiosity.
: No, I guess not. But if humans didn't possess such great curiosity and enthusiasm...
Would Maxwell have deemed them worthy of protection?

Tune in next time for more sidequests!