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Part 41: Ch34: Sidequest, Sideboss

Ch34: Sidequest, Sideboss

: At this point I actually took a break from waiting with Gaius to do some errands. Even someone like him can only go so long without food or water, and those guys were taking their time.

Teen: I was out shopping with my mother, but we got separated. Her hair and eyes look just like mine.
: Unfortunately, we don't know this city very well.
Woman: There you are, Lem. What are you doing here?

Teen: Me?! You're the one who got lost! Did you forget where we were supposed to meet?
Woman: Oh... Did I?
Teen: Honestly, I don't know how you keep a nursing job when you can't even stick to a simple schedule!
: Heh. It's nice to see that Elympions are as human as we are!
: No kidding.
: Carrie?
Carrie, it's you! You're alive!
: Wait... Nachtigal's sister?!
Woman: Oh, yes, my name is Carrie.
But I'm afraid I don't know who you are.
: You... You don't?
Woman: I'm sorry. I can't remember anything from my childhood.
When I washed up on a beach here twenty years ago, all I could remember was my name.
Teen: Wait, do you know who my mother used to be?
: Uh, no... I merely met her once before, when I was working with her husband.
Girl: Oh, are you in the military too?
Woman: Forgive me for not recognizing you. You meet so many people as a soldier's wife.
: N-No, no apologies necessary. It was a long time ago. May I ask where your husband is?
Woman: He's away on an expedition right now. I haven't heard from him in a long time.
But I'm not worried.
Ever since he found me twenty years ago, Julius has never broken a promise he's made to me.
Teen: Ugh, Mom, could you stop gushing to complete strangers?
Woman: Haha, okay, okay. But it is true, you know.
Teen: Come on, we need to get going. Nice meeting you all!
: Hey...
: When the schism was breached twenty years ago...
The tsunami must have brought Carrie all the way here to Elympios.
: Aren't you going to go after her?
: I... I don't know what I would say to her after all these years.
I don't even know how to feel about this.
: It's a pretty weird situation. Even assuming they haven't already killed her husband, which I give 50/25/25 on.
: Don't you mean 50/50?
: One of those 25s is "He was killed by Gaius instead."

Skit Video: (That's a Big House)

: How may people do you think live in one of those giant houses in Trigleph?
: Have you always liked pop quizzes this much? I've never noticed after all this time.
: Oh, I know!
: Did your love of pop quizzes awaken while I was dead?
: She's always liked pop quizzes!
: Oh...

Skit Video: (A Dialogue Between Worlds)

Technically I think this is the skit for the preceding segment, but it flowed better this way I think.
: Don't be afraid. They're people, just like us. Try to speak to as many people as you can.
: Gotta pump 'em for info!
: Information is important, but learning to understand and appreciate each other--that is our top priority.

Skit Video: (Let's Go Visit Driselle)

: Why not go to the manor and see?
: Driselle must be worried sick about you!
: Worried about me? Oh my, I do hope she doesn't perceive me as being that old.

: That's Muzét's voice!
: I thought Muzét was with Gaius?
: We should check inside!
: No, wait. There's a human in there with her. We need to be careful.
: When Billy found them, he said...
"Hey, which one's the wife and which one's the mistress?"
: Wh-What kind of story is this?!
: What are you doing?!
: So yeah I bugged out of there. I'd already lost a 1v4 fight, a 1v6 wasn't really in my interests.
: Also a 1v1 fight.
: That was a 1v5 thank you very much.
: Then shouldn't this be a 1v10?
: Well I sure don't want that!
: Let's go!

Old Woman: I don't know. Are you friends of hers? Did Muzét leave already?
: Are you okay?
: You seem a little bit off, Granny.

: Actually I teleported through the roof. Milla's never been good at thinking with teleportation.
: Are you better now?
Old Woman: Yes sweetheart, thank you.
: Your eyes...
Old Woman: I appreciate your concern, dear.
: Can you see us?
Old Woman: I can sense you. I may be blind to light, but I've learned how to see other things.
: I need to ask you something. I know Muzét was here. What was she doing?
Old Woman: Before I answer, could you explain to me why you're so interested in her?
: Well--
: Milla is Muzét's sister.
: Elize?
: Shhh! Let's just make this easy for everyone, okay?
Old Woman: Muzét's sister?
: Yes.
Old Woman: Very well. Since it sounds like you don't mean Muzét any harm.
I first met her five years ago, when my daughter and I were involved in a terrible accident.
Muzét happened to be there, and she saved my life. Unfortunately, my daughter was not so lucky.
: She saved your life?
Old Woman: She told me she only did it on a whim.
But even though I had survived, I had lost my will to live.
My beloved daughter, who had read to me every day, was gone.
But one day, I asked Muzét if she would read to me instead.
: And she said yes?
Old Woman: She did. But I could tell that she hated it at first. Just another of her whims, I suppose.
: No. Way.
: I can't believe it.
Old Woman: She is a very kind girl, you know.
And a little bit timid, but I suppose that's true of most girls her age.
I'm sure you have your reasons for chasing her. I certainly won't try to stop you.
But if I may, I'd ask that you please try not to hurt her.
: Milla?
; I understand how you feel.
Old Woman: Good. That's wonderful.
: Why are you smiling?
Old Woman: I'm just relieved to hear that.
: Obviously since she's here telling you this, Lady Milla was indeed able to grant the old woman's petition.
: It's not easy to permanently kill a spirit, unless you're willing to use spyrix.

; I do. In fact, embarrassing stories might be the only Alvin stories I know.
: This I gotta hear.
: Shall I tell you one?
: One more word and you're dead to me forever.
: Well now, this is a conundrum.
I know. How about a bet?
: Truly an Elympion's answer to everything.
: Now now, Alfred, you know better than that. Gambling is a long and proud Elympion tradition.
It has some bad points, but it has good ones too.
: Would we be betting money?
: Certainly not. We can choose to bet anything we like.
For example...
We could bet on whether or not you can find a Light-Leaf Clover!
If you can, you win, and I'll air out some of Alfred's dirty laundry.
: What's a Light-Leaf Clover?
: It's a clover with golden leaves that grows on the sides of roads.
: Elympions consider it a good-luck charm.
I've heard they once grew along Rusalle Highroad.
: Then this should be a piece of cake! You got yourself a bet, buddy!
: So, betting is a hallowed Elympion tradition? I'm a little intrigued myself.
: Okay, let's go check out Rusalle Highroad.
: Hey, wait a minute...
It's been ages since a Light-Leaf Clover was seen on the highroad, and some say they might be extinct.
: Alfred, are you really going to waste my magnanimity?
: This is why I hate gambling.

Skit Video: (Finding the Light-Leaf Clover)

: It's a clover with sun-colored leaves, right? Let the hunt begin!

: Honestly I'd be surprised if they hadn't found it.
: Is this a Light-Leaf Clover?
: Yeah, that's it.
Damn it, Balan told me these things were extinct!
: Extinct?! You thought they were extinct and let us bet anyway?
: No, I just... Well, yeah. Basically.
: Well, all's well that ends well. It's a miracle!
: We've traveled to an entirely different world, and this is what qualifies as a miracle to you?

Soldier: You there. Hand over that clover if you know what's good for you.
: Huh? Who the heck are you? We found this fair and square.
Soldier: If anyone else finds a clover, we lose our bet! If you won't hand it over, we'll take it by force!
Fight gets no screenshots due to
: Why would they just attack us like that? And what did they mean about a bet?
: Wait a minute.
: Do you know something?
: Best not to talk out here. Let's go back to Balan's.
: Yes! Now we get to hear an embarrassing story about Alvin!
: This is why I hate gambling.

Skit Video: (And Back to Balan Once More)

: And then we get our story. This is gonna be good.

: Then they fought some stuff.

So while we're here let's annihilate some random boss monsters.

Having random boss monsters in the world to bump into is a thing that's appeared in a few of the 3D Tales games, but there are only a few in this game. These two are the only ones that aren't Devil's Beasts.

It hits hard, but not hard enough for me to be worried or anything.

OK sometimes it can hit hard enough for me to worry.

Assault Claw is a series of slashes.

Burn status is doing nearly 3k dps.

Wild Voice inflicts stun status in a cone in front of him.

Both these bosses drom Mysterious Jewels, which we've occasionally been picking up from chests. This is #20.

Boss #2

It's got quite a reach on that tail.

Cross Breaker slashes the area in front of it.

Slash Arm is, surprisingly, the same thing but with only one of his forearms.

After Jude dies 3 or 4 times in 15 seconds, this is kind of bad.

Except I can goddamn buy Omega Elixers. Like, just go to an item store and BAM fill up.

Stone Powder is pretty cool, he changes the color of his wings and blows petrification powder on everything in front of himself.

Although it just outright killed those two.

And they just pop right back up because all difficulty has been annihilated by various auto-revive skills, spells, and items.

Kind of an annoying fight. Anyway we have 21 Mysterious Jewels now.

: Anyway, they went back to Balan's to deliver the light-leaf clover.

: Holy... I can't believe you actually found a Light-Leaf Clover.
If we had bet money, you'd have made a killing.
: All right, make with the embarrassing stories!
: Oh well, a bet's a bet.
: Which one are you going to tell them?
: Let's make it the one about this very clover.
When Alvin was five years old, he wanted to do something for Aunt Leticia's-- for his mother's birthday.
He came up with the idea of giving her a crown made entirely out of Light-Leaf Clovers.
: Sounds like that could be difficult.
: Right. Even back then, they were quite hard to find. So little Alvin thought long and hard about what to do.
After a lot of thought, he came up with the idea of painting regular clovers the color of Light-Leaf Clovers.
: That's brilliant!
: Is it?
: He gave it to Leticia before the paint was dry, and she ended up getting it all over her hair!
Alvin was even more surprised at this than Leticia was, and he started bawling his eyes out.
Out of habit, he buried his face in her hair as he tried to apologize, and ended up getting paint all over his face too.
The end.
: Ah ha ha ha, that's so cute!
: That was a wonderful story.
: You really loved your mother, didn't you Alvin?
: I'll get you for this, Balan.
: Ha ha, talking about Leticia has put me in the mood for one of her peach pies.
They were absolute perfection.
I'd give anything for one more bite. But unfortunately it's not to be.
: Balan, you hang on to those memories.
She may never have made it back to Elympios, but at least we can keep her memory alive.
: Even if you asked me to, I could never forget about her. Or about you, naturally.
: I'm glad I made it back.

Soldier: Hey, things are tough for everyone! We can't afford to pay these prices!
: Hey, hey, let's all calm down!
Woman: What, you're taking the soldiers' side? I can't believe this!
: Stop it!
: Karla?
Merchant: Hey, I know you. You're close with His Highness.
: What exactly is your connection to Gaius?
: He just summons me here sometimes, that's all.
I heard he was away, so I came to see if everything was all right.
: Well, you were certainly right to be concerned.
: I'm afraid so. With King Gaius and the Chimeriad gone, the domestic stability of Auj Oule is beginning to unravel.
But I still can't believe that things have regressed this far, this quickly. It's simply pathetic.
: Is it that bad?
: Clearly, the weak must be tended to constantly, or they'll disrupt everything.
I guess it's too much to ask for everyone to grow strong. It's hopeless.
: Hold on. Maybe they'll never know what it's like to be as strong as Gaius, but that doesn't make them hopeless!
: How can you deny it? You see what's happening here!
My brother Erston sacrificed his family for these people, and this is what happens?!
: Wait, what?
: You're Gaius' sister?!
: Yes. You wanted to know Gaius' real name? It's Erston Outway.
I believe that my brother forged his philosophy partly as a way to atone for what he did to me.
That's why he wanted to be the king.
And because of that, I thought I could forgive him. But looking at this, I don't know anymore.
If this is what his efforts amounted to, then give me my brother back.
Man: Hey, come on... If the guard's undermanned, I can help out. I know my way around a sword.
Soldier: But only official soldiers are allowed to fight.
Other Soldier: Hey, it's obvious we're going to need some help to get through this.
Merchant: Listen... I'll talk to the other unions about the skyrocketing food prices.
Woman: But if this situation drags on, things will only get worse.
: That doesn't mean you can't do anything about it!
Merchant: The boy is right! Forget about what we can't do and let's focus on what we can!
: Jude...
I hate to say it, but I think we have to face the facts. Everything King Gaius did was for naught.
: Are you sure about that?
Woman: Lady Karla, we may not be the kind of people that King Gaius would consider strong.
Merchant: But that doesn't mean we can't do for ourselves the same things that he's always done for us.
Soldier: I want to know that I've done everything that I can, so I can hold my head high when King Gaius returns.
: Thank you... All of you!
If the news of my identity spreads, it will only make trouble for King Gaius.
We'll probably never see each other again, but I'm glad I was able to meet all of you. Farewell.
: I suppose we should be going ourselves.
: Jude, seeing you follow your own path has helped me erase any doubts I had about mine.
Maybe that's the same thing Gaius felt when he first met you.

: I had heard you'd been sent to the other world. So you found your way home after all.
: Wingul, there is something I would like to ask you.
Am I correct in my understanding that you led Auj Oule's armies at Fezebel Marsh?
Using boosters to move through the marsh was a brilliant strategy.
: Are you mocking me? That strategy played right into Gilland's hands.
: You aren't the only one who failed to see through Gilland's facade. I share the same shame.
: I didn't realize someone who turned his back on his duty had any honor left to lose.
Is that what you're doing here? Some sad attempt to return to the battlefield and erase your shame?
: How can you say that?!
: Don't you make fun of Rowen! He's a great guy for someone who's so old!
: Yeah he was paying absolutely no attention to those two.
: You were a skilled tactician in your prime, I grant you that. But how much of that skill remains today?
Former Chief of Staff Ilbert. Care to play a game?
: A game, you say?
: A mock battle, using a real military map.
But of course, I would understand if you were reluctant to see how time has ravaged your talents.
: You don't need to buy into this.
: I accept.
: Then come to the Xailen Woods Temple.

: This board lets us control data from historic battles and see different ways they might play out.
: And what battle is this data from?
: Twenty years ago, on the Fezebel Outback.
: The Battle of Fezebel.
: The struggle between the armies of Rashugal and the former King of Auj Oule.
: Correct. It was a tragic battle, in which both armies suffered heavy casualties from a giant tsunami.
It was Ilbert the Conductor's one and only draw.
: And you wish to recreate that battle now?
: This is no recreation. If I had led Auj Oule into battle, we would have won.
That is what I will prove here today. Formation: Ichthys! All troops, advance!
: The core of the Rashugal army is being pushed back!
: Left and right troops, spread out to the wings! Surround the enemy's vanguard!
: It's no good. The vanguard is unstoppable. What is this power?
: That's Gaius' unit, their first time in battle. You won't surround them so easily.
: Both wings, advance! Circle to the enemy's flank!
: Planning to launch a counterattack from my flank? Such a boring and predictable response.
I'll simply attack while your troops are changing course! This battle will be won before the tsunami hits!
: The enemy is turning faster than Rashugal!
: Look out!
: All troops, maintain forward movement! Your goal is the high ground behind the Auj Oule army!
: What?!
: Rashugal's army is assembling on the hill.
: It's over. It is impossible to defeat a defending army on high ground in so short a time.
Soon the tsunami will come and engulf the plains. You will have no choice but to retreat.
: Hmph. And this is what you call a victory?
: I am satisfied simply not to lose.
I see. Thank you for the match, Conductor.
We will settle this in a different way.
: Hmph! Sore loser!
: You did great, Rowen.
: It's because I failed in the past. If only I had used this strategy back then.
: Uh, how would he know that a tsunami was going to hit sufficiently far ahead of time to do this?
: I think it's great you learned from your mistake!
: You're still growing! Even at your age!
: Indeed. And I still have a great deal more growing to do. I may even grow out of these clothes one day.

: Yes... It does look like it might fit.
: I knew it! The jewel fits!

Tess: It's been ages since we've had guests! Let's go greet them, Patel.
: Forgive us for barging in like this.
Tess: Not at all. Please, make yourselves at home.
: Who are you?
Tess: I'm Tess, and this is Patel. We're the temple caretakers.
Patel: You guys must have a lot of time on your hands if you're visiting a beat-up old temple like this.
: Um, may I ask what this is?
Tess: Oh, you mean the Transcendental Ring?
Using a pattern of 23 jewels, it represents the three defining aspects of our world: spirits, humans, and souls.
It used to be one of the great wonders of Rieze Maxia.
But at some point its jewels were pried out and scattered to the four corners of the world.
Patel: Legends say the Transcendental Ring still conceals a secret that has been hidden since antiquity.
: A secret? What kind of secret?
Patel: No one knows! Even the details of the legend have faded away over the years.
Tess: Oh my! One of the jewels is back?! Did you do this?
Patel: If you can restore all of the jewels, we might learn its secret at last!
: An ancient secret, huh...
: It sounds intriguing.
Wait, 23 jewels? FUCK. I came here with 21. Ugh, guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

: And then they fought some more Devil's Beasts. This was actually worthwhile for them, since they could use the practice.

Thunder Rain. Despite being weak to fire, it uses lightning (which is fire+wind).

Man am I glad Milla can sometimes land elemental debuffs on bosses.

I have no idea what this actually does.

Not too hard.

Notably more annoying. Our Darkness-elemental attacks are fairly limited.

It has a lot of mobility and a tendency to send people flying.

Frolic & Cavort is a powerful leap-and-smash attack.

Poison Claw is another leap attack, and you can see here that Milla's darkness attack (and its Linked Arte with Jude) rely on him standing still in the AOE, which he doesn't have to do.

Fucking finally.


Another damn boss with bullshit mobility that will make it take too long.

I think that causes status effects, but I'm not sure which.

For some reason it has Divine Streak rather than an air spell.

As a light spell it has a chance to inflict goddamn charm on whatever it hits.

Revolver Assault is a flying spin-kick.

The name seems self-explanatory.

Add summon spell.

Weak and easy.

This is actually a very bad situation.

Except everyone dies and comes back at full HP. Note the auto-revive icons. This stuff really murders the difficulty curve on Xillia because everything is either fully capable of wiping your entire party at any time or a complete non-threat in the endgame.