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Part 45: CH38: It's Never Over

CH38: It's Never Over

(NOTE: There is a post-credits scene if you're just watching the video.)
: Milla had shattered the Temporal Blade.

: Maxwell!

: Haaaaaa!

: And disintegrated the Lance of Kresnik holding Maxwell.
: Wait, when did he get recaptured?
: He'd actually been in the Lance the entire time, just doing his "I can be in two places at once" trick to attack us sometimes.
: Oh.
: Once again, it's all gone.
I've lost everything.
: Your vision of the future offers nothing but suffering to the people...
...whether spyrites are perfected or not.
Even if we unite the two worlds, it is pure fantasy to think that they will cooperate with one another.
: Maybe you're right. Maybe my dreams for the future are hopelessly naïve.
But still, Milla never stopped believing in me.
And so did you Gaius, didn't you?
: But, what does any of that matter now?
: I may appear to be talking tough now, but I was scared witless throughout this entire journey.
I'm still just a small, frail human. But you know what? I will get stronger.
I want...
I want you to believe in me.
: Humans strive to become stronger. They constantly struggle to grow more for the sake of others.
They rise to the occasion. This fills me with hope for the future. One that is filled with possibilities. I cherish it.
I know you understand this, Gaius.
: I do not.
When all of these possibilities of yours evaporate, I will then be forced to rise again.

: You won't have to do anything.
: Muzét.

: Thank you.
: I see that you have made up your mind.
: Yes.
: Milla.
: Wh-What are you talking about?
:I have decided to become Maxwell.
: Huh?
: So that was your plan.
: Now if you so desire, Milla, you may use the schism's mana to become human again.
: *Shakes head*
: I see. Keep watch over the spirits.
: Wait!
: Jude, I'm afraid this is farewell. Our fates were always intertwined in mysterious ways.
Thank you for everything.
: Hold on! I--
: I'm sorry for all the times I was weak. But now, I think I'm going to be just fine.
: Milla!
: Elize wants you to know that she loves you tons! Of course, I do, too!
: Will we be able to see each other again?
: It has been a pleasure.
: What the hell is this?! You never told us!
: The schism was so bound up with Maxwell that the only way to dispel it was for him to die. And Maxwell must live on.
: I'm ready.

: The collapse of the schism broke the spirit climes to pieces.

: And the mana liberated...

: ...would provide Elympios a new lease on life.

: Milla, everything's all right.
: From now on, I am Milla Maxwell, the Lord of the Spirits.

: There were a few things they took care of before Milla completely faded from mortal existence, but they weren't terribly important.

: "But I can't say that I have very much to report."
Haha, what a big knucklehead! Drinks are on you now! Huh?
"Well, maybe one thing."

: "A friend invited me to start a business with him."
"We're thinking of ways to connect Rieze Maxia and Elympios... Doesn't sound like me though, huh?"
Here's to a great partnership!
"Don't forget to swing by and say hi."

: "I have big news!"
"I'm no longer pursuing nursing."

: "So for now, I'm helping out at my family's lodge."
: Ah! Uwaaaa!

: Heh...
: Are you okay there, Leia?
: Sure! Thanks a lot, Dad.
: You two, quit goofing around!
: Yes, ma'am!
: "But I do have a dream now."
"I want to settle down and start a family that cares for each other, just like Mom and Dad."
: I'm sorry I sat on the strudel, honey! It was an accident!
: I'll show you sorry!
: Yow! Oww! Yowch!
: "I'll definitely do my best."
"I dunno if things will work out."
"But I've got to try!"

: Sleep tight.
: Elly! Your friends are here.

: "I have news. I'm going to the same school that Driselle graduated from."
"I even made some friends there. But, I'm still not very comfortable when it comes to talking."
Girl: What do you think, Elize?
: Um, well, he's not really my type.
Second Girl: Tee hee hee...
Girl: You're so silly, Elize!
: "Even so, I still love being able to spend time with them."

: Very well, then, that concludes today's lesson.
"This is what I was meant to do."

: I gotta hurry!
"I'm glad that all of you are doing so well."
"I've been swamped with my spyrite research lately."

: "And the results... Well, they've been mixed."
"Still, slowly but surely, more and more people are beginning to realize the spyrites' potential."

Milla Side posted:

Milla's side has a slightly different post-credits scene, that I think occurs first

: Milla! Milla!

: I am proud of the path I have chosen.

: Milla.

: We can change. This world can change, and so can I!

: I'm terribly sorry, but something's come up.
: You got a call too?
: Text, but yes. Anyway, Ms Martel, I'm afraid we won't be able to tell you the second story right now. Fortunately I know someone else who can tell you about it.
: No problem. Good luck with whatever horrible crisis.
: It's not a crisis, it's...
: Shut it or we'll be late. Teleporting now!