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Part 46: Errata Update 1: Missed Skits

Errata Update 1: Missed Skits

Sorry this took awhile, but, well, I didn't consider it particularly urgent. I also had some stuff going on, but it was mostly "the LP is technically done so it's below other things on the priority list now."

Anyway the first of the two errata updates I have covers all the skits I missed. It doesn't cover the three Feinne wrote up on Milla's version of the fortress path split, but does cover the skits he didn't do in the fire caves.

Skit Video: Milla Wakes
So this is the first of four skits on Milla's route in the fire caves.

: Yep. And you're a whole lot heavier than you look.
: We put you in the cave to rest while Leia and I split up to search for an exit.
: Forgive me. I've been a burden to you.
: Hey, come on, don't worry about it.
We're all lucky just to have made it off that battlefield alive.
: Indeed we are. In any case, I am glad you are well.
: Of course I am. Maxwell can't afford to die.

Skit Video: The Outside World

: Nor I. And yet, I can find no other explanation for the army that suddenly appeared from the sky.
: Is it possible that those flying vessels were from somewhere within Rieze Maxia?
: I doubt that.
: Then if we have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
: I've heard that from Jude before. Something about an egg.
: Let's see... Uh, one world inside the egg and one world outside it?
: Argh! It's so damn hot in here! All I can think about is the egg frying on one of those rocks!
: Indeed. Let us focus on finding a way out of here.

Skit Video: Cooking with Fire Teagle

: That was a Fire Teagle. It's a monster with a very powerful mana lobe.
: So you're saying it channeled those flames?
: It can simultaneously maintain two artes, offensive and defensive, and uses them to wrap itself in flame.
: Whoa. That thing's better at spirit artes than I am!
: It even uses the flames on its back to cook its prey before it consumes it.
: Huh. For a monster, it's quite the chef.
: Indeed it is! Maintaining the right level of flame to cook a creature whole is a serious culinary challenge.
: Thanks for that lovely image, Rowen. You know it was trying to eat us, right?

Skit Video: An Unexpected Chill

: A river of magma. I've never seen such a thing.
: Really? I see them quite frequently.
For example, when Efreet gets mad at Gnome for oversleeping and those two go at it...
Incidentally there's sound effects for the great spirits fighting in this skit.
: The surrounding area usually ends up being reduced to a pool of lava.
: The Great Spirits of fire and earth fight with each other?!
: Then Undine will tell them to cool it and flood the area with water, causing a huge explosion.
; Surely this happens only rarely.
: No, it happens all the time.
: Only to you, Milla.
: I'm getting the shivers just thinking about it.

Skit Video: The Long Road to Greatness
This skit is triggered by getting all party members to level 90.

: I must say, I had no idea that the human body was capable of so much.
: Yeah! At this rate, I could probably hold my own against my mom in a fistfight!
: Yeah, but if she had her staff...
: Oh, I'd be dead within seconds.
: Surely that's an exaggeration.
: Is your mom really that strong?
: I wouldn't say "strong" so much as invincible?
: She could probably take down ten average fighters in a single second.
: This reminds me of the rumor about a demon who walks the earth in Leronde.
They say about ten years ago, the demon wiped out a group of bandits that was giving even the army trouble.
: Yeah, that was my mom. The bandits gave her some lip one day while she was out shopping.
: Wow. Your mom's amazing!
: No kidding. I guess we still have a long way to go.
: Human potential runs so deep.

Skit Video: Jude the Mercenary
This skit is triggered by getting some number of encounters, but I'm not sure entirely how many. It's probably pretty high.

: You really do have a knack for combat. Maybe you should look into a career as a mercenary?
: I'd teach you everything you need to know!
: Me? A mercenary?
: No way! I couldn't bear to see Jude turn out like Alvin.
: Teepo's right!
: Yeah, that wouldn't suit Jude at all.
: Nor would I trust Alvin's guidance on the matter.
: It's unanimous, then. Motion denied.
: Ouch, that's harsh! When did I become the least influential member of the party?
: Don't worry Alvin. The least influential member isn't you.
: That would be the guy whose opinion is completely ignored, even when the topic is focused around him.
: Ah... Well, um... don't let it get you down, kid.

Skit Video: Taken by Surprise
This skit is for using Snap Pivot 100 times.

: Looking for me?
: Bwah! How'd you get behind me?
: Heh heh. So even a mercenary can get taken by surprise.
: Bah! Didn't your mom teach you it isn't polite to sneak up on people? It's like you vanished without a trace!
: Did I? I just move in opposition to my foe and then circle around them.
Like this!
: I ain't fallin' for that twice, kid!
: Huh? Where'd he go?
: Over here.
: Ah! How did you get there?!
: Heh heh. So even the Lord of Spirits can get taken by surprise.
: That's impressive, but really unnerving.
: Yeah. It's especially creepy when you pull that move on a female opponent.
: Creepy?! Hey! My special ability isn't creepy!

Skit Video: Pride in Power
This is for using Alvin's Charge ability 50 times.

: Well done. Even among the army's elite, I rarely see artes that powerful.
: You better believe it. Hey Elize, you see that?
: Yes. Your artes were okay.
: I'd maybe give them a 6.8.
: 6.8?! Who are you to judge me?
: It's just that mine are so much stronger.
: Teepo's are more like a 9.5.
: That's a load of crap. No way some plush toy outscores me!
How about we settle this head to head?
: Alvin, please try to calm down. You're behaving like a child.
: Fine! I'll arm wrestle you for it!
: You're on!
: But, how exactly are we going to do that?
: You have ten seconds to get into position, or you forfeit the match.
One, two, three...
: Come at me bro!
: Hey! That's playing dirty!
: That settles it, then. Teepo is officially stronger than Alvin.

Skit Video: The Ultimate Accessory
This is for using Teepo Switch 50 times. Since I don't play as Elize much it's never actually happened.

: I'd better put it somewhere safe. Teepo!
: Leave it to me!
: Nom nom nom…
: That should do it.
: Did you see that? Elize stuffed her pendant inside Teepo!
: Maybe Teepo's actually an accessory case? It would explain the bright colors.
: Shh! They're coming back!
: I want to see the pendant one more time. Teepo!
: Roger that!
: Bleeaaaahhhhh...
: It's as pretty as I remembered.
: Right?
: I just don't understand women at all.
: You and me both, kid. You and me both.

Skit Video: Yoked-out Bazongas
Can only be seen on Milla's path if her strength is boosted above 700.

: Absolutely! You look like a powerhouse!
: I give your bod a 9.9!
: I wonder who's stronger now, you or Alvin?
: I'm staying out of this.
: Hurray! Milla wins by forfeit!
: Goad me all you want. Pros don't fight battles they won't win.
: Besides, it's not like there was anyone taking down Milla back when she was physically weaker.
: Alvin's right. Milla's power never came from physical strength.
: Milla's so powerful that she doesn't even need to lift a finger!
: I appreciate the compliments, but I do wish someone would give me a chance to test my strength...
: If that's what you're after, why not Teepo?
He's got the same shape and texture as a punching bag.
: Now that you mention it, he does look like he's just right for punching.
: Hold still, Teepo.
: Uh... Uh...
: Ah!
: Aahhh... Milla's... crazy strong...

Skit Video: Yoked-out Mana Lobes
As above, but for intelligence.

: Is it?
: You can just look at her and tell that?
: Yeah, totally.
: When you build it up, your face gets all defined and smart-looking.
: I have trouble believing that.
: So you think my face is stupid-looking.
: N-No! I didn't mean it like that!
: It is possible. I too felt that my face became more defined after I started channeling spirits.
Perhaps the part of the brain that houses the mana lobe also controls the facial muscles?
: Rowen, you're buying into this nonsense?
: Then maybe the reverse is true! If we were to strengthen our facial definition, maybe our mana lobes would grow stronger?
: That could very well be! Let's give it a try.
: Teepo, you can't just lie to people all the time like that!
: Okay. I'm sorry.
: I've never seen prank victims with such strikingly well-defined faces before.

Skit Video: Uses for a Sword
As above again, but dexterity over 500.

: Even I have noticed. You are like a finely-crafted sword.
: A sword, huh. A tool created for the sole purpose of cutting.
: There is beauty in its simplicity. However, a sharpened blade is surprisingly fragile.
: And a blade that's too sharp may cut the hand that wields it.
: Haha, you two don't have to worry. I am no tool.
I understand that in a wise wielder's hands, a sword can be used for more than cutting foes.
: Indeed. It might be used for maintaining one's mustache.
: Or peeling a potato, perhaps.
: Yes. And if you swing it sideways, you could use it as a blunt weapon.
And if you spin it around the tip, you can use it to punch a hole like a drill.
: You could also use the sheath as a weapon to smash someone's joints.
: Uh, do you think Milla understood what we were getting at?
: I do believe she understood, but... Milla's mindset is a tad on the aggressive side.

Skit Video: The Gel Abstainers
This is for never using a Gel until Xian Du.

: That just shows you how skilled we are at combat.
: I don't like gels. They get stuck in my teeth.
" They have the same texture as I do.
There's a line here "Although they do look tastier." that's in the script file but not the skit.
: I'm sure they pack way too many calories.
: I don't even know what gels are supposed to be. Candy? Medicine? Some sort of berry?
: That's a good point. Gels are everywhere, but I haven't a clue as to where or how they're made.
: For all we know, they could be alive.
: Ewwww! I don't want to hear any more!
: That's so messed up! Don't say things like that!
: That did cross the line.
: I... I'm sorry.
: Now we'll probably never be able to eat 'em!
: Though, personally, I love the damn things.

Skit Video: Bagging a Devil's Beast (Milla version)
I think the title says it.

: This must be one of the monsters the old man was talking about.
Such dangerous creatures. And there are still five more of them running around out there.
They pose too grave a threat to ignore.

Skit Video: Elize's Spiritology
This is supposed to trigger after Elize hits level 17, but I don't think it did.

: Where? I don't remember.
: She's just really talented!
: That's why I asked. I've never seen a kid with anywhere near your master's level of skill.
: Really? I was channeling the Four when I was much younger.
: You're a special case.
: Although it does sound like Elize here can channel spirits based on intuition alone, just like Milla.
: You're really something.
: You betcha! Jude knows what's what!
: Remember that you're still a child though. In combat, you must prioritize self-protection.
: O-Okay.
: Milla's just worried about you.
: She's right. You be careful out there.
: Yes. Perhaps that's what I should have said. Do you understand?
: Yes, ma'am!