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Part 47: Errata Update 2: Anyone who has fighting skills like yours doesn't need a personality!

Errata Update 2: Anyone who has fighting skills like yours doesn't need a personality!

So in all the game, there's only one quest I actually just forgot to do. It's wayyyyy back around Update 9; we can explore the abandoned mana-sucking device to see what was going on.

: It doesn't seem to be operational anymore.
: You know, these devices look a lot like the ones we saw in the Laforte Research Center.
: Yes. They absorb mana and transfer it elsewhere. Definitely a similar design.
They must have been trying to create something by mixing human mana with lesser spirits.
: You mean like that butterfly atrocity?
: No, I suspect that was a side effect of a failed creation.
Most likely, the lesser spirits they were using went out of control when we intervened.
: It's frightful to think that such a powerful monster could be an accidental result of a failed experiment.
: Wow.

: What is it, Elize?
: I just can't believe we all jumped from such a great height!
: We could have died!
: That's very true.
: Hey, you're the one who suggested we all ride down here on your channeling circle.
I mean, you knew it was going to be okay, right?
: I wouldn't say "knew", exactly. I do recall having some concerns about the weight.
: So you staked our lives on a hunch?
: Suddenly I'm more scared now than I was back then.
: What's the problem? It did work.
: Indeed it did.
: You two scare me more than this machinery does.
: Me too.

So you can refight the Golden Mage Knight(s) two more times. Before you fight him the second time there's some unvoiced dialog.
: He's back!
: No need to panic! We already know the scope of his power.
: You sure about that? I bet he's stronger than last time.
: That's okay! So are we!
: Wah-hoy! Let's do this!
: Heh. Elize is the most composed of us all.

Third fight footage, my 9999 attack vs his massive hitpoints.

Even with 9999 attack the damage numbers aren't too far out of line.
: Ugh, finally! I think we got him!
: But he seems to have an infinite capacity for resurrection. Perhaps he's actually--
: Immortal?!
: No, a figment. A being that has never existed in a physical form.
: He said he feeds on battle lust. Perhaps he's actually a living incarnation of it.
That would explain why he seems to be unable to leave Magnus Zero.
He said at the beginning that this world is shaped by our own minds.
: An incarnation of battle lust with no purpose... When you put it that way, I almost feel sorry for him.

The Coliseum has a final level of single matches, where you fight your other party members 1v2, 1v2, and then 1v1. My character has a superweapon and they have fixed stats so it's not too hard now.

MC: At last, the dust has settled on this Grand Master battle, and the winner is none other than Jude Mathis!
Congratulations, Jude! You've finally reached the top.
: Are you going to make me try to be funny again?
MC: Don't you worry, champ!
Anyone who has fighting skills like yours doesn't need a personality!
: Thanks... I think?
MC: Now to reward our victor with a legendary weapon, selected to perfectly match his fighting style!
: Oh, that's great! Good combat gloves are hard to find.
MC: I would imagine! And now, I present you with the legendary...
Teepo Mittens!
: Oh my gosh, thank-- Wait, Teepo Mittens? As in, mittens that look like Teepo?!
MC: Is there a problem?
: Well, come on, who wears mittens in battle?
MC: Ah, I didn't realize you preferred gloves. I was hoping that you'd be... smitten!
Bam! That's how it's done, Jude! You see? The crowd loves a little levity!
: What... What just happened?

There's different conversations for each combatant possibility:
MC: At long last, this day has arrived! Queen Milla has firmly dominated her Grand Master opponents to come out on top!
Congratulations on your hard-earned victory, Milla! I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that your performance was truly... stimulating to watch.
: An interesting choice of words. Regardless, I certainly enjoyed myself.
MC: Now to reward our victor with a legendary weapon, selected to perfectly match her fighting style!
: How intriguing. I'm eager to see what that could be.
MC: Queen Milla, I hereby present you with...
The Fangirl!
: Fangirl? I am not familiar with this weapon.
Fan? As in... a fan? That does not sound especially effective.
Nevertheless, I will learn to master it if I must.
MC: Well then, Queen Milla, I shall leave you to fantasize about the exciting possibilities of the Fangirl.
I know that you've given me plenty of exciting possibilities to fantasize about myself!
And on that note, I think I'll end this interview before I say something I shouldn't.

MC: Alvin has vanquished all comers to claim a triumphant victory in this Grand Master battle!
Congratulations, Alvin! You finally did it!
: Seems so. Now, what's all this about receiving a weapon that's perfectly suited to my combat style?
MC: I'm glad you asked! It is my pleasure to present you with...
The Squid on a Stick!
: Okay, hold up.
What am I supposed to do with a squid?!
MC: Oh it's not just a squid, Alvin. It's a Squid on a Stick!
: How is that even relevant?! It's still a squid!
MC: It's extremely relevant! The presence of the stick makes all the difference!
Try eating a popsicle without a stick sometime, and see how far you get!
: Okay, sure... In that case, a stick might be--
MC: I'm glad you've come around! Enjoy your Squid On A Stick!
: Wait, what? I haven't agreed to anything!

MC: Elize Lutus is our newest Grand Master champion! She may be small, but she packs a big punch!
Congratulations, Elize. It was a hard-fought victory, but you earned it.
: I still can't believe I won.
: I knew you could do it!
MC: Now to reward our victor with a legendary weapon, selected to perfectly match her fighting style!
: Wow! I can't wait to see what it is!
: You already have one of those! *sniff* It's called Teepo!
MC: And now, the perfect weapon for Queen Elize...
The Foxtail!
: Fox... tail?
MC: You don't like it?
: No... It's great. I'll dangle it in front of Teepo! He likes to chase fuzzy things.
: They should call it a Teepo-tail!
MC: Ha ha ha, by all means, go on and have a blast!
: Yes sir!
: Meeeooowww!

MC: The master tactician Rowen J. Ilbert has done it again! None of his Grand Master opponents stood a chance!
Rowen, you were the oldest fighter out there today, but you shut out your younger rivals with superior tactics.
: No no, not at all. My experience just gave me a slight edge.
MC: Such modesty... Now then, without further ado, I would like to present you with your legendary weapon!
: My legendary weapon... I wonder what it could be?
MC: Master Rowen, I hereby present to you...
The Pointing Stick!
: My goodness! I had no idea such a weapon existed.
Even at my age, this world is full of surprises.
MC: We hope you'll enjoy using it. Point at things to your heart's content!
: It is oddly appropriate. When marching into enemy territory, I do insist on being the point man!

MC: Thanks to the power of perseverance, Leia Rolando is our new Grand Master champion!
Congratulations, Leia! All your hard work really paid off!
: Heh heh! I guess it did!
MC: Now to reward our victor with a legendary weapon, selected to perfectly match her fighting style!
: I can't wait! I wonder what it could be?
MC: Queen Leia, I hereby present to you...
The Gimme-Dat!
: What's that now?
MC: The Gimme-Dat is the Gimme-Dat.
It's part Gimme, and part Dat.
: That doesn't tell me anything!
MC: I'm sorry, but I don't know what else to tell you.
And... we're done.
: Hey, wait! What am I supposed to do with this thing?!

And that really is all folks!