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Tekken 5: Devil Within

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: Silent but deadly. - Let's Play Tekken 5: Devil Within [VLP]



Let's Play Devil Within

When you're in turmoil, you may experience a lot of things, but I doubt you sprout wings. Devil Within is an action/adventure beat 'em up contained within Tekken 5, chronicling Jin Kazama's battle with the "devil gene". While the game is a successor of sorts to Tekken 3 and 4's "Tekken Force" modes, Devil Within is quite an upgrade, and I believe it's different enough to be considered its own creation.

What kind of LP is this?

Video, post commentary. I won't be collecting all the devil symbols or showing off the extra mode, simply playing through the game on medium.

Why should I care?

Namco has had very few beat 'em ups to its name, and Devil Within is an admirable exploration into the genre. Its design and controls are entirely separate from that of its parent game, and it presents enough unique traits to be seriously considered as its own work. Keep in mind, the developers were hardly given a full-on Triple A budget, so don't expect it to blow you away.

That being said, there's some good -if basic- design here, and I think it's worth sharing.

Oh, and there's a story of sorts, but in true Tekken fashion, it's very vague.

What do you mean "action/adventure beat 'em up"?

Devil Within is mostly focused on combat mechanics. Block here, kick there, shoot lasers everywhere. It does have elements from other genres, however, and they increase in complexity as the game continues. There's a genuine attempt to mix platforming/puzzle solving and action. Though again, it's pretty simple.

So how about it? Let's purge this evil. Just don't spoil anything.


1. Automatons

2. Negatives

3. Gray

4. Enigma

5. Revenge

Thank you for watching!
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