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Original Thread: This tower doesn't seem practical - Let's Play Teslagrad



I'm next, looks like. The king's guard is coming and there's nowhere to run... Except into the storm.

Teslagrad is an indie 2D puzzle-platformer by Rain Games about a boy running from corruption and discovering the almighty power of magnets. The game controls a lot like Spelunky with the way you move, climb ledges and look around. It is loaded with fluid animations and lovely hand-drawn art assets. The puzzles, generally based around magnetism & physics, are all different enough from each other to stay interesting throughout and the bosses are surprisingly challenging. The soundtrack is excellent, the gameplay is fun and the plot pulls you in. If I had one complaint, it's that the game ended before I got my fill of it. This is a 100% LP, but even that will be done in 10 short episodes, unfortunately. But hey, a sequel is in the works!

The storyline is nearly entirely visual, we will not get any narration or scripts to tell us what's going on. We'll have to see what's happening and work it out for ourselves. We can piece together the missing bits by collecting the scrolls hidden off the beaten path (essentially collector cards). A lot of information is gathered from things like murals, childish paintings and propaganda posters. That another statue of the king props up every 50 feet within the city of Teslagrad is also telling.

The game rarely uses any words and when it does, it isn't English. The Teslagradian written language is variations on mostly Latin or English letters, which usually translate into Norwegian words. In any case, we'll do our best to translate these texts as we come across them (Thanks to Asme for help with this).

Bonus: The Teslacat (spoilers!)

Bonus: Various Concept & Promo Artworks, etc.

There are 36 cards throughout the game in hidden areas. They are all pieces of a large backstory. We will be collecting all 36, and adding each one here as we get them. They're arranged in a 3x12 grid in-game (every 3 cards is a set period of time as shown by the dawn/noon/night symbols), but we'll just make a 6x6 grid here to save some space.

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