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Part 2: This is the Story of a Planet, its People, and Some Random Naked Guy Whose Arm Lights on Fire

My semi-scientific character selection method tells me that there is a rough three-way tie in interest between Wilme, Esuna, and Valsu. Despite what you may think, I'm not completely crazy, so given the level of support for the other two as main character Valsu is out. But don't worry, he'll probably be back. When it comes down to an elf and a naked alien though, there is no choice but...

In the grand tradition of Let's Play retarded names, I have...

You know what, actually? Fuck that tradition. Wilme is retarded enough. Also you apparently can't use lowercase letters if you input your own name. Anyway, back to the intro, which was already touched upon in the video.

King Lemele has assembled a random band of 7 misfits to locate some magical Runes which will do something vaguely defined. This vagueness is actually a plot point, but since most people playing this game will never get out of Lemele, it just seems like a dumb setup.

Anyway, the other Apprentices promptly decide to work separately to get their hands on the Runes, and Wilme decides to go rob the palace for useful items.

A few antidotes and a potion richer, it's time to talk to folks:

Surprisingly, the NPCs here offer useful, coherent information about the game.

Wilme thanks this random person by stealing a mirror from their room.

"You barely even notice the naked orange alien after a while."

More actually useful advice. He's basically telling us we should try to find a partner, but to be careful about it because the other Apprentices are complete dicks. This is very true.

"I'll keep that in mind during all the free time I'm going to have between running from and killing off birds."

More bullshit back-patting. If I got trained for five years, how big a pussy must Wilme have been before he walked out of town and got into a life or death struggle with a crow?

The Apprentices display their amazing power of teleportation (not to be confused with the actual amazing power of teleportation we'll have when we get the Wind Rune) by leaving the entire town for Rabelsk despite still being back in the throne room where I left them.

Hidden in a corner of town, entirely unmarked, is the first of many hidden items strewn about towns and dungeons. This is an Opal, a gem. Gems retain full value when sold to stores, and are used as a sort of bank system for money. In practical terms, I just found 100g.

This is a church or something, it basically does whatever the Inn doesn't for vastly more money, which is not much.

They will all miss his barrel chest and alluring mohawk.

This is, without question, the most nice first town NPC in any RPG I have ever played. "Use potions to heal yourself! Here buddy, take a free one!" I hope this town doesn't burn down for no reason, Potion Guy, I might actually feel sad about you.

The game attempts to rationalize the gems-as-currency thing but it really doesn't make any sense either way. What are birds and crab guys doing with money that they can't do with precious jewels?

Cryptic name-dropping NPCs abound. This will all probably make sense later.

This fine gentleman sells armor. I'm just noting that he exists, because Wilme's giant orange ass can't fit into any armor so we're never actually going to see him again.

Instead, we're going to buy items. Since Wilme can't equip anything (well, there is one weapon he can use, but you don't buy it), I can splurge on potions and B Powers. B Power casts the "Power" spell, which adds to attack power for a battle. It makes more sense to cast a buff spell from an item than waste precious MP, and Wilme can't cast Power right now anyway. I spend the initial 200g but keep the two or three Opals I have.

Next Up - Grind Session #1