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The 7th Saga

by Nakar

Part 12: Digging Holes for Idiots

Heading south, I spot a rune in the next town. Guess that's Guntz and the Water Rune. Unfortunately it turns out I have to go west around an entire mountain range to get there.

Encountering murderous manta rays along the way. They're actually the least worst of the enemies I'll be fighting for a long time, so enjoy them.

Anyway sooner or later the town is found, so let's head in and meet her retarded inhabitants.

I think this speaks for itself.

Wilme notices Solid Snake hiding in one of the houses but dares not question his presence.

And naturally, the townsfolk are no help. Half of them can't even talk. Let's find the sage.

He won't cooperate, so Wilme steals his treasured stat-up item. But he's still stubborn, so we'll resort to the old RPG standby: Harassing old men until they spill it.


If only we knew the best Digger Quose in the region.

I like how he asks first if you need him to do something, then very specifically asks if you need his help to do the one thing you'd possibly need him for. I'm surprised he didn't pull any reverse psychology like the Apprentices do. "Aren't you not absolutely unsure you don't not want me to not dig this well?"

I'm going to make him dance around in the mud like a retard.

Don't believe me, old man? Your people like to mutter gibberish, what the fuck do you know about my magic naked alien powers?

You're goddamn right. Never question the magic spaceman, his homedwarf Olvan, and The Digger Quose. We're already capable of forming a perfectly acceptable rap trio, but with one of your villagers screaming in the background we'd be pretty close to crunk.

The sage points us to the next kingdom over, which apparently also has a Rune.

Meanwhile, The Digger Quose decides to hide from his wife for a while. This is just like the Peace Corps!