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Part 18: Let's Rush Through This Plot Shit to Get to the Fun Parts

Now level 30 and rollin' with his fly elven honey Esuna, Wilme feels bad enough a dude to continue the actual plot of 7th Saga. Let's see how that works out for him, shall we?

The first stop is the Kingdom of Belaine, which has a lot of weapon shops.

A lot of weapon shops. Fortunately, most have a single blacksmith in them, selling a weapon nobody really wants anyway.

Opportunities for comedy aside by telling the guy "no," the Muramasa is actually a great weapon for Valsu and Lejes, but apparently Esuna can't use it. Oh well.

So anyway, yeah, they like forging swords here. Apparently "many types of arms and armor" means "swords, one axe, and a couple robes."

"We send all the really shitty ones to towns like Bonro and Lemele. Those hicks can't tell the difference."

I wonder if there's tension due to some evil force creating an economic crisis? Nah, that's never been done before in any RPG and they certainly wouldn't start now.

"Fortunately, we'll win the war, because we're the ones with all the swords."

You're very perceptive, castle lady!

(image removed because I overwrote it; it was a soldier telling me the king is inside, real exciting)

And sure enough, the king is inside.

But he's completely unhelpful. Let's see what's up in Telaine. I bet they have a good reason to raise the price of ore and just can't believe how unreasonable all those people in Belaine are!

Conveniently, Telaine produces the ore and Belaine forges it! It's the perfect match! Yet there is tension, possibly leading to war? How is such a thing possible? I'm not really sure and as you'll see next update it turns out it doesn't matter all that much.

What we have here is failure to communicate.

"Today, and every day. Actually I was laid off."

The last time somebody said they saw a huge lizard it turned out to be a submarine, so I'm assuming the Sky Rune is being guarded by a Ford Pinto. This'll be a piece of cake.

Christ the people in this town are fatalists.

As usual, bartenders are right about every plot development despite having no clear reason to believe such.

You don't say.

Well, everybody seems pretty enthusiastic about this war!

Oh. Oh. Wow, I really don't have any witty retort to this one.

"I figured the country that doesn't have any of the swords is sure to win!"

Regrettably for this nameless guard, I'm already inside the castle.

Buddy, that didn't stop me last time and it's not going to stop me this time. Let's get lootin'.

Nothing exciting, but with absolutely no consequences whatsoever, who cares?

Wilme decides not to bother him by not asking if the potion belongs to anyone.

I guess Telaine's secret weapon is to hire a bunch of mercenaries, but they're going to run into a bit of a problem when they realize all the swords are in Belaine.

Speaking of Belaine, if nobody's going to stop me, why not loot there too?

Oh is that why. King Tricks are fortunately easily beaten at 30, making the one in Grime Tower seem positively quaint.

Enough of this, let's go snag another Rune. The cave to Luze lies just east of Telaine. Or possibly Belaine.

More King Tricks, more uninspiring loot.

Fortunately, you can skip 90% of this dungeon, so I do exactly that since I know there's nothing really good in it.

The town of Luze is not far from there, to the south.

Unfortunately, it's seen better days.

And this charming scaly gentleman is probably the reason.

In a stirring counterpoint to the misdirected angst of Romus, the Dragon offers his own perspective on the human condition and how it drives us to commit unspeakable crimes.

Boss Fight Video - The Dragon & A TWIST!

The Dragon would be a whole hell of a lot harder if I were still in the 20s. As it is, Wilme is capable of buffing his defense to insane levels and Esuna has the Fire Cloak, so his attacks aren't too much to worry about. He still takes a while to wear out though.

Also, somebody's about to get their head smacked around like a hockey puck. I wonder who?

I wonder if this wholly nondescript rock is the key to resolving the complex troubles facing the nations of Belaine and Telaine?