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Part 19: A Short Update In Which Asses Are Kicked All Over

This will be a short update, although it is a bit video-heavy (for this LP, anyway).

First, a word on the Sky Rune. It actually is apparently possible to haul ass through the game and reach the Sky Rune first, preventing this next part from even needing to happen. Depending on who is the Sky Rune thief, that could be the difference between finishing the game or not finishing it. At least if you don't know about the two-man duel tag-team trick, which I do, but I didn't need to use it because I'm lucky and Wilme is a spell-dodging cocky bastard.

But first, let's get this crystal back to Telaine. Or possibly Belaine.

Satisfied that he has made Luze safe for desecration by the strip-miners of Telaine, Wilme realizes he has unfinished business with the jackass Apprentice who stole the Sky Rune. Technically they didn't steal it, they just found it first, but as I have acquired about half the runes in the time every other Apprentice combined has found two, I feel entitled.

Since the Apprentices move around at random, you'd think it would be quite an ordeal to find them, but remember: Runes show up on the crystal ball. So all I have to do is warp all over the world with the Wind Rune until I spot a town glowing. I track the culprit to Dowaine.

Oh hell no. You backstabbing bastard!

Them's fightin' words.

Boss Fight Video - Duel vs. Olvan

Whoops. It turns out the actual thief is Lux, who is hiding in a church. I always wanted to have a climactic battle in a church in an RPG, although I didn't think it'd be as a naked carrot-like alien fighting against a robot.

Boss Fight Video - Duel vs. Lux

Yes, before anyone comments: That was luck. Lux is easily strong enough to end a game right here if he gets the Sky Rune.

And yet... somehow it feels so empty.