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Part 23: I Guess Even RPG Fortunetellers Are Scam Artists, Except That One In Ultima IV

Fed up with the northern continent and eager to score the last rune, bag Esuna, and save the world or become a god or something, Wilme decides to get the hell off this rock for the western continent. He just has no idea how to get there. Fortunately, I do, and the answer lies in the city of Brush!

Brush is a "center of trade" but it's smaller and less impressive than Telaine or even Pell, so I don't know what's so great about it. People here refer to the events of other towns, so presumably you can go here if you're totally lost and find out where to find Runes. If you're an idiot.

Oh boy, an old man! Who doesn't even have a name! Old men know stuff.

Well that's... not very helpful at all. "There's a very evil person out there. I'd tell you more, but I'd rather you find out by going to a place you can't go."

Yeah well, good luck buddy, I saved her from a crazy bitch who turns into a scorpion and eats people and she wouldn't put out.

"I sell the really shitty ones in towns like Lemele and Rabelsk. Those hicks don't know the difference."

Hmmm, a fortune-teller. Maybe a little clairvoyance will reveal my next move!

Score one for science in early-90s console RPGs!

I hope he's the one who had to come back in 10 years, because that makes this tragically hilarious.

That's not even a fortune. That's just lame noncommital advice.

Brantu's back, apparently. Let's see what the little nerd's been up to.

I'll bet it's not something that would just happen to be able to take us to the western continent!

My God, it is! How unexpected! Obviously we're going to try it, nothing bad can ever come of accepting rides in untested aircraft.

Nice takeoff...

Wilme suppresses the urge to hurl when the entire world goes Mode 7.

And the glider, of course, crashes. Unfortunately, Wilme isn't dead, and neither is the game.