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Part 24: Did Brantu Not Come With Us, Or Did He Die In A Horrific Plane Crash?

After coming to, Wilme discovers he has crashed his experimental test plane right into the middle of a town, melting snow in a large area but amazingly killing no one, except possibly Brantu. The citizens bitch me out for this, and I can't really disagree with them, this was a really bad idea.

By the way, this is Valenca.

There are other towns on the continent as well, it seems. At least three.

There are also, for no clear reason, pretty awesome gear upgrades... for Esuna. Again.

Maybe smart-guy Brantu could tell us about global cooling patterns and such if he weren't impaled on the flight stick.

That was just me crashing an airplane, things are going to be pretty quiet from here on out.

You should do it anyway while the snow is still melted from the warmth of Brantu's smoldering corpse.

This guy randomly asks if I'm Wilme.

This is what he says if I say yes. Wonder who that was.

This is what he says if I say no. This makes a bit of sense for any character except Wilme, because I have a lot of trouble believing you could mistake Wilme for pretty much anything except maybe a carrot.

A prophet! They know a bit more than fortune-tellers. When they aren't evil.

Probably, but I'm the poor sucker who's going to try anyway.

Well, at least one city in this game is doing something right with their robot.

The prophet is kind of an impatient bitch.

Well yes, generally when one has a bad premonition... you know what, this joke is too labored. You and your translator are just idiots. Are you happy that you drove me to this, 7th Saga?

And boy did I ever!

Golly sir, whoever could it be?

"A long time ago, something happened. This was 100 years ago. I know I just told you that it was a long time ago, but I felt it necessary to clarify."

Wouldn't that put Gariso in reach of all the monsters he wanted to summon in the first place? This is a terrible plan.

Okay so, King Lemele failed to stop Gariso the last time he threatened the world 100 years ago. So you want me, who was trained under a hero who incompetently botched the last attempt, to find the same ineffective sealing device Lemele used, and do the exact same thing to Gariso that didn't work last time?

Wait, why was King Lemele alive 100 years ago? The game has been dropping hints about this one for a while...

I was having trouble getting the white dot to appear when I was screenshotting; we're on the westernmost part of the west continent there.

These are Dooms, the bigger cousins of Despairs. Like Despairs, they hit really hard. Fortunately, Wilme can one-round them with a Moon Rune pre-boost from Esuna.

These are Swords. They can kill Esuna in one hit, but they usually try to petrify or attack with other spells instead. Go figure.

They take only one damage from any hit from anything. This is because they have resists of 500 and a Guard of 1500. Fortunately they have exactly 9 HP.

The experience is good, but that's not why I want to kill one.

This is why. Behold: The Sword Sword! A retarded weapon...

For a retarded naked orange guy.

Lock and load.