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by Nakar

Part 25: I Hate This Cave So Much It Deserves Its Own Update

So there I was around Valenca, just grinding a little.

You know, prep myself for the next area. Bulk up my strength, my defense, my magic, nothing too serious.

Then I find a tunnel that will take me out of here, presumably to the next exciting part of this game. But I've got a Sword Sword for Wilme and full life and magic Alright, let's do it!

New Spidek-alikes! They've got like 300 more HP than anything I've fought up to this point but give less experience. It's okay though, Wilme's punching and Esuna's magic carry me through.

At the end of the cave, a sudden message and some ominous music. It says "pain," but I don't see any more damage than was dealt by the monsters. Oh well, better whip out my magic and heal that-

Oh fuck you, 7th Saga. This is huge. This is a kick in the balls, even for Wilme and Lux. On general principle this is an insult, a slap in the face, a thrown gauntlet, this is personal. You can take away a man's money due to a scripted pickpocket story event. You can take away a man's freedom with a forced imprisonment sequence. You can even take away a man's weapon like Frog's badass upgraded Masamune every time I start a New Game+ in Chrono Trigger.

But you do not, as The 7th Saga, take away my motherfucking magic. What's next, my Runes?  Yes. 

Oh, you might think this is just a little thing. That it will be over and done with swiftly and that the pain will fade. Somewhere in your pathetic soul you may believe in the slightest sliver of hope that 7th Saga is not a complete and total bitch.

But as the boss of an entirely different game once said: