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Part 26: Haha, You Can't Use Magic! That's Just Fantastic!

7th Saga has royally fucked me, but fortunately the Runes still work, and I've got plenty of items (for now).

And it's not a huge walk to Bugask, the next town (although the inn fees are a rip and are only going to get more insulting).

A local reveals his complete failure both as a general human being and as a citizen of a JRPG town. How the hell would I know what's happening on this continent without your pithy comments? Oh, right, I'd ask one of the dozen other villagers saying the same thing. Carry on.

Oh good, another old person. That didn't fucking help me any last time. In fact, last time I think I lost all my magic listening to an old guy.

Any old legends I should have known about earlier, like a cave that makes you unable to use magic?

I always figured that was just the natural order of things on Ticondera.

Is that so, small child? Well then, let's get this magic shit cleared up!

Tonoka's diagnosis is good. So, how are you going to cure me, old woman?

Guanta you say. I'll go beat them up after you've restored my magic. Please do that, I kinda need it.

You're about as good a doctor as Rarsa was a fortune-teller, lady.

With nothing better to do, I outfit Esuna with a new weapon...

...listen to the townsfolk say the place is cold, and set out.

Holy fucking shit, new Brain guys. This is just amazing. So I run, a lot, and eventually...

I need my magic back. I'm not here to negotiate. I'm just making demands at this point. I still have the Moon Rune and a naked orange alien who can punch a dragon in half, don't think I'm to be fucked around with.

No, I'm here to get this fucking curse lifted in any manner necessary.

I love this guy. He sounds so happy to be homeless in the snow.

I guess this cold is unnatural and not the result of living way up north?

"We don't know anything else, like who SARO and GORSIA are, who won, or how, but it was pretty X-TREME all the same."

Nnnnnnnnot really?

"And what with you not being able to use magic, I don't much fancy your chances at either one, lad."

You fat son of a bitch!

I don't understand this reasoning, but I can't do anything about it. I guess I need to go get the fucking Moonlight or something and take on Gorsia without any magic because this fat sack of crap is no help at all even though he's the one who did it.

Off to the Cave of Silence then. It's a perfectly standard green-stone dungeon with lots of dumb ladders, but the monsters are actually a bit weaker than previously, which makes it easier to get through. This would be merciful except the monsters on the world map are much harder than what I was fighting before. Thanks, 7th Saga.

Perfectly standard, that is, up until this:

Heavy. Unless this was placed here by someone to throw me off. Someone with a flair for theatrics. Someone like... oh God... no... please...

Fucking Pison!

Boss Fight Video - Metal Pison

Having killed Pison yet again without my magic, I finally get the dumb Moonlight, which can defeat Gariso.

Yeah, sure. Not without my fucking magic, old man.

"Ha ha! It's funny because I was lying when I said I couldn't remove the curse any time I wanted!"

After burning down Guanta, Wilme sets off towards Gorfun, the lair of Gariso.

But the going is no easier than it was before. And it's about to get worse.