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by Nakar

Part 29: Walk Like 18000 Miles To Get Sent Somewhere Else

After walking for 30 years, Wilme finds himself in Pasanda, which has an artist theme or something.

The weapons in this part of the game scale up in power remarkably quickly. This is a staff for crying out loud. Naturally, Wilme can't use it.

The townsfolk are all starving artists or something. It's really boring here, all told.

Hey, some actual plot! Let's go check it out...

Oh wait no, more shit unrelated to the plot.

So we're still on Ticondera, apparently. But where? Or perhaps...


Buzz in the tavern is that SARO was defeated by GORSIA, which is exactly the opposite of what I'd heard in Pharano. So which is it?

Gee, I wonder if maybe I'm exactly 5000 years in the past?