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by Nakar

Part 30: As You May Already Know, I'm Psychic Or Something

I don't like these guys. If you see one below level 38 or so it's pretty much death because I tried everything I could think of and he wouldn't go down. Oh and there are snakewoman recolors out here who can cast Blizzard2 and kill Wilme instantly from almost 300 HP. Yyyyyeah.

Somehow, I survive to reach Ligena.

Why are you all asking me? I just got here. Do I look like I'd be the kind of person who has the slightest fucking idea what is going on in your crazy etched-marble paradise?

The town has robots in it. Of course, the ones we've already met were also from Melenam, but the way people around here talk you'd think it still exists...

I hope you're not looking at me. Seriously, I barely know where I am at this point, and GORSIA's already kicked my ass at least once. I'm as hopeless as the rest of you scrubs.

Damn, that guy must be loaded. He clearly understands the importance of converting raw gold into gems.

But just what can you buy for 7,000,000 gold?

Within the temple, the acolytes advise me to speak to their elder, who is a great prophet. I got nothin' else to do.

Yeah I kinda had a suspici- wait, what?

So you're saying this is my fault? I'm not shocked or anything, I'm a console RPG player and this isn't new to me, but I just wanted clarification.

The prophet doesn't explain what I'm supposed to do now, so instead he sloughs me off on his subordinates.

Hmmm, an airship. That sounds expensive. Maybe to the tune of 7,000,000 gold? (although it's worth noting that's only like 140 of the weapons they sell in this town)

That sounds like a good idea, provided their hubris and unswerving faith in the power of science at all costs doesn't destroy their entire civilization in a single metaphorical moment. But I'm sure that won't happen even though I happen to be from a time where I conclusively know that it did.

Dude, GORSIA didn't even have to have a fight scene with me. If he kicked SARO's ass I'm pretty much cooked. Or are you implicitly suggesting I grind some more?

Sounds rough, but I think I've already mentioned to you people that GORSIA has already kicked my shit in. Why am I suddenly the Great Orange Hope?

Social commentary!

Ropesu won't even consider letting a naked guy on his ship, showing surprising amounts of common sense. Normally he'll sell you a ticket, but if you're Wilme or Lejes he tells you to go fuck yourself. If you're Esuna, he lets you take a free ride in a misguided attempt to get into your panties. Seriously.

Fortunately there's a guy in town who hates Ropesu almost as much as I do, who explains that there's a secret passage to the airship dock.

It's down here, but you can't get caught doing so (stealth sequence!). It's a pretty lame endeavor though because you can only get caught if you talk to someone besides the pilot, which means I guess you have to voluntarily turn yourself in to get kicked off. So much for your rent-a-cops, Ropesu.

The airship's pretty cool, even if it looks nothing much like an airship.

And away we go! To Melenam! Which is still above sea level! We'll have to fix that! Next time!