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The 7th Saga

by Nakar

Part 4: Fifteen Conversations About the Same Thing

At level 6, we're off to Rabelsk, a little town in the wasteland. Note the other circles; they're other locations we'll be visiting soon, but not necessarily towns.

We arrive in Rabelsk, a town where there are many jars. Time to meet the locals!

Yeah well not all of us have an awesome crystal ball/radar/monster detector/metal detector.

Unfortunately, he's about the only interesting person in the whole town.

I wonder what I'm doing next.

Oh god no, a dog! We have to do something!

Awesome stat-growth stuff grows on trees, apparently.

"Do you know how many hundreds of people I killed just walking to this town?"

At the item shop I buy some B Protects and then use the seed. It gives a randon 1-4 to the specific stat it raises, but of course I'm going to get 4 every time because I have savestates. You can just reset to do this anyway, and you'd be kind of stupid not to.

More secret items.

Once again displaying their magic teleportation powers, the other Apprentices ignore the plight of the town (the one that prevents people from going to Bonro, remember) and rush ahead of me.

Are you... are you coming on to me?

Last I checked, non-magical maps also show you where you are, but whatever you say man.

But... I thought they'd already left for Bonro?

There's no clear explanation as to why this person is looking for me, but I'm sure if I ignore it it will go away and not become a recurring boss battle in unexpected and inopportune places.

Oh, and lest we forget what I'm supposed to be doing here: