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Part 33: There Is Only One Update Left After This

It would seem that Wilme and the others did in fact escape on the airship. Handy, that. Unfortunately it won't be flying anywhere under our control, but then again there's nothing worth seeing here in the past anyway. Plus the game's almost over.

I guess SARO is the last hope I have to learn how to beat GORSIA. Or something. I'm not sure why they want a loser to find another loser. Maybe we'll suck hard enough together to win.

"Because basically, we didn't learn shit."

Barluca. That's the shitty snow area, isn't it? At least we're close to GORSIA's swinging pad.

"Of course had I, Dr. Fail, not done this in the first place we would have lost neither Melenam nor the entire world, but that's hindsight for you."

Sure, I always take it easy when SARO is presumed dead and I have no chance to beat GORSIA.

That won't help much, will it?

"Well, you know, everyone in Melenam. Fuck those old people and kids we left in Palsu."

The shopkeepers apparently moved their entire inventory into the airship with them. How fucking long did it take Melenam to sink, three weeks?

SARO is alive! For this update anyway. We should probably resovle that somehow.

Cheapest inn ever, but then again, take a look at the facilities.

Yeah, we're all well aware of this by now. You geeks just stick around here crying while I... go fail to defeat GORSIA or something. Shit.

I hope you have enough to survive 5000. Just a suggestion.

Outside the airship. I still can't get over how cool it looks, in a bizarre way.

Holy fuck. I have no idea what these things are, but the game calls them "Crabs." That's right, crabs are the ultimate random world map monster in 7th Saga. I guess Final Fantasy really never did do anything original.

In a mysterious little town in the wilderness, seven servants of SARO wait. For me, I guess. Good thing I happened to crash on this continent.

So it's off to some random cave to rescue SARO!

And here it is!

These are the TETUJIN sent to rescue SARO. They didn't do a very good job of it. But what could have stood in their way? Perhaps a recolored retread version of Romus, the first boss?

Yep. Boss Fight Video - Goron

Goron is smart enough to cast spells, but not much else. And he barely does that.

But what could stand in my way? Could it be another recolored retread boss? It sure is!

Boss Fight Video - Griffan (& Meeting SARO)

So that's that. We're ready to face GORSIA for the last time. Hopefully the last time. The game has one last chance to flip us the bird, and it's going to be epic. The bird-flipping, that is, not the ending.