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Part 6: It's Not The Journey, But The Destination That Viciously Murders You

So anyway, Rabelsk has nothing useful to say. Instead of "I wish someone would open the Gate of Earth," it's just "Thanks! Now open the Gate of Earth!"

More useful(?) items lying around.

Wait... I just killed a fucking dog? Over a shiny rock? That's more than just nonsensical, that's downright insulting. No wonder people hate this game.

And then came another level. Also I found the Earth Cave.

The Earth Cave is tight quarters, and avoiding fights is impossible. Fortunately, most of them are pretty easy, and there's only one new enemy.

The Gate of Earth! Now we open it and, uh, go through it. Good thing the other Apprentices can't get through this impenetrable gate until I open it. Oh wait, they're already past it. What, did Romus take the Earth Key and lock the gate twenty minutes ago?

The Undead. They're somewhat dangerous, and can heal and resurrect other enemies. The monsters in this game are pretty fucked-up looking.

Some loot is found, including a couple gems and an Agility Seed. Wilme's still faster than his opponents for now, but it never hurts to go faster still.

Who is this dashing fellow? Maybe a video of some of the dungeon's tricks and traps will suffice to explain!

Boss Fight Video - Trick Box & Pison

Trick Boxes are deadly. Even with Wilme's current Guard, they can do 40+ damage if they hit. Fortunately, they don't seem to do that often. They can also use HPCTCHR to steal life, heal themselves, and cast petrify. That Mirror we found in Lemele allows us to sometimes redirect spells and petrify the enemy instead, although that didn't happen in the video.

Pison is no big deal in this incarnation. He's got high attack power, but does nothing tricky this time. Note I said "this time."

More treasure. B Fire casts Fire, which would be useful if we couldn't cast it. Which we can. But we'll hold on to it.

And lo, we emerge from the Earth Cave! Glorious freedom. It's smooth sailing from h-

Wait, who are these guys?

I fucking hate you, 7th Saga.