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The 7th Saga

by Nakar

Part 7: A Base Den of Iniquity

Running from robots and demons, Wilme arrives in Bonro, a sex-crazed port city where everyone loves sex and talking about sex.

Oh sure, it looks all peaceful at first glance, but don't be fooled. Beneath their peaceful pixelated exterior lies a heart which lusts for naked orange alien.

A stunning departure of RPG logic. Go looking for information in a tavern? 7th Saga, you truly pushed paradigms in the console RPG market. Like the difficulty curve becoming a jagged line, that was a real eye-opener too.

An alien in the inn tries to turn a trick, but Wilme isn't interested in long-distance love.

Lejes likes it rough, but unfortunately lv10 is a bit too low for hilarity and he would fold in one punch from Wilme, so we'll leave him alone until we've ground up to a REALLY fun level.

Sensing a rift in Wilme and Lejes's relationship, this cheap floozy offers heartfelt advice.

Kamil doesn't swing that way. And by "that way" I mean "shirtless guys with mohawks and spikes who might catch fire during sex."

Come to think of it, I don't usually swing that way either.

I'll make you a star, baby.

I'm getting the sense that the meaning of "Rune" is very special in this town, as the bartender regales me with tales of his youthful prowess.

One of two guys in town not solely focused on sex. Naturally, they're both fat nerds with a penchant for archaeology.

What am I, your therapist?

I'm not even going to justify this one with innuendo.

The other fat guy. I wonder if this information will be interesting in the future? Wait, check that. I wonder if this information will be used in the future. I know it won't be any more interesting.

I'm assuming TETUJIN is a euphemism for something that's going to cost me quite a bit of gold.

"Do you have any idea what it's like not being able to sit down? To be constantly burning in strange places?"

Meanwhile, Gain the village pimp is out shaking down his bitches for money. Fortunately I managed to convert all of mine into gems.

"I saw you fighting those Androids outside of town so I know you can take it."

One awkward evening with Gain later and Wilme is in possession of a magical map, which he'll need if he ever hopes to find his dignity again.

Esuna is disappointed because Wilme just can't satisfy her primal elven urges. It seems no one can, least of all Wilme... or can he? Maybe not at level 10!