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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

by PeaceDiner

Part 17: Do Not Touch the Display

Update 16 - Do Not Touch the Display

Last update we got our newest party member, a robot by the name of D-51. His Friend Skill "Shield" nullifies all attacks for a turn. If you think that sounds familiar, well, you're right: it's the exact same as Daichi's Friend Skill. Yes, they're already recycling Friend Skills.

D-51 has no club types nor does he start in any clubs. Fittingly, he and Haru are each other's Special Person. Awww.

BGM: Jungle Ruins

There are a few new monsters to be found on the lower floors. The huge Flying Whale hits twice per turn and almost always shows up by himself. Raging Hooters can deplete your GP, while Ancient Turtles are nothing special.

After that small detour to get D-51, we're back to exploring. We encounter spikes for the first time, which work the same as lava floors.

The spikes here are interesting. You can go up the stairs and flick a switch to turn the spikes off then come back down here and pass through unharmed to get to another switch...or you can just take the minimal damage that spikes cause and hit this switch without too much hoopla.

Thanks, man. I really like it when ancient cursed ruins give me that kind of praise.

: Mr Hokita was here too! What a discovery!

Look who's arrived late to the party.

: Principal! Why did you force your way into the ruins after they told you that you weren't allowed in?
: Never mind that. Just let me have a look at that book.

C'mon Adachi, you can't say stuff like that in a video game without it coming true.

The floor beneath each character gives out and they fall into the abyss.

A few nasty bumps and bruises later...

Ayame backs up before booking it out of there.

: Oh! Now's not the time for sneakily picking up handy little bonuses. Is everyone OK?

: This looks like an old mine site. I wonder what they were excavating?
: Never mind that... We're stuck here now!
: Oh, come on! I'm sure there's another way out!
: That's right. Let's search for a way out, and the Principal too!
All: Yeah!

Luckily for me, this mine doesn't include a crappy minecart minigame.

: Anyway, let's use it to get out of here!
: Yes! I don't know where it'll take us, but we've got no choice!

I don't know about you guys, but this place is looking pretty familiar...

: No way... We were on Utsuho all this time?!
: Unbelievable...
: ...

And miraculously, nearly all the students were unharmed and eventually made it back to the island after dealing with their own littles dramas. But what was Principal Ayame's unusual behaviour all about? The fog of mystery grows ever thicker...


Thankfully, all students returned safely, though most of the stranded students had failed to realise they were on Utsuho. They led desperate survival lifestyles in the newly-discovered aboriginal villages and near the mysterious, ancient ruins, and were later mocked by the rescue team.

It also seems that some could not stand the harsh realities of jungle life, ending up clinically insane. In many cases, this was merely proof of what we knew already. Anonymous student: "I'm telling you the truth! I really did dance with sunflowers! Anyway, what really surprises me is how advanced the jungle classroom is..."

In other news, the ancient mine discovered in the jungle remains a mystery to experts, who are keen to discover what was originally being mined there.