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The Adventures of Hourai High: Transfer Student Dramabomb

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Part 19: Getter a Better Robo

Update 18 - Getter a Better Robo

Giant robot just crashed into the school grounds, nothing too unusual.

: Argh! That conniving little...! He meant to deceive us and steal it all long! AHAHAHA! Curses, curses! I thought it strange that he contacted us directly instead of through the Council!

: Curses! It's the Public Safety Committee!
: T-time for us to make our getaway, old bean! AHAHAHA!

: There's no need for anyone to worry. All the Mad Scientists' giant robots are riddled with faults, so they always run loose.
: Now's not the time to be a smug know-it-all!
: It's supposed to be 57 metres tall and weigh 550 tonnes, but it seems a little light to me. It's obviously made of papier-mache on the inside.
: Still... Did it really just run out of control by itself? I know the Mad Scientists' robots sometimes break during their fights with the Gadget Club, but this is different...
: Maybe that guy Shin has something to do with it?

: This has nothing to do with you. Get out of here!

: ...Shin must be planning to hold the Student Council to ransom.
: Looks like you hit the nail on the head, Daichi.
: But what should we do? We can't just let the robot run amok! We can't even tell if Shin's inside it or not!

: We'll commandeer that helpfully located biplane to get into the Invincible!

Sounds like a solid plan, but knowing Daichi...

Before the club members can finish their sentence, Daichi and the rest of Hospo hop into the plane and take off.


Alright, time to move to Plan B: just jump from the plane and hope you land safely inside the robot.

BGM: The Invincible 22

: Looks like we crashed into the guts of the Invincible.
: If I know my giant robots, I'd say that the pilot's room has to be in the head of this thing.

I don't know Haru, you can't join the Anime Club so I'm not sure if I should trust your opinion...But I guess it's the only thing we have to go on, so we'll head up for now.

So, this is the first game I've played where a dungeon is the actual inside of a giant robot, though I'm sure there are others out there.

Most of the enemies here are mechanical in nature. The PinchBot Mk.1 can cause some damage with its mighty pinches, while the ChopperBot 88 can call for back-up. The Android Bs are just recolored and powered-up from Android A back in the girls' dorm.

The Creepy Woman returns, while MiniBots are small but tough foes that can put us to sleep. It's pretty incriminating to have what are basically cult members walking around your robot, though.

Like the jungle ruins, there's a lot of button-pressing to be had in the Invincible 22.

Maybe Shin could have used all the money he apparently has to hire an interior decorator or something. Truly amazing giant robots should look good both in and out.

The Invicible 22 does, however, have toilets. That's just basic giant robot design.

And giant robot hotels are the way of the future. Shin could get so much more money doing this instead of whatever the heck he's doing now.

A password? But that's so low-tech.

And this is the password. Luckily Haru remembers it automatically.

Almost to the top.

But...didn't they just built the robot? How long have they been keeping you here?

: "Utsuho cries out at the foot of heaven's mount."

: You're one of Rachel's buddies, aren't you?!
: Welcome to the Invincible! You must be the staff from that Hospo rag. You've been a real pain in the neck for us. Anyway, you're half-right... Rachel and I belong to the same group, but I'm higher up on the chain than her.
: Rachel was originally a Hourai teacher to begin with, but I was planted here specially by the organisation! My orders were to take control of the Student Council... But I ended up losing in the elections for president.
: So then I raised item prices to coerce the Council into changing the rules... But after all that, the students don't respect the new rules! I can't go back empty-handed. That's why I'll MAKE everyone heed the new rules using this giant robot!

Shin is all power and not much else. He's got two different supermoves that can cause some damage, but nothing that gives us any trouble. Simply pummel him into oblivion while watching your HP and the battle is yours.

: What happened to my dreams to rule the school?!

Alright, school festival time!

Was I elected? I guess not, if I'm just hearing about it now.

Uh, what?

Kinda sudden, but sure.

Well, that was one of the easiest party members to get.

The only real point of interest at the festival are the food stalls, which all sell the same two healing items. As crazy as Hourai is, I would've expected a bit more.

And that's about all there is to the festival. However, the festival opened up a new area to explore, so let's check out Suzuna Forest.

: There's a square in the north of the forest and in the south you'll find the Musketeer HQ.

Oh, that's what you think.

Just try and stop me from waltzing in here!

Oh, yeah. So dreamy.

The last thing to do is attend the Miss and Mister Hourai announcements at the Assembly Hall. I guess they got around to fixing the roof.

Seriously, I can't believe I wasn't invited to this thing. Ladies and guys love mysterious students who transfer schools!

Emcee: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!

But the true goal of the shadowy organisation making the students suffer under strict rules still remains unknown...


Robot rampages are common enough incidents, but the twist in the tale is that this time, the 22 was in fact hijacked by Representative Shin. Shin's goal was to threaten the Council and students opposed to the Gender Segregation rule.

The Public Safety Committee is now investigating any connection to the group manipulating recent legislature behind the scenes. The Student Festival -- though thrown into disarray and greatly reduce in size -- proceeded as scheduled in Suzuna Forest.

In other news, after the school-wide vote, this year's Mister and Miss Hourai are in:
Akiko Shishidou (1st year)
Yashichi Kusanagi (3rd year)