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Part 22: Great Detective Classics

Update 21 - Great Detective Classics

Ah, just another typical day at Hourai.

Hey Hospo, how are you-- URK.

: Got it. Thanks!

If you're gonna be delivering, could you at least deliver an apology to me?

: Wow, two letters no less. Ooh, does someone have a secret admirer?

I really appreciate the concern, Haru.

: So what do they say?

Might as well start with number 1.

I have a favour that I must ask of you. Please come to the Patrol Squad headquarters in Shinobazu Lake. --Asagi, Patrol Squad

Sounds vaguely worrying. And the second one?

The letter reads: I have a favour that I must ask of you. Please come to the Musketeers' headquarters in Suzuna Forest. --Shouko, Musketeers

Come on, Shouko, don't just copy Asagi!

The scenario doesn't change based on which one you pick, so let's just head over to the Patrol Squad.

: Asagi, eh... I wonder what she wants. Let's go and check it out!

: So what? Are you saying we should turn down a request from a girl?!

Since it's the day before Christmas Eve, there's a bit of Christmas spirit going on.

Before we head to the HQ, there's some things to take care of. First, there's a new club to join behind the Assembly Hall.

The next skill has a higher probability of inflicting Shy on all enemies while the last skill inflicts Amnesia on all enemies.

There's also some new re-colors lurking around - Gang Girls and Thugs.

This is also a good time to show off Kamifukuoka's Friend Skill, Enemy Swap. Using it will randomly switch out enemies for other ones in the area. Sometimes it just reduces the number of enemies, and sometimes it adds in even more enemies.

Helping the Committee Centre repair the tracks has also given us access to a new location deep in the jungle.

This is the only club that D-51 can join, and only he can join it. The next two skills attack all enemies, one with fire and one with ice. I'm glad D-51 is adjusting to school life and making connections.

Let's stop real quick to make some phone calls...

: Me and Isaac are going to have a sweet Christmas Eve party together... just the two of us! Tee-hee!
: I'm gearing up for a special solo party with Julia on Christmas Eve! Hehehehe... Hee hee hee... Heeheehee!
: Sigh... I wish they'd give it a rest just for once. Why do things like this always happen at Christmas?
: Is
: I know it's Christmas, and I know that you've got all these adventures and things to keep up with, but... Just don't forget you've got exams coming up, OK?
: What is it now? I've got to keep up the act, you know, so I'm rather occupied with preparing exams. Oh, come to think of it... The Twilight Penguins are a bit low on manpower at the moment. If you see anyone who might have a bright future with us, do let me know.
: Mitsurin no understand Christmas. Christmas food? Tasty?
: Hear about any good jobs? Let me know if you do! I could do with some cash...
: By the way, that Taro Juice I drank at the end of the year was so delicious. I think I had some in the boys' dorm. It'd be nice if they sold it again this year...
: Subterra? What a strange name... So are they like the Twilight Penguins, then?
: How are you getting on with your investigation of Subterra? According to our research, the Evil Regulations are still sealed away somewhere. We've got to find them before Subterra do!
: You know what Christmas means? Thoughtful presents! Come on, Boss! I'll give you a discount! I heard that some shops from the mainland have started opening discount shops here... I'll show them who's boss in the end!

That Taro Juice sounds sufficiently 7 Wonders-esque, so Hospo is on the case!

: What's up?

: Is it really that rare?
: Well, yeah! No one even knows where or when it was made.

: I hear it tastes so bad it makes you want to cry. The only person to ever say it tasted good was Ryuunosuke Rusu...


Yikes. I guess it's time to get going, for Daichi's sake. To Shinobazu Lake we go.

Such love in the air... It really is Christmas.

: We were protecting Akiko, this year's Miss Hourai. Yesterday, she was abducted by someone in Newtown... It seems those responsible are known as the Subterra Society.

: That's right. I wanted to ask you, Leroy, since you're fighting Subterra...
: Understood. Just leave this to Daichi and the Hospo team! Don't you worry, we'll have this all sorted out in a jiffy.
: What?

: Haru... Hinako! Let's go and investigate Newtown straight away!

I guess I can't argue with that. We all take our leave, but Daichi comes back for Round 2.

Me too, Asagi.

Lara's side is the same scenario, but it's Patrol Squad hunk and Mister Hourai Yashichi who was kidnapped instead.

Either way, our investigation starts at Newtown.

BGM: Christmas

Yes, ma'am!

: Talk to all of them, then we'll come back here and we'll pick apart their alibis. Otherwise, this is going to be like looking for a suspicious needle in a haystack of suspicious hay.

Our task is to talk to the nine Santas spread throughout Newtown. For you sleuthing types, feel free to play along as I talk to all the Santas in alphabetical order.

Santa H has the audacity to be located in an area only accessible by the sewers.

That takes care of that.

Let's get cracking, baby!

: Out of the nine Santas at the yakiniku place, market and hospital, the ones that must be innocent are the ones that were with one or more other Santas the whole time.

Hinako gives us three groups of three options to pick from, and only one option from each group has an airtight alibi. Out of all the Santas, A-I, which three can be considered innocent?

Santas C, E, and I can be considered innocent.

Our investigation will continue next update!