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Part 24: This Is Not a Drill

Update 23 - This Is Not a Drill

These three groups will take lessons at their respective times to demonstrate their desire for learning."

: Oh no! My afternoon classes are about to start!

Another day at Hourai...I wonder what we actually learn here. I wonder if we learn anything here.

BGM: Hospo Editors' Room

: I think I've got a lead! It turns out that Houra's star archaeologist, Professor Daiouji, is due to give a lecture about something to do with "evil regulations" soon.
: Professor Daiouji? Isn't he that guy from the research department who's supposed to be a bit, er, eccentric? I bet he's probably just going to spout something completely pointless that has nothing to do with anything.
: Well, I'd rather hear him out than a certain young man who can't turn up a single lead!
: Bah! It's not easy, you know...

A ringing noise starts up.

: Principal Ayame! What happened?
: We're in trouble! Some creeps in strange outfits just turned up at the research centre, and...
: What?! Who were they?

: .........

: Wait! What if it's a trap?! This is all just a little too fishy for my liking...
: Well, you know what they say! Even if it is a mousetrap, you might still be able to grab some cheese! Let's see what the real story is!
: Er, what? I don't think anybody says that...

I hope everybody makes it their goal to now go around saying that phrase, 'cause it's definitely mine.

Since the phone's right here, might as well call everybody up.

: It looks like we're going to be real busy in the new year. I sure am glad that I've got Isaac to back me up!
: Hey! Hourai! Let's have a good year, OK? Just watch out for my full swing when I show off for Julia!
: They're in the Research Department, right? Let's take 'em out!
: Maybe... Sniff... Maybe if I go to the Research Department... Maybe they'll be able to... bring me back...
: I knew Ayame would wind up like that, acting all cute and doing whatever she wants...
: What?! Subterra showed up at the Research Department?! Excellent... I'll show them just how fearsome the Penguins can be!
: Principal? Mitsurin friend! Save friend!
: My comrade-in-arms should be around here somewhere... Have you seen any other starfish?
: Happy new year!
: Happy new year.
: Is that what happened? OK, I'll go to the Research Department. There might be a bit of money in it for me!
: Come to think of it, I haven't seen the Principal lately. I wonder what she's doing? Do you know anything, Leroy?
: ...I see. Don't go around telling everyone! The Patrol Squad is investigating.
: Bon voyage! Still... Why did ze Principal go to ze Research Department?
: Valentine's Day is coming up! I've already stocked up on cards, chocolate, and treats... But that stupid Subterra's ruining my business! *sniff*

There's only a few things to do on campus, starting with showing off our new party members.

Akiko's Friend Skill (Crocodile Tears) and Yashichi's Friend Skill (Cheeky Grin) work basically the same way: they paralyze enemies for a turn. However, Akiko's only works on male enemies while Yashichi's only works on female enemies. Both of them also tend to crash the English patched game.

For as much boasting as Starfish Ron does, his Friend Skill is the same as Kamifukuoka's - it swaps enemies out for different ones.

Since it's the new year, we need to go check on a certain statue.

Alright! We're now at 5/7 of the Wonders. That's all we needed to do on campus, so it's time to get to the research department which is, er...

Right, west of the South Block.

Yes, random student, a journalist's job is never done.

The research department was previously unreachable, but some kind soul repaired the bridge. There's also some new enemies lurking about.

The Puppet Student (female) can pack a mean punch while Hypno Students (male) can leave us unable to act. The Demonic Teacher is a simple re-color and power-up.

While you can just immediately head to the research department, taking a quick detour to the south will give you the chance to join another club.

This club grants you no skills. However, combining it with the Alchemy or Ritual club raises the EXP you gain by 10 or 20% respectively. It's definitely one of the best Combo Skills in the game, especially at this point when you've mastered most or all of the clubs you need and have room to spare. The skills are called "Nice" and "Very Nice," mirroring my sentiments exactly.

: The key is the Cheerleading Club. Combine that with a special club found outside of the Club Centre, and... There's one caveat, though. It takes a special kind of person to use the mighty Cheer Dance skill. A surprising person.

Speaking of good skills, Cheer Dance is also something you'll likely want to get your hands on. Unfortunately, only the girl's side gets this skill because the "surprising person" in question is Yashichi. By combining the Cheerleading Club with the Patrol Club (exclusive to Yashichi), you'll get a full-heal for your entire party.

Now then, it's time to quit lollygagging - we've got a principal to save.

Oh, speak of the devil.

: Yes, but never mind me! The strange people I was telling you about went into the literature department...

: Got it! Just leave everything to us!

Oh, whoops. Maybe we should've trusted Haru after all...

Daichi and I join Haru in his long sigh.

: This is a perfectly legitimate form of plot progression!

That's right, no point in whining about it! We're supposed to get to the end of the department, but there's several pieces of literature sitting around.

A volcano found near the research centre in the west of Utsuho. Bordered on the south by the jungle. As such, people generally do not visit it. The mysterious Flying Whale and Rocketsaurus are said to inhabit the area."

I hope you enjoy Naga's lisp as much as I enjoyed typing it all out.

: My name ith Naga. I'm an offither of the Thubterra Tho...Tho...Thothiety! And trutht me, that maketh much higher up the ladder than Shin!
: And you, you're jutht wathting your time! By now, Mathter Jom-Ra will have found the next Evil Regulation in the archaeology department! Glee hee hee!

And with that, Naga bounces his way out of the building.

We'll give chase next update.