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Part 29: School's out

Update 28 - School's out

BGM: School 1

: That's pretty rich coming from a nerd like you!
: Hey, Leroy still hasn't turned up yet.
: Oh yeah... I wonder what Leroy's doing...? ...Hey!
: Hey! Come on, hurry!

: Hee hee hee... I remember when Leroy fell right through the Assembly Hall roof. It's hard to believe it's been a whole year since then. Come on, let's go in.

: Since the start of the game, I've never had a chance to turn up, so I created this opportunity today. Er, anyway, allow me to turn over the stage to the principal for her end of year speech.

: ...the school was saved from peril and probable doom. I almost want to kiss them as a reward!
: I, too, have gained confidence in myself after this year's events. I want to work hard as your principal for another year.

: Now, each class will receive their results for this year. I've got, er, stuff to do now, so that's it for the ceremony. Bye!

The students shuffle out of the auditorium and back to their classrooms.

: Tamonabe! Watanabe!

: You've done a great job. Here's your report.

: To remind you of this fact, I've given your grades a little boost.

BGM: Opening/Ending

: That's when you partnered up with Daichi and the others to work on Hospo. Well, now's not the time to give my opinion on Hospo. I have to say that I was quite embarrassed when I heard that you'd been sneaking into the girls' dorm in June. Well, boys will be boys... Don't worry - I misunderstood at first, but then Isaac told me what had actually happened.
: Was it during the Star Festival that you ended up fighting Rachel? I think it's safe for me to say it now, but I really hated her guts. Did you see those clothes she always wore? And that lipstick! Ugh! She must have been so envious of yours truly.

: Then there was the time you saved this year's Miss Hourai, Akiko, from those fake Santas at Christmas time... Maybe it's just me, but I've caught her checking you out in class, Leroy. During the new year, you went to the Research Department, Mount Amatsu and that ancient factory in search of the Evil Regulations...
: ...and then to the Auditorium to crush the Subterra Society for good! I could hardly believe that Ayame had an evil twin. (I could hardly believe someone else could be so insufferable...) Looking back on it, it may seem like you had a really hard time this year. Still, with that said, it looks like you've made some truly special friends.

Lara has a few different comments, since her adventure wasn't exactly the same as Leroy's:

: I have to admit I was a bit... Well, I was gobsmacked when I'd heard you'd been sneaking into the boys' dorm. I know you are a Hourai student after all, but still... Fortunately, Julia was there to let me know what actually happened. Ah yes - not only was I surprised by your sneaking into the boys' dorm, but then there was Misato, the ghost you brought back! Everyone was creeped out by her just sitting through the lessons going "..." all the time.
: Then there was the time you saved this year's Mister Hourai, Yashichi, from those fake Santas at Christmas time... Some Patrol Squad soldier he is! Still, he does have a charming goofiness despite the cool image he tries to put on.

After getting our report card, it's time for one last meeting in the Hospo headquarters.

: Yeah... I mean, a lot of things did happen.
: What's everyone else doing now?

: Julia made it to the next year without any trouble. Isaac was supposed to graduate, but... He was so worried about Julia, he ended up deciding to stay here another year.

: Ms Adachi's going to be our homeroom teacher next year as well.

: I wonder if Misato finally managed to cross over to the other side?

: What about D-51?
: He's in my room. I've been working on fixing him up some more.

: Chihaya's graduating, right? I heard she was going to go and train in Europe...

: I heard the Great Leader's started his campaign to conquer Utsuho together with Starfish Ron.

: What are Yashichi and Akiko doing?
: They're using their holidays to go back home for a while.

: I hear the Professor's hermiting it up in the research centre now, working on a new thesis.
: Hmm... Sounds like the Professor.

: It looks like Cattus Maximus is living in the aboriginal village now.
: Cattus Maximus and Mitsurin are getting on really well together, and I don't think he'll have to worry about food there.
: Oh yeah, and I heard Mitsurin's going to be transferring here in April!
: Really? We've got to recruit him into Hospo as soon as he gets here.

: What about Kaname?
: She's much better now. She joined the school staff since they were impressed with her experience in running large organisations.
: She's also a convenient stand-in for the Principal whenever she wants to sneak out. The Principal was pretty happy about that part.

: Even Jom-Ra was surprised by it!
: The hatred of the Subterra Society must have activated the resonator stone, so that the evil god Nubbins... Pfft... Hahaha!
: Ha ha ha! "Nubbins"! Who came up with THAT stupid name?

: What happened to the resonator stone in the end?
: It must have broken.

We all head outside.

BGM: Some Mysteries Still Remain

This is probably my favorite song of the entire game and as such comes highly recommended. It's a gorgeous piano remix of the dungeon theme that only plays here and for only about 20 seconds.

BGM: Staff Roll

This tune, on the other hand, is goofy and fun. Talk about emotional whiplash.

The credits first show off the cast of characters from both the girl's and boy's side before moving into crediting the staff, all while the girls at the bottom dance around. If you want to check it out, then go ahead:


And that marks the end of our adventures at Hourai High. I want to give a big thanks to everybody who read and commented! Keep the spirit of Hourai in your heart, and don't be late for anime school!