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Part 4: Town of motherfuckers

Part IV: Town of motherfuckers

Welcome back. There's only a few things left to do in Teron, so let's finish up. I put on a nice green cloak I didn't notice I had.

Always be on the lookout for plants to harvest, because you'll save money. Certain plants can't be picked if the Alchemy skill is too low.

Here's the alchemy tab of the inventory. Ingredients are separated into two types of reagents: base and modifier. Base reagents are used to make the basic (duh) potion/salve/bomb/whatever, and modifiers can do things like lengthen effects, add damage, etc. For now we can make some healing salves and poison vials, but that'll get us through the early game.

I'm forging a new sword, made of iron, as higher quality metals do more damage. I'm also adding two techniques -- one raises our THC, while the other raises the chance of a CS.

Near the palace is this house, with some guy in flaming orange robes outside.

As far as I know, he'll only say more than one line to you if you're a loremaster.


A Lore of 4 tells us this stuff is legit. Thessalos must have more valuables around.

Let's rob this fool for waving his dick in our face.

Sadly, we can't grab much -- at least 5 in Traps, Sneak, and Lockpick are needed to get everything. Right now, all we can get is bronze dinnerware.

Opposite of Thessalos' house is this one.

Well, well.


That's okay. We have other options.

We're in!

Time to scram. After selling everything we have about 500 gold -- quite a bit for this game.

Making our way to Teron's main gate triggers this scene.

Oh good, more unreasonable dipshits.

: So, you will let them starve and die outside the walls?

Sigh. Let's talk to the refugees...

As hilariously dickish as it is to demand 1500 gold, we'll be nice and pay their way.

: Don't worry about it.

We find Aemolas between these buildings.

: So, what happened to your village?

We'll keep an eye out for this place. Sounds dangerous.

The armor we received is nice, but we'll forge something better shortly.

Cado is the leader of the local Forty Thieves chapter. Again, I'll save meeting him for another playthrough.

Not far from the tavern is this group of fine-looking individuals.

Hey! Let's do something really stupid!

Alright, I've had enough.

Three thugs to deal with, and one has a big-ass hammer. Enemies with two-handed weapons are a real pain because they can dent your armor as well as dish out huge amounts of damage.

Always put poison on your melee weapon because the effect stacks.

I get lucky with my dodges here. Not only is Hammerman trying to knock my head off, there's a second prick throwing knives at me. I like how the two people near the wall don't give a shit.

Fuck yeah, critical strike, bleeding, and armor damage. I might actually win!

Things are going well, but now I'm getting surrounded...

Hammer Bro is down, but I'm at 9 HP. The inevitable happens...

Death Count: 3

This time I focus on the knife-throwing prick and pull a feint to keep the three in front of me.

One down.

Two down. Still in good shape, but we have to contend with Peter Gabriel.

He dodges, I dodge...

We win!

We loot the bodies of everything and break down the weapons and armor.

Time to visit the healer.

It sounds worse than it is. Honest.

Because I'm a glutton for punishment, we'll do those tasks for Dellar. There's some new icons on the World Map -- we'll head for the Bandit Camp, which is east of Teron.

Soundtrack: Ambient

I think we've found it. The dude in the cage must be the relative Dellar was talking about.

Hi, Esbenus.

: I have an important message for you!

Bye, Esbenus.

: [streetwise][intimidate] Your captain has insulted House Daratan and paid for it. Fortunately for you, House Daratan doesn't hold the rest of you responsible. Hand over the prisoner and walk away with your lives.

If you're feeling suicidal you can fight the others, but there's five of them and two are equipped with bows. Good luck.

We'll see Antidas about our "magical" ring. I didn't do this earlier because I didn't have the Streetwise for it. Otherwise, we just hand him the ring without any explanation and he hands it back immediately.

Feng does what he does best and we get Antidas' ring as a reward, which we'll sell for a nice chunk of change.

At this point I made some iron heavy armor and a bronze helmet, as it will be very handy for the next encounter.

Not far from the pile of corpses we left near the tavern, we stumble upon this scene. Meet one of the few female NPCs with a portrait. Our Streetwise lets us know the whole thing is a farce.

Grab her!

: Hand me everything you have.



Well, we're surrounded in an enclosed space by two heavily armed men. There's only one thing to do: Fight!

The fight starts off okay, then the mercenary lands a CS and knocks me out. Being knocked out deals massive penalties, like not being able to move or attack for several turns. If you get knocked out, you might as well reload the game.

Death Count: 4

It's smoother the second time around. The lady, Livia, has a mini crossbow that's annoying, but not as dangerous as this fucker with the axe and shield. Again, poison helps.

Notice they're hitting me for 10 points of damage. Thank god for the armor or else I'd be a pile of gore.

Both of the men are down, leaving Livia.

She's armed with a bronze dagger, so the fight's more or less over.

That'll teach you to ambush me.

Time to deal with the mine. Dellar mentioned the Aurelians getting regular supplies, so we'll ask the local merchants if they know anything.

Of course. Nothing's free, right?

The shanty town is just outside the main gate.

Here's the man himself.

Rhaskos, you picked a bad day to say "no" to me.

: Then what do I need you for?

He goes down like a sack of scrap iron.

All of this killing has made me hungry. Luckily, there's a kebab seller nearby.

: Sure.

God fucking dammit!

Must suppress urge to flip out...

: [body count] I take it, you don't know who I am.

We have a body count of 10 at this point.

At least we get a meal out of it.

Next time: The worst NPC