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Part 7: Making friends through blatant cheating

Part VII: Making friends through blatant cheating

After humiliating Cassius in front of his boss, we, naturally, request a meeting.

He isn't keen on talking to us, but he relents if you have positive reputation with House Daratan.

: I want to know more about the war with the Qantari and the summoned "allies."

"accounts of the battle of Estios all claiming the same thing: Ull-Xerath rose from the deep and attacked the legions of General Kesion, slaughtering over a thousand soldiers before the magi forced him to retreat."

Christ, I regret this already.

: Is there anything you can teach me?

Even the game hates Cassius. Let's get out of here and see Mercato.

The idea here is to get leverage on Mercato so he'll spill the beans about Carrinas' plans.

: I need a favor.

I'm surprised Cado gives a shit.

If we want Cado's help, there are two ways to do it: threaten him (at which point you have to fight the entire guild unless you can talk him down), or give him something.

: What do you want?

He makes a good argument.

: I accept your offer. What do I have to do?

Think about this for a second: the Forty Thieves guildmaster -- a guild infamous for deceit -- suddenly wants to be our friend. All we need to do is give him our signature. If you believe Cado is on the up and up, you haven't been paying attention.

: It's a death sentence. I'm not signing it.

You're about to lose and we salute you! -- Let's Play A Game of Chance

Damn your skills, Mercato! We don't have much DEX, but perhaps we can win by cheating.

Nope. Thankfully, we have the magnetism of Jesus Christ, Mick Jagger and Winston Churchill combined, so he isn't upset about it.

It takes a bunch of skill checks, but we get Mercato to our side.

Carrinas is smarter than I thought.

: So, what happened between you and Carrinas?

: If it's a shithole, why do you care?

: Sounds like the locals had learned a valuable lesson.

: So, what's out there?

Come on! You can't leave it on a cliffhanger!

Aw, we made a friend.

Back to Linos.

: Final test for what?

: Elsewhere?

To the Batmobile Boatmen!

For once, Neleos is reluctant to take the job.

It makes sense; killing the local commander will bring reprisals.

To the palace!

You know what, Dellar? You're okay.

He's reluctant to do anything, unsurprisingly. A bit of sweet-talking might do the trick.

Crap. It's pretty difficult to convince Antidas without evidence, so don't feel bad.

: How do I get inside?

: I can forge the proof.

Decision time!

There are, currently, two ways to get proof of Carrinas' plans: Ask Mercato for help or Go it alone. What should we do, goons?