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The Age of Decadence

by rudecyrus

Part 8: Well, that was easy

Part VIII: Well, that was easy

When we last left Gaius Goonius (merchant edition), he was attempting to find (or forge) proof of Carrinas' plan to overthrow Lord Antidas. You voted to ask Mercato for help, so let's do that.

We need a suit of armor if we're going to infiltrate the barracks. Hopefully, this Quintus won't be difficult.

Oh good, another hovel. I was hoping for a palatial estate constructed out of gold, but then again I'm stupid.

Maybe Quintus could sell rat-on-a-stick as a kind of regional cuisine. I smell an untapped market!

Our perception is too low to find the armor. I like to think our character looked at the two or three objects Quintus owns and then gave up.

Time to exercise our silver tongue.

: Master Quintus? I'm a censor and I'd like to ask you a few questions. It's about the new order issued by Commander Marcus Carrinas.

Quick attitude change.

We just scammed a nearly homeless veteran out of his only prized possession. All in a good day's work.

To the barracks!

We don the armor and pray like crazy Mercato is there.

Thanks, Mercato.

: Where are the orders?

We do well until our Level 1 impersonate skill fails us. Oh well. There's still good ol' fashioned bribery.

pffft yeah right

Our high reputation with the Commercium ensures the guard gets paid. The bad news? Linos will totally dock our paycheck for this.


There's a third way to get what we need: if we gave Cado our signature, he'll hand us a writ that gets us past the guard -- he'll even raise the impersonate skill at no extra charge!

: Here is the proof, my Lord.

Jesus, how loaded is the Commercium?

Linos, if you can give away 50,000 imperials like that, then it's time to discuss my pay.

: What do you think of Antidas?

: Gods?

: You mentioned Meru... So, he wasn't always a believer?

Interesting. It seems Meru became a true believer after going deep into Castle Ganezzar.

Another revelation: House Crassus played an important role in summoning the High Lords. It makes sense Meru would be especially religious.

Whoa. A lot happened off-screen. If you were wondering how the Imperial Guards were wiped out, things should be getting clearer.

We have two options: convince the remaining Guards to join Antidas, or convince Antidas to kill them. We'll try the less bloody route.

Looks like Mercato got promoted.

Mercato, buddy, don't ruin our friendship like this!

: Listen to me, Mercato. You got lucky. Carrinas ended up dead and you ended up on top, but now you want to quit the game. You're thinking like a farmer who finds a plough, being eager to break his back working the fields. Think like a merchant. Ask yourself "what can I get for this plough" and leave the fields to simpler men.

Chalk up another success.

: I have convinced the remaining Guards to join your House.

Our reward is a damn good dagger. Useless for this character, but whatever.

That's the end of this chapter! We performed so well we're going to Maadoran to speak with the head honcho of the Commercium.

By the way, this is where throwing your lot in with Cado comes back to bite you on the ass. If you give him your signature, he uses it (and steals your ring) to divert the gold shipment meant for Antidas to a warehouse, where it's promptly stolen. What did you expect? You idiot. You fool. If you can't convince Linos you had nothing to do with it? Dead.

Decision time! For our next playthrough, will we be a thief, an assassin, or a mercenary?