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Part 10: A series of unfortunate events

Part X: A series of unfortunate events

Last time, I kept dying to some bastards in a mine. This time, I'm wearing heavy armor.

The idea is to pick off the weaker, unarmored workers, but my THC is at 1% until they're about three tiles away, at which point I need to either back up or pull out a melee weapon. Oh, and I died shortly after the second screenshot.

Death count: 10

On the next go, I get lucky with a critical strike.

I didn't capture it right, but two of the workers were lined-up, single file. The first one dodged the bolt and the second one caught it square in the chest.

Already doing better -- two enemies are down.

Three down.

Four down...



We can't do anything with the machinery, but who gives a shit? We won!

75 imperials for killing eight people? Fuck you.

Antidas, map, yadda yadda. We negotiate with the bandits and come back.

: What do you want me to do then?

: I don't think so. There are too many of them.

Our high perception will let us give a detailed explanation of the camp.

: (perception) haha i'm not typing all of that

50 imperials. A little less than an octuple homicide.

We should get another job from Neleos.

When the game gives you a break and outright tells you to prepare, do it. I put on some lighter armor for more AP.

: I am ready. Tell me what this job is about.

"the stairs, so use the window; two crossbows and ten steel armor piercing bolts, and some merchant robes to avoid attracting attention. Any questions?"

: What happens afterwards? Won't the Imperial Guards come after us?

I see no flaw in this.

: What do you know about the merchant who rented the room?

Guess everything's all set. Let's do this.

If you're feeling insane, you can kill Dias and join the Guards. We're not doing that.

Follow that Dias!

Awesome. Time to get back to the guild and celebrate.

What! You mean the gentlemen's agreement to not attack the guild that depended on humans being perfectly rational creatures... backfired?

There's four guards in heavy armor, but having two companions is a big help.

I use a black power bomb to inflict a whopping 13 points of damage.

Then it's a flask of liquid fire to break up the clump of soldiers.

The three of us whittle them down until there's only this turtled-up dingus.

He's not dangerous, but his tower shield means he'll block a good number of attacks and prolong the fight. Eventually, he bites the dust.

That's a bad idea. You're crazy.


: I'm in.

Coltan gives us some poison for keeping him alive. I'll use it almost immediately because we're low.

The fight begins at range. Cue me missing all of my shots.

Close combat is where I shine.



Hopefully, Neleos and the others are okay.

Yeah, I think they've been here.

RIP Agatai. I didn't know a thing about you.

RIP Dias. You had so many years of murder ahead of you.


Eat bomb!

Interesting fact: the explosion is cross-shaped, so I can hit the guards without harming Neleos.

Down to one. The Centurion is another pain in the ass thanks to his shield.

Neleos! NOOOooooo!


It's possible to save Neleos, but it's difficult. You need to deal substantial and consistent damage to both guards, and the enemy AI is programmed to focus on him. I believe he shows up later if you're successful.

Time to leave.

That's it for Teron!

That's it?

Yep, that's it.

I'll admit, I was disappointed the first time I played an assassin. After the opening vignette, there's only one guild-related quest before you're railroaded to the end of the chapter, and everything after Carrinas' death where you pull a Terminator and decimate an entire barracks felt... off. Where's the subterfuge? I wanted more intrigue and less evisceration. Fortunately, things pick up in the next chapter.

Since mercenary was the second most popular choice, I'll be playing that next.

Next time: Solving problems, one death at a time