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Part 12: Blood for the blood god

Part XII: Blood for the blood god

We're at the Teron barracks. Before getting our next assignment, we need to get some things out of the way.

First, killing the shit out of the thugs near the tavern.

Then we convince Rhaskos to poison the wine at the Aurelian outpost and kill them too.

Man, this is a piece of cake compared to other playthroughs!

We finish up by slaughtering the bandits holding Tiberius hostage. I got the Terminator achievement, as you can see.

Enough of that; we need to get back to work.

: Yes.

Soundtrack: Imperial Guard I

Carrinas means business.

Geez, how green are these recruits?

Naturally, we go with the block option.

Any option is fine, but I prefer to attack the exterior guards.

The fight is nothing special: there are more enemies in the tower, but they're occupied by our allies.

Christ. I don't think I can convey how tedious some of the fights can be. When you've got multiple people in heavy armor and shields blocking damage or straight-up absorbing it, these scuffles become grinding bores.

We're officially awesome!

The quartermaster has a nice selection of items, which we'll make use of shortly.

: Yes.

Place your bets on whether this goes smoothly.

: My Lord. I'm sure you're aware of the situation...

Oops, I didn't put any points into the speech skills!

No regrets!

For a noble, Antidas is a tough old bastard.


RIP Antidas. Unfortunately, this doesn't make the fight much easier.

Cue a long, interminable fight that ends in death.

And then two more after that!

Death Count: 18

Eventually, I start throwing bombs.

Sometimes it's pure luck whether you survive. Just before the above screenshot, I was hit with a CS which did something like 20 points of damage. I decided to reload a save, because fuck that noise.

I stumble into a winning strategy by shanking Antidas and then retreating towards friendlies. Healing salves are a must, or else you'll take a dirt nap via blood loss.

That's Dellar, managing to hold off five Guards. I swear, the friendly AI is braindead at times.

Dellar finally dies and we mop up the lone spearman.

Thanks. Could you give us some people that aren't fucking idiots, next time?

We're a centurion now! Oh, and we're being arrested.

: Is it necessary?

: Why not go with the questioning?

: I can handle it. Trust me.

We could escape, kill the guards, and go to Maadoran that way... but I'm going to wait. The outcome is a little more intriguing.

One more side playthrough, and then it's back to Octavia.

Next Time: Kleptomania