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Part 13: I'll take that. And that. And that. And that...

Part XIII: I'll take that. And that. And that. And that...

Our final side playthrough is as Gaius Impuratus, Forty Thieves member and all-around scoundrel.

Oh boy, Cado's our boss. I can't wait!

: I'm the one doing all the work...

I wonder how many times Cado had to tell us this.

: Where does the name "Forty Thieves" come from?

No no, prostitution is the oldest profession.

Climbing the wall seems safest.

There's the map. While we're here...

It takes a level 3 lockpick skill and a level 3 steal skill to get everything.

Sure, we could fool Cado, but we get a better reward if we hand over everything.

Like an increase in lockpicking!

Before we leave, we should chat with the other guild members. First up is the guy to our right.

: The one on the right.

Thanks for the dagger we'll never use, Lucius.

Next is the guy at the bar.

Kleitos functions as the guild trader.

okay fine, sell me on your weapons of death

I buy a standard crossbow from Kleitos, even though I plan to avoid combat.

Finally, there's this dude.

: What can you tell me about the guild's history?

: We operate openly...

Personally, I think the Forty Thieves are in a more precarious position than everyone lets on.

Oh, you're an enforcer. Got it.

Time to see Feng.

On the way I steal this merchant's purse, because why not?

I also break into Feng's house.

He's not even all that mad if you get caught -- he just wants you to come back with money.

Stealing from the blacksmith...

Stealing from the inn...

Stealing from random merchants! It's great when you don't have to buy anything.

We have a new option in the woman/mercenary encounter.

: Nice try, dear.

: Does Cado know you're running cons in this town?

So, is the mercenary just standing there with a dumb look on this face during this?

Anyway, we break into Thessalos's place (remember him?) and take everything not nailed down.

He's loaded! And he has poor taste in ancient erotica.

Also burgling the house of the noble lady with the pretty gems. After selling everything, I'm swimming in roughly 2000 gold.

If you're part of the thieves' guild, there's an extra option for dealing with the raiders holding Tiberius hostage.

: I'll run it by Cado then, see what he says.

Good to see the Forty Thieves graduated from the "pay me first" school of friendship. We're going with the "Steal" response since it's our highest skill right now.

: (does fancy shit with a coin) A favor for a favor?

We'll try the window. Seems like a safer bet.

Good thing I put points in traps this time!

The goblet is likely in the chest, so let's explore first.

Got it! Back to Cado.

Looks like Livia's here.

Why are you calling me "sugar," like a 50-year-old aunt?

Thanks for the impersonate training.

At least act glad to see us, Cado.

: Here is the goblet.

I did that so you'd have a new wine cup? Whatever.

Cross that off the list.

As for the mine, we sneak in like in the main playthrough, but with a different outcome in mind.

: The machines are working. They are turning iron into gold! Gold!

RIP everyone.

We can add "industrial saboteur" to our list of traits.

Our next job for the Forty Thieves involves making an ore shipment disappear.

Talking with the gate guards gives us a variety of options.

: They cut your pay?!

: I bet the Imperial Guards wouldn't risk their lives for nothing. What do they do anyway?

: When do you expect the next shipment?

: Wanted to ask about Flavius... Did he pay his debt?

Maybe we can ask Cado for help.

Remember the part in the merchant playthrough when Cado tries to trick us into giving him our signature? Instead of Gaius Goonius as the sucker, it's Zenon, and he signs.

: The Imperial Guards have a special shipping mandate. The gate guards can't even tough their shipments.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Cado.


All in all, we have four options:

1. Bribe the guards

2. Steal the mandate from the Imperial Guards when the shipment arrives.

3. Talk to Flavius about his debt

4. Forge a mandate with Feng's help

Ordinarily I'd leave the decision up to you lot, but I'm going with what I think is the optimal path.

First, we need to talk to Flavius.

: Doesn't sound like much of a problem, if you ask me.

We'll pick the lock.

Very clever, Kaeso.

: I changed my mind. I'd rather take cash. Two hundred imperials and we're even.

So what will we do now?

See Feng, of course!

: Cado sends his regards. He needs your help in a delicate situation.

Iron Tower should make a game starring Feng.

: I'm going to forge the mandate.


The next day...

: What did you want to talk about? Did you take care of the ore shipment?

Are you shitting me? Did I do all of that just for Cado to change his mind at the last second?

: A fortune in gold?

: At night? They will ship it at night?

Let's use our big brainy brain and come up with a different plan.

: A direct attack *will* have consequences. The merchants guild will be bound to respond in kind. Maybe now would be a good time to use the paper you made Linos' man sign.

At the Commercium HQ, we find some guy in blue standing in the hall.


: About the gold shipment...

Here's your damn ring.

: Yes, I'm sure.

Sudden merchant outfit.

Good thing Livia taught us how to impersonate a rich douchebag.

: You're not going to leave him with the gold alone, are you?

The trick is the sneak requirements get higher as you take more crates.

Level 5 in Sneak will get us every crate.

Off to Maadoran, then.

Let's say our goodbyes.

: Yes.

: And if I can't?

Thanks, Lucius.

: You do?

: Easier said than done.

Thanks, Aziz. I think.

: Yes.

Jesus Christ, not another complication.

We need to make our way to the main gate, but there are a bunch of people blocking our path.

Let's go for a diversion.


Oh, right, the gate guards.

: Let me pass.

No dice.

: I'm on a mission of great importance. Unless you want to explain to Lord Antidas why you thought that his mission could wait, open the fucking gate NOW!

: Were you supposed to? Does Lord Antidas have a habit of informing you about his latest plans? Listen, we're on the same side here. Don't make it difficult for me and I won't make it difficult for you. Now, open the gate, I've lost enough time chatting with you here.



To hell with it, time for stabbing.

With that, we leave Teron for good.

Apologies for the massive update, but I'm eager to return to Octavia, which is what we'll do next time!

Next Time: Seriously, didn't you read the above sentence?