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Part 18: The Abyss

Part XVIII: The Abyss

We should give Gaelius the helmet.

: Why does it take so long?

Gaelius is expecting us, so we don't need a badge.

Ah, another poor soul with problems. Looks like a potential quest.

At least look at me when we're having a conversation!

What did he expect?

: You should have seen it coming. You hire fighting men you have no leverage over and hope that they will be kind enough to let you keep the spoils. You're lucky they didn't kill you.

My heart bleeds.

: You and your men have recklessly destroyed priceless documents left for future generations and then squabbled over the armor of a man left to guard them. You deserve what you got.

Against better judgment, we're going to press on.

: What do you want me to do?

: I'm busy. I have places to go and people to see. If you want me to drop everything and help you, make it worth my time.

I hope he doesn't pay us in literal trinkets, or else I'm going to go apeshit.

The game is calling out my questionable decisions.

We could kill Marcus and his guards easily enough. Our reward would be a power tube.

Ooooooor, we could make a deal and get the best piece of armor in the game.

: I don't care about Amerius, but I'm interested in that armor.

: What do you propose?

: Sure, we have a deal.

We'll keep our deal a secret.

: I'm working on it.

Sorry it took so long; I have this compulsion to talk to random people so I can solve their problems.

: About the helmet...

: I give you the Helmet of destiny, my lord.

Aw, shucks. 'Tweren't nuthin'.

And now we're a praetor. Octavia is moving on up!

Well, it's a bold plan.

: You'll open your gates to the Ordu?

: You think you can control them?

We're a praetor and now a noble wants a moment of our time. How the tables have turned.

: Certainly.

Maybe we'll live in an estate like this someday...

: And what about Gaelius?

: Why would I betray Gaelius' trust?

Senna may have a point. On the other hand, I get the feeling there's more to this than simply balking at barbarians living in the city.

: We?

So, there's multiple nobles involved. Interesting.

: What stops you from giving Pavola my name?

That's reassuring, I suppose.

I put on my new awesome purple cape and go back to the Slums.

Time to deal with the punks blocking the way to the Abyss.

: How much?

Fuuuuuck that.

: Out of my way, scum!

Mehrab and his Blades aren't tough. Most of their attacks can't pierce my armor.

Here's Whirlwind, which is great if you're surrounded.

Okay, I almost died, but only due to a few lucky criticals. A quick trip to the healer and I'm set.

No sense in delaying this anymore.

Maybe the locals will tell us more about this place.

Never mind, he just wants to sell us junk.

You've got to be fucking kidding. A rock on a string?

: So, you've personally ventured into the Abyss?

Strangely, I believe him.

Hang on, that Enarion?

: What do these charms do?

I dunno, what if it slowly liquefies my organs?

: I'll think about it.

Jesus, I can't see the bottom.

It's hard to see, but there are occasional flashes of lightning deep inside the crater.

Here goes nothing...

This might have been a mistake.

Let's put this poor guy out of his misery.


Our ultimate goal is finding the location of the Temple of Thor-Agoth, so...

: Knowledge.

We can power through this.

oh fuck use respirator now



We came this far...

What the hell?

Okay, let's examine what we can and get the fuck out.

Let's never speak of this again.

Next Time: Ordu ordeal