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Part 25: A jarring heist

Part XXV: A jarring heist

Please excuse the delay -- I've been working out some personal problems. Anyway, we're playing as Gaius Impuratus again and we've arrived at Maadoran after stealing Antidas's treasure hoard. We need to meet with Levir, the head honcho of the Forty Thieves.

: Why can't we go with you?

: How do I know we can trust you?

Well, if Aziz says he's okay...

If you remember, we need to go through the Slums to get to the Temple. We could tell Leon to fuck off, but there's an amusing incident if we go with him.

Remember getting accosted by the slum residents? We're going to ditch Leon here.

Nah, don't think so.

: Fuck off. I'm working for Levir.


That's one problem out of the way, but there's a much bigger one to come...

Hermon and his thugs.

: My name's Gaius Impuratus.

My capture software fucked up here, but Hermon's a member of the Forty Thieves and he lets you through without a fuss. If only that was a fucking option in the other playthroughs!

I like that we're telling everyone to eat a dick. I'm getting tired of being a doormat.

: I'm Gaius Impuratus. Ask me what the fuck I want one more time and I'll cut your tongue out.

Surprise surprise, Levir's another sardonic prick.

: Why is it a problem?

: What are you saying? We shouldn't steal?

Eh, he has a point. In hindsight, stealing a shitload of gold from a lord is a bad idea.

: Who's spreading these rumors?

Fuckin' Linos!

A jar?

: That must be some jar, to be worth more than gold to you.

Excuse me, I think Jeff Bezos would disagree!

: What means more?

Ah, more ancient technology.

: It takes more than having all the missing parts to get the machine working. Few loremaster have the skill.

: What does the machine do?

Thanks for being cryptic.

Use elevator, go to basement, get jar, touch nothing else. Seems simple.

: Will a jinn come out if I rub the jar?

: And if it doesn't?

: Sure.

Naturally, having high numbers in sneak and lockpick helps.

Nothing personal, ma'am.

Looking for the crank feels like a safer bet.


Sadly, there isn't a "Gaelius's father comes back from the dead" subplot.

There's nothing here save for these chests.

This looks like the jar we used in the weird machine to improve our stats. Seems Levir is doing something similar.

Don't touch the other chests. They're trapped and filled with poison gas. You can get some gold, but it results in the permanent loss of 5 HP and you need to fight the guards on the way out.

: About the jar...

: I think I know what this jar is.

Gee, now I feel bad for Levir. Funny how having a terminal illness makes you re-prioritize things in life. Not enough to stop being the guildmaster of a thieves' guild, but hey, no one's perfect.

The thief playthrough turned out to be much longer than I thought, so we'll take a break here.

Next Time: Familiar faces