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Part 26: Candygram

Part XXVI: Candygram

Look who it is!

Levir? A sweetheart?

: Levir keeps everyone in check but he doesn't really govern the Slums. Not the way he should.

: So you want to be the Mistress of the Slums? Manage it for Levir?

: What did Levir say?

Nice to see a familiar face, but we need to find Isandros.

As much fun as it would be to smoke hash, drink wine and get our fuck on, we've got important business.

: I'm looking for Bassar.

Oh, great.

: Why?

: Rejects?


Despite what Bassar says, there isn't a time limit. We're free to do whatever the hell we want. First, let's get some info from Isandros.

: Where can I buy some supplies?

: Where can I hire some muscle?

Remember these vague directions.

: Can I ask you some questions?

: Are you working for the guild?

: What can you tell me about the city?

I dunno Isandros, your attitude might change next time a plague sweeps through.

: The Trades?

: So, you're a free man working for Levir?

: You mentioned that the Palace District is off limits. Why?

Hire mercenaries to kill you?

: What do you know about Bassar?

As I was going through the Trade District, I found a house I never interacted with before. Inside was this guy:

: I'd like to learn something from you, master Tireslas.

Fucking scholars...

: The High Lords came to our aid because we couldn't defeat the Demons on our own. Everyone knows that.

: Lectio facilior?

: The Qantari demons and the High Lords are mentioned too often to be nothing but fiction. You cannot deny their existence simply because it doesn't fit into your big picture.

Well, this one didn't wither and fade so much as combust, but at least he has a positive outlook.

Then I spend the next ten minutes wandering the Slums looking for people to hire. I went to the Temple and put my cursor on every NPC until I found this shitter:

He's not far from Isandros.

I could be stupid, but maybe "Talk to Rusty over there," are better directions than "Ask around."

: I'm with the guild.

: I might be able to help you, but I'll need more men. At least ten.

Time for some charm.

: Fucked? Oh no, my friend. You've got it all wrong. I'm going to kill the Boatmen and then I'm going straight to Levir to get my reward. If only you had the balls to stand there with me, when I do it... What do you think Levir would say to you?


Let's try patriotism.

: Today you do not fight for me! You fight for yourselves! For your home!

Eh, good enough.

Let's talk to Aziz first.

Thanks, Aziz. Lucius is next.

There's a better way.

: Too risky. Let's do it my way.

Instead, we're going to leave a package on their doorstep.

Attack, Rusty!

RIP Rusty.

The fight is much easier now.

Against all odds, I hit someone with my crossbow. It's very effective! With Lucius and Aziz on our side, the fight is over in a few turns.

We'll find out what Levir has to say next time.

Next Time: Finishing up