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Part 27: Love potion

Part XXVII: Love potion


Last time, Gaius Impuratus killed some Boatmen for Levir. Unfortunately it was a decoy team, so we need to find out what happened at the temple.

Yes, why?

: Gaelius?

He has a point. If Antidas' Hoard is bringing so much heat to the guild, maybe it's better to let them have it. Still, all that effort, wasted...

: What would Cado say?


It looks like Darista was ousted in this timeline, because I doubt she'd want any harm to come to Gaelius.

: Everyone except for the Boatmen.

: How?

I can see why Levir is the guildmaster.

Me? I'd probably curl into a ball and sob.

: Gaelius isn't some thug.


: Why did the Boatmen agree to it?

I made a stop at the inn to shed some weight -- we'll need a disguise for the next part.

: I'm ready to meet Cyrus.

: Why are you doing it?

This is arguably the best mission in the Thief playthrough. There are a lot of options and outcomes to this one, but I'm only showing off one possible path.

: I don't think I can pass for a palace guard.

Thanks, Cyrus. Thyrus.

: Let's go.

The best options are the second or third ones. If you choose the first, they all come out and you have a fight on your hands.

: He seemed agitated. Says he'll go straight to the centurion, unless you come out right now.

RIP Gaius.

A level 4 Critical strike is needed to succeed. Otherwise, it's a fight.

Time to exercise our guard swagger.


: Why didn't the guards we killed earlier have any badges?

: Where are we going to get a gold badge?

We could probably pickpocket the badge, but there's a better way.

: Sleight of hand is not really my forte.

: What's upstairs?

: Can we talk our way in?

No point in going upstairs, so it's straight to the Legatus.

: Masala sent us.

: Said he was short on men. A few of his boys got knifed in some tavern, so he went to take a look and sent us here.

Fuck yeah!

Guard quarters first.

There's a better way. Let's try the Daratan emissary.

Not sure what this guy's deal is. I assume he's relevant in another playthrough or some other chain of events, but I can't be bothered to find out. Maybe you take his place if you're a Daratan praetor.

Crassus emissary is next!

Okay, we'll listen to his spiel.

: Yes.

Gaelius would have something to say about Meru being "the noblest of nobles," but never mind.

: Power?

They probably died, but I won't rain on this guy's parade.

We can kill him and take his badge, but again, there's a better way. To the courtesan!

Nothing to do here... yet. The only place left is the healer's.

Dalia is the courtesan we just saw.

: You know how she is.

High intelligence opens up an option to make poison.

Thanks, Levir. Thevir.

Time for more bullshitting!

I like how the PC paraphrases Meleagros here.

You can kill the courtesan if you feel the game is too easy, or something.

No regrets.

One loading screen later...


It's actually Strabos and Senna, but the Slums are Levir's. He's literally a slum lord.

There's a siege against Ganezzar and, naturally, we have to deal with it.

: What about the Boatmen?

: Why is Ganezzar under siege?

Meru has been poking his nose in old ruins and that warrants attacking his city. I'll never understand the motives of nobles...

: Never thought I'd see the day...

: Who's the guildmaster in Ganezzar?

Remember that "he won't give you problems" part.

: What do you know about Meru?

Hey, it's one of those machines we used to increase our stats.

: Aren't you too young to be a loremaster?

: A healing machine? Someone would go through all that trouble for a healing machine?

: Is that what happened to Levir?

"Coughing sickness" is likely tuberculosis. No wonder Levir is desperate.

: You mentioned something about a jar?

I didn't understand any of that!

: Wait, something's wrong. Can you open the hatch again?

Levir has been good to us, so we won't kill him. I also don't like the idea of dealing with the guards.

Nothing else to do, so it's time to head to Ganezzar and end the chapter.

Next Time: Complications