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Part 28: Exploring Ganezzar

Part XXVIII: Exploring Ganezzar

We're back with the main playthrough! Before we leave for Ganezzar, there's one last thing to do. Nasir wanted a yellow sapphire from Silvanus, so we're getting it.

This is the place.

Heck, let's talk to the guy.

Looks like his guest is a member of the Forty Thieves.

: What's your price?

Either option works, but I like the praetor one.

: I'm a praetor of House Aurelian. One word and you'll be stripped of all your possessions and thrown out like the lowliest of beggars.


Thanks, loser.

Pretty. Back to Nasir.

Here it is, you greedy man.

1000 gold, baby!

Off to Ganezzar.

A lot has happened. Remember when Octavia was a lowly loremaster's apprentice?

Soundtrack: Ganezzar

Note the symbolism of a city in the heavens that's compared to a choking fungus.

Yep, definitely a siege. Remember, this is because Meru was caught digging in some ruins.

Let's see what the holy city is like.

Some crucified men. A good sign.

Meru can wait. There's a lot to see and do. First, we'll talk to the guy in armor.

: I haven't seen many mercenaries around here.

Friendly fellow.

: I was just curious what brought you here, brother.

: Do you really believe that?

Buddy, I've learned some shit that would change your mind (but the game won't let me tell you).

: What are you talking about?

: I've yet to see the Gods lifting up a finger to help anyone. At best they're indifferent.

ok boomer

There's a guy named Pancreas -- I mean, Pancratius -- in the building next to the old couple.

Theological debate time!

: What is the Gods' nature?

: The Gods demand much but give us very little.

: I'm not sure what to believe.

After everything we've experienced?

: No.

: The false lords?

Nice talking to you.

Ganezzar looks smaller than Teron, but as you saw in the opening, it's arranged in levels. Presently, we're at the lowest level, which is naturally named Lowtown.

It's a fine place.

The former headquarters for the Boatmen of Styx.

Theological debate, part 2.

This sounds like a good time to stick our nose in.

: What makes you think the essence was divine, brother?

: We don't know. We don't know what exactly the Magi brought to our plane. You said the essence was divine yet what proof do you offer?

: Why did they come to our aid and leave so abruptly, leaving nothing but ruins behind? We're told it's because we turned our backs on them which tells us nothing.

I like this game's writing, but this is almost a copy/paste of the first sentence two screens ago. What happened?

Oh well. We tried.

What's this?

: Does it happen often?

: What kind of plague is it?

: How do you know it's a plague?

Hair loss and vomiting blood are also symptoms of acute radiation syndrome.

: So what's the plan?

: I dabble in alchemy. Maybe I can help.

Yuck. Streetwise is slightly higher, so we'll go with that.


The picture shows Octavia by a staircase, but never mind.

Luckily, we've got the knowledge to alleviate radiation sickness.

We'll check it out much later.

This is Hector. Hector is important in another quest, but for now he just stands there.

Just like in Maadoran, we can pay one of locals to act as a guide.

: Tell me about the city.

Did you say airships?

: Airships?

Looks like the Magi invented zeppelins.

: Wait, the Magi built the castle? I thought House Crassus did it.

: What's with the crosses?

: Tell me about Lord Meru.

Meru has made himself Pope, it seems.

: Tell me about the local guilds.

Everyone's been intimidated by the zealots. Maybe Meru is more dangerous than I thought.

: I'm looking for Gaius Laevinus.

: I'm looking for Esdras, the trader.

That's all the info we can get.

There's a climbable ladder near the main gate. Inside the building...

That tears it.

: This man is coming with me.

You poor man. You have no idea who you're up against.

Three against one, but this fight is a joke. By now, I'm evading almost every attack and what lands can't get through my armor. The only theoretical danger is the crossbowman, but like I said, he can barely hit me.

Extortion, but with a righteous flavor.

One last person to talk to in Lowtown, standing next to a pile of skulls.

We should probably play along.

: I follow the teachings of Brother Meru. I came to Ganezzar to hear him speak.

Smile and nod...

: Are there a lot of unbelievers here?

Whoops, I think I hear my mother calling me or something...

Next Time: Philosophy 101