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Part 34: The power of money compels you

Part XXXIV: The power of money compels you

It's been a while, but I'm back. Part of the problem was that my capture software would randomly crap out, which means checking every. Single. Screenshot. Which means updates take much longer than usual. Sigh!

Back with Gaius Goonius, we were sent to Ganezzar to investigate Athanasius's claims that Meru is a bigger threat than previously thought. No camp of Aurelians to deal with. Let's talk to the guy in red.

We don't need the pendant, but information is always welcome.

: I'll buy the amulet if you answer my questions.

Stuff we know from the previous playthrough, but whatever.

When we enter the town...

Stop right there, criminal scum!

The correct answer is obvious.

: I bow to no man but the Gods who watch over us from their heavenly abode.


The Commercium building is near the temple. Athanasius's office is on the second floor, of course.

He's almost a Dreamworks Face.

Athanasius wants to use Meru's creed for his own ends.

: Easier said than done.

: And if I fail?

: You mentioned some rumors...

We know Meru found the star room and that turned him into a believer.

: Do you believe in stories of gods and demons?

Glad to see Athanasius keeps an open mind.

: You mentioned a prophet...

Yeah, we met that freak in the main playthrough.

: You mentioned other people...

Ugh, don't get me started on Faelan...

Off to the castle.

Good thing we passed ourselves off as the messiah way back in Teron.

: My name is Gaius Goonius. I believe my arrival was foretold.

That's right, kiss my feet.

The intro with Meru is the same, except for this part.

: I have many questions...

Meru is suspicious of us, naturally.

: I *claim* to be chosen, not all knowing. The gods have told me to come here, for it is in this holy city that my destiny will be revealed. I didn't feel that it was my place to question them, but I would question my brother in the faith to better understand the path the gods have laid down for me.

: And you think you can bring them back?

: Gateways?

Just gotta open a wormhole.

: What makes you think they have our best interests at heart?

please please please don't sic faelan on me

: Forgive me for questioning you in such a direct manner, Brother. I merely wish to hear you speak on this most worthy subject.


Antidas is a real whipping boy among the nobles.

ok boomer

: The House of Worship?

We've gone as far as we can with Meru. Back to Athanasius.

: I did what Meru asked, but he isn't ready to let me in yet.

: Miracles?

He has a point.

Everything's ready. Talking to Athanasius advances the plot.

: I'm ready to do some miracles!

pay no attention to the crowd blinking out of existence

Like taking candy from a baby.

Uh oh. Maybe we can bullshit our way out of this.

: What ails you, brother?

Insert COVID joke here.

Let's try healing him with sheer force of will.


damn it

Yeah, like anyone will believe that load of --


If you can't "heal" the sick man, you have to convince the zealot you're the real deal.

Meru isn't happy another holy man is on his territory.

: Did you not tell me to go and inspire people with my actions?

: Has my coming not been foreshadowed? Have the tales of my deeds not reached your ears? The Gods brought me here not to be judged by mortal men but to do Gods' work. Only they can question the depth of my devotion.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Meru takes us to the star room as he did with Octavia. Surprisingly, Gaius Goonius's stats are high enough to survive sitting in the throne.

: I'm humbled by the Gods' graces.

: They said our destinies are intertwined and that together we'll bring the Gods' Kingdom to earth.

The only thing left to do is speak to Meru and OH MY GOD IS THAT WHO I THINK IT IS

It's FENG!

It's always nice to see a familiar face.

Next Time: Al-Akia, but boring