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Part 36: Winners do drugs

Part XXXVI: Winners do drugs

In the Boatmen of Styx playthrough, Gaius Stabbius was sent to Ganezzar to kill Meru on behalf of Lord Gaelius. Looks like the Aurelians made it here first.

: Must be my lucky day.

grumble grumble


Off to the guild, which we know is a pile of rubble.

Varro, eh?

To the castle!

: I have an urgent message for master Varro.

Varro is in one of the back rooms.

He sounds trustworthy!

: What happened to the guild?

: So you're working for Meru now?

You can tell he's very broken up over the death of his fellow guild members.

: What exactly do you do for him?

: Heresy?

: So he might be a madman?

: Just like that?

It's not like we have anything better to do...

: I'm in.

Oh sure, sounds simple.

: Break the siege? The two of us?

Our first task is to kill Hagnon. No problem; I didn't like him anyway.

: How about poison?

: Why is it always me who has to go in first?

Okay, he has a point.

: And if they do raise an alarm, then what?

Everything's good on my end, so let's do this.

: Let's pay Legatus Hagnon a visit.

Boy, am I thirsty!

You need a critical strike of 8 for this next part.

They don't have anything we need, so let's skedaddle.


Glabrio is Ganezzar's guildmaster for the Forty Thieves.

Varro could give Faelan a run for his money in deadly stares.

Back at the castle, and back to Varro for another mission.

: Any news?

That's a surprise -- Faelan's is Meru's biggest supporter from what we've seen.

: What about the Aurelians? We killed the Legatus but they're still sitting out there.

: What's the best way to do it?

No time like the present.

Faelan, we meet at last.

Oh shit!

Only one thing to do: get high!


Faelan is tough. He's got high dex and there's four of him, which means our lightly armored assassin can get overwhelmed. I don't recommend fighting him unless you have at least 8 in Dodge and a weapon skill.

Even after killing two, the others gang up and rip me to shreds.


I manage to kill him on the next try. Good riddance.

Death Count: 58

Seems Varro took Faelan's place.

This had better not be a trap.

Hamza! Buddy!

: Why do you want Meru dead?

: What about Faelan? I thought he was helping you.

This line implies Varro lied about Faelan helping the Boatmen. It makes sense, because it's totally out of character for Faelan to betray Meru.

: Sure, I can get you in.

Fuck no.

: I'm loyal to my guild. Unlike you.

It's Gaius Stabbius and two assassins against Varro and four spear guards, aka the worst type of guard. It goes as well as you'd expect.

Have I said how much l love these death screens?

Varro is the primary target. The assassins do a good job of distracting the guards, but dally too much and you'll end up getting curb stomped. Nets and bolas are, as always, a good way of gimping the enemy. Eventually, I stumble upon the right combination of moves and strategic retreats to win.

Death Count: 61

Hamza is hardcore.

: Adventure. Excitement. An assassin craves not these things.

grumble grumble

Next Time: Office politics