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Part 38: Legatus at last

Part XXXVIII: Legatus at last

Ganezzar, Meru, blah blah blah.

I don't have time for this.

: Fuck off.

Oh no, a bunch of zealots armed with basic gear. How will I survive?

Yeah, eat shit.


: I'm a Legatus of the Imperial Guards. Lord Meru is expecting me.

: Dux Gaius Aetius Paullus sent me.

Harsh, but he's right.

Off to Al-Akia.

: I'll send one of my men.

Geez, fine.

Yes, we can go inside Al-Akia! Nothing's changed from the main playthrough, however.

All we need to do is go to the ritual chamber and then back topside.

Well, shit.

Our only real option is to attack. Besides, I don't think Paullus would approve of us running away.

Five Aurelians to deal with, although three are unarmored, as the game said. One's a crossbowman and one's an archer, so prepare for that. Again, you should have at least 8 in your combat skills at this point.

The dinguses are dead, so let's ditch.

Nothing's easy, is it?

Follow those smugglers!

Same hatch that Varro used.

Hope you remembered to heal before this fight!

This battle isn't hard, but the enemy likes to inflict Bleed.

Hi Glabrio.

Get outta here with your perfect grammar, Gaius Brutus.

I'm in no shape for another fight, so...

: Alright, I'll do it.

Can't we talk this out? No?

Both start off with crossbows, then the one on the left switches to a sword after the first turn.

Barely a scratch on me.

We emerge in Lowtown. Back to Meru.

He goes through the whole spiel of getting Paullus' help, turning the Imperial Guard into Templars, etc. Aaaaand it's back to Caer-Tor.

It's fucking nice to see you too, Paullus!

: Both towns?

: What about Meru?

Sure thing, Don Paullus.

: Do you trust Gaelius?

: He didn't say, but... That place we went to, it's where they made *gods* in the old days. Meru gets his hands on it, he'll do it all over again.

: He said he would bless us and declare the Imperial Guards the protectors of faith and warriors of the temple. Whatever that means.

At this point, we have two choices: Side with House Aurelian, in which case things unfold much like they did in the Merchant timeline, or try to convince Paullus to side with Meru instead.

: You're making a mistake.

It takes 5 persuasion to succeed. Because I've been skipping sidequests, I had to use the console and add SP.

Now it takes 8 persuasion. If you fail, you're given the choice to go to Teron and ask Carrinas for help, but it's a false one -- he yells at you to get your ass back to Caer-Tor.

: Yes, we're talking about a war here, because *we* are not scared of a war. We *are* war and perhaps Gaelius needs to be reminded whom he's dealing with here.


Ah, that never stops being satisfying.

Two guys. Yawn.

Cue chasing one around the tent because the enemies have to be as annoying as possible.

Meru gives a big speech in celebration.

Paullus immediately starts swinging his dick around.

Ahahahahahaha! This is such an asshole move by Paullus that it becomes awesome.

: My duty. My loyalty is to the Dux and you'll do well to remember that.

: I am a Legatus of the Imperial Guards. I have no time for fairy tales.

Only the Thief playthrough is left, and then on to the ending.

Next Time: Lying Levir