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The Age of Decadence

by rudecyrus

Part 43: The compact must be honored

Part XLIII: The compact must be honored

The last ending is a bit tricky. You need to:

1. Find the surgical kit from Saross

2. Discover the medical facility

3. Go to Al-Akia and keep it intact

Then, you need to go to Hellgate and give the Divine Spear to Bennie.

Sorry about running out on you before. I just like lugging around a warhead in my pocket.

Make sure you're far, far away from me when you use it.

: Before you go, I want to show you something.

You know what? I'm just going with it.

Yes, good.

: I found the ruins of Al-Akia. The machines are intact. When can you ward me?


No, no, I'm committed to this.

: I know just the place!


: No gain without pain!

Hopefully we won't die on the way there.

I regret everything

You need a CON and INT of 7, or else the invading entity kills you.


That's it! I want to thank everyone for sticking with this LP -- it took much longer than I anticipated, but I pulled it off. Once again, I encourage you to pick up the game and try it. And remember: Never kneel before a god.