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Part 10: Entry 3/31/10-10

Entry 3/31/10-10

We'd defeated our own regrets, and looked on as it melted before our eyes.

RECORD- "The Keys of Time"

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And then finally burst into a shower of butterflies.

And then it all faded away.

That was... the monster born from us?
But it was...
Yes... its powers and form were familiar, but it was a Shadow.
You are correct.
Wait, but that makes no sense.
Persona-users are supposed to beat Shadows, right?
What are you talking about?
Don't tell me you've been fighting them this whole time without knowing...

Metis had a startling revelation for us.

Did you all think that Shadows were mysterious invaders or something?
Shadows are the lower parts of the psyche everyone has... Suppressed human thoughts given physical form.
When people are unable to face their darker selves, they break loose, free from all control.
But sometimes, humans with special awareness can tame their Shadows...
Those are Persona-users.
So Personas and Shadows... They're the same thing, just different names?
If someone was able to create my sister and myself, wouldn't he have had to understand this?
...All those people lost their lives.
Then... the reason for all this is our Personas?

Through your Personas, your unspoken desires were manifested...
You can't stand to see time move on... You don't want to accept your loss of someone precious...
It was by each of your wishes that time stopped moving forward...
And as a result, you became trapped here.
So we trapped ourselves...? Hah... It's almost funny...
Whatever the reason was, we beat that thing.
We won. That should solve all this, right?
Yes, that is correct.
If we return to the dorm, we may be able to go outside.

Something strange appeared in each of our hands.

Whoa... what's this? When did I...?
Is this... a key?
You should be able to leave using those keys.
Once you make it outside, the Abyss of Time should disappear on its own.
> Obtained Key of Time
Geez... I'm glad this didn't end up taking another year.
But these keys... There's eight of them.
That's because each of you played a part in bringing this about.
The door probably won't open unless all eight are used at once.
"Strength of heart, when united, is barred by no door..."
Those words...
So it'll open if we're all around, is that right?
Then let's get the hell outta here!
Uh... So are we just gonna waltz out through the front door?

And that's when things started to go wrong. Because there was another option.

There's still one closed door that doesn't connect to the outside world.
The main entrance, or that door... It's one or the other.
A door that doesn't connect to the outside world...?
Are you talking about... the door to his room?
I just assumed someone had locked it.
That door has the same feel as the doors to the past we've been going through up to now.
What do you mean by "one or the other"?
If we open it, won't it just connect to another past?
That's right.
If you go through the entrance, you'll return to the present. But that door leads to the past.
The past...?
The world of the past. You've all been there many times now.
But this time, the Abyss will disappear once you go through the door. You'll be in the true past.
Is that true!?
Why would I lie about something like this?
If you don't believe me, then why don't you try leaving through the entrance?

...What do you want to do?
I'll go along with whatever you decide, Sister.
That way... I'll finally be able to save you from this cursed fate...
To be honest, that's all I care about.
"Cursed fate"...?
Which one are you going to choose, Sister?
Uh, hey... W-Why don't we go back to the dorm first?
This is way too heavy to decide right here...
...I agree.

The past or the future... We could only choose one. And we were short on time...

RECORD- "Showdown In The Shattered Dorm"

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What the--!?
What're all these cracks!?
This is bad... It's becoming unstable...
It should last a little longer, but we don't have much time.
If the fault extends to the door, we may not be able to leave even with the keys...
Tch... It's just one thing after another, isn't it?

We gathered to discuss what would be done.

I mean... no one is seriously thinking about going back to the past, right?
Um... I've been thinking...
Why do you think he died?
They never figured out the cause of death at the hospital, right...?
Well, that's...
Personally... I still think it's because he used all his power to accomplish that miracle.
In other words, we were saved because he gave up his life.
He gave everything for us... So it doesn't seem right to undo all his work on our own...
I'm with Ken.
We've all seen what kind of resolve it takes to face death...
That resolve, and what it brought about...
There's no way we can cancel that out on our own whims.
Even if it hurts, we have to deal with it and accept the present.
Yukari... What about you?
You're all about the here and now, right, Yuka-tan?
I mean, you say it all the time-- "You gotta look forward!"

But things were not going to be easy.

I... want to go back. To the time before the last battle...
When I thought about how he protected us, I kept telling myself that I have to keep looking forward...
That's why I started going to cram school, and spending less time goofing off.
But... I can't lie to myself.
If there's a way for him to come back... I'll take it, no matter what.
So... you're giving up? Are you saying you don't have the strength to face reality?
After all the things we've gone through, you're just gonna throw in the towel in the fight against yourself?
Oh yeah, you're really one to be throwing around all those high-minded ideals!
If you really thought something was that precious to you, you'd want to protect it no matter what.
Don't you understand!? We can go back and fix things!
Are you seriously just gonna let a chance like this go!?

Things were getting hurtful very quickly.

Even if there was a way to reverse Shinji and Miki's death, I'd flat-out refuse.
Nothing in the past was a waste... You're just making excuses.
Hey... you keep mentioning "death"...
Are you saying the person who saved you all didn't just... leave?
That's correct... He passed away.
What...? Why didn't you tell me before...?
Why...? But... you've never met him.
Anyway, what do the rest of you think?
I dunno... I get second thought when I think about going back to when Chidori died...
But I definitely see what Akihiko-senpai is tryin' to say.
When you get down to it, though... I hate to say this, but I'm just too scared to do that battle over.
What's wrong with you!?
Are you saying you're scared to die, but it's okay if he does?
That's not what I said! I mean, have you really thought this through!?
Going back to before that battle means we'd have to fight Nyx again!
Did you ever think about what might happen if we lose this time!?

Yukari had no such fear, though.

...And you two are no better.
All that talk about accepting the present is because when you get down to it, you only care about yourselves!
How can you say that!?
*sigh* There's no use going around and around like this. We're never gonna reach an agreement.
So if no one gives in... we'll have to settle this another way.
Another way...?
Yukari-chan... you don't mean--!?
Taking the keys by force...
That'll work too, right?
It's true that the eight keys will merge if they're brought together... even against their holders' wishes.
But if it comes to a fight... I'll protect my sister with everything I have.
These keys represent each of your strength of heart...

Metis had a worry.

What do you mean?
You're only thinking of what's best for you...
The person with my sister's power died of unknown causes, didn't he?
Did any of you ever stop to think that maybe the same thing could happen to her!?
I came to protect her... but I...
I won't make another mistake. I'll do whatever it takes to save her!
Aigis-san... Which door are you thinking about unlocking?
I can't decide right now which is more important, the past or the present...
So you're just gonna run away? Again?
Just like the day we said our farewells to him, and you were the only one who didn't show up.
You got to hear his last words... You even made him a promise... But here you are, still running.
Why were you the one who inherited his power when you can't even make up your mind?
I'm sorry, but I'm not going to lose to someone like you!
Yukari-chan... Are you really going to fight...?

A fight with my friends...

No matter what Aigis decides... we have no choice but to fight.
And I've... made my decision as well.
I'm going to stand with Yukari.
You're taking her side...? Are you serious?
Heh... I know you well enough to tell your mind's made up. All right.
...It's decided, then.
Follow me... I'll lead you to a place suitable for battle.
If we fight there... no one can appeal the result.

How had it come to this?

> The friendship has been split...
> How will you make your final decision...?

The battle lines were being drawn...

Let's hurry up and go.
I... I want to go back to the past. I want to save him...
So I'll get those keys no matter what!
...I can't go along with a gamble that big.
We fought alongside him for an entire year... I don't want all of that to go to waste...
So I can't go back to the past... I won't hand over my key!
Guys, guys... if we keep fighting over the keys like this, something awful might happen to Aigis!
That's just an excuse to keep this from getting serious.
All Metis cares about is Aigis... How can we trust her?
Even if we did, we're supposed to just accept that taking this mysterious key will kill her? What a load of crap.
The time we spent with him means a lot to me, and I'm not letting anyone waltz in to undo it!
Will you guys just stop and think!?
Why are we fighting!? We've helped each other up 'till now every step of the way! What about that, huh?
You guys better talk this over, cause I ain't letting anyone use the key until we're all agreed on what to do.
And if anyone's a sore loser about it, I'll kick all your asses just to calm you down!
...That's enough.
We'll depart once Sister is prepared. Let me know when you're ready.

The worst was yet to come.