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Part 13: Entry 4/1/10

Entry 4/1/10


RECORD- "A New Day"

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Newscaster: It is now April 1st. Here's a recap of the news from the 31st...

When... did we fall asleep...?
Huh? What? ...Wait, is this!?
Arf arf!
Mm... What is it, Koro-chan...?
Weren't we...
Weren't we gathered around the entrance, talking about some kinda key...?
That's right... but it looks like everything's okay now.
The outside world is back to normal. We can leave anytime.
So... The Abyss of Time has disappeared.
The date... it's April 1st!
Soooo... that means we're saved, right!?
Woooooo-hoooo! 'Bout damn time!


C'mon, Aigis.
Wait a second...
After we opened the front door with the key, we were brought to that room that looked like an elevator...
And while we were there, Aigis-san...
H-Hey, Aigis! How long are you gonna lie there!? Wake up!
It's too early to reach any conclusions.
Let's carry her to her room for now. We can keep an eye on her condition with the equipment there.

How's it look, Fuuka?
Don't worry. I've used this system a number of times before...
The equipment should be set up already, so...
*sigh* If only it wasn't so late at night...
I'm sorry... I tried contacting the lab, but I doubt they'll be sending anyone right away.
Well, I've almost got the bio-scan unit online...
Is that it?
Yes! Her vital signs are up on screen! Let's see...
No... This is awful...
Did you find something?

There was some sort of massive system overload that took her way over capacity...
It's probably related to her new ability to use multiple Personas...
Burned out...? But... they can fix her, right?
It's easy to replace the faulty parts, but...
She'll no longer be the Aigis we all know...

I'd never slept so well...

Did you call me...?
Um... Has something happened?
Geez! You had us worried sick, sleepyhead!
You took so long to wake up, we thought you might have died...
But how could this be...?
Her synaptic circuits shouldn't even be receiving power... It's as if...
She's really alive...
Oh, I'm so sorry to have worried you all.
I was having a dream... the first one in some time.
Memories of time I spent with everyone... and...
"Strength of heart, when united, is barred by no door..."
Oh, it's nothing.
Sorrowful partings only show us the weight of our relationships...
But the joy of living comes from those who care about you.
I'm... a very lucky person.

We were so close to each other... We suffered over the same things...
Heh, I feel pretty stupid now... I wonder why we both thought we were all alone.
I guess we're more like each other than we thought.
Whewwww... Well, looks like it all came out okay!
Man... I was pretty freaked out there for a while, but I think we've got out happy ending.
Yeah, looks that way. *sigh* ...I'm bushed.
Aw, crap... now that we're not in any danger... I'm about to pass out! Maybe I can sleep standing up...
Oh... Junpei-kun!
Very well... Let's go back to our rooms and rest until morning.
If there's anything left to do…
Actually... there is one thing I'd like to announce.
About collecting everyone's Evoker... I'm thinking of calling that off.
Our ordeal has given me a lot of food for thought.
My own way of running away may have been to try and collect these and put them away... forever.
But even if there are no Shadows left, the battle against ourselves is ongoing.
Each of you should hold onto yours.
Until the day when everyone can change...

They left, and I returned to sleep. Soon enough, morning came, and it was time to say goodbye to Iwatodai Dorm forever.

RECORD- "A New Path"

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That was my contact. The care they sent for us will arrive shortly.
What, are you taking everyone else along for the ride, too?
Their new dorms are on the way to the lap. It'll be a quick stop.
I thought we might as well travel together, since we're all here. It would be dull otherwise.
Where on earth is Junpei...? I told him not to be late--
Ah, let him be. He's probably trying to carry everything at once...
The same thing happened last year.
Oh... But... That sounded like it really hurt...

Everything had gone back to normal...

*chuckle* Are you all right? Geez... What a way to end this.
Ah... There's our ride. Well then, shall we be off?

How could I have wanted to leave all this behind?

I... actually have a favor to ask...
What is it?
I know... it might not be possible because it's so sudden...
But is there some ways... that I can back out of returning to the lab?
Before, I thought... there was nothing left for me to protect. No reason to live.
But now that I see otherwise...
I'd like to go back to school with Yukari-san and everyone.
I want to continue to experience new things with you all!
...Is it too late...?
Hmmm... Even if I wanted to place you back in, I'm no longer involved with Gekkoukan High...

I was worried for a moment.

Thank you.
I'm sorry for the sudden change in plans, but our destination is now the school's Tatsumi Hall.
...The transfer to the lab has been cancelled.
Then... Senpai...!
Now that's more like it!
Thank you so much!
It's an honor to be able to say with you all!

But now we've got a bright new future we've built with our own hands.

Yes... But change is part of life.
Hey, Aigis... If you're gonna live in the dorms...
You wanna be my roommate?


I mean you need one, right? But hey, no need to be so formal. We are friends, aren't we?

Yeah, you're right!

A brand new day awaited us...

RECORD- "Credts, feat. Brand New Days"

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Cast, Persona 3 FES:

Karen Strassman as Aigis:


Michelle Ruff as Yukari Takeba:


Tara Platt as Mitsuru Kirijo:


Liam O'Brien as Akihiko Sanada:


Mona Marshall as Ken Amada:


Vic Mignogna as Junpei Iori:




Mela Lee as Fuuka Yamagishi:


Stephanie Sheh as Metis:


Yuri Lowenthal as Minato Arisato: