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Part 20: Who the Fuck is Antenor Edition

Gameplay Notes: Who The Fuck Is Antenor?

Let's start on Personas in Antenora:

Persona MVP: Succubus. Succubus just as incredible if not more so than she is in vanilla Persona 3. She's got Agidyne no matter what, so she's got raw power covered. She's got Sexy Dance and Ailment Boost to charm trash Shadows. She's a good Inheritance group so she can get spells of other elements (like say Ice). She is naturally immune to Darkness and gets Null Light, so she's great for protecting yourself from instant death as well. All around an awesome Persona and a must have in my opinion.

Personas To Fuse: This is where Fusion really starts to get going for me, and I start finally having more and more Fused Personas. Obviously there's Succubus, but let's go over some more awesome choices.
Queztlcoatl: Pros- Awesome Wind Persona. He's got Garudyne, and –dyne level skills are worthwhile even if you've got two Wind users in the party (as I always do). He's also got Marakukaja which is great. Cons- None really. He's awesome.
Parvati: Pros- A strong magic user and healer. Cons- Being weak to Fire is really bad really often in The Answer sadly, so I skip a Persona I'd normally use.
Titania: Pros- Simply the best bang for your healing buck, because she gets Divine Graced Mediarama. Electricity is a good weakness because it's very rare on Shadows in The Answer. Cons- Again no really significant ones, she's awesome when you need a snap heal because Divine Grace Mediarama is basically cheap Mediarahan.

Personas to Pick Up: Now that we're going to start having more than a handful of really good Personas that we've fused we need to start getting more choosy as to what we pick up from Shuffle Time. Try to emphasize things with good skills as a priority, because the great Personas of the next door aren't really very 'rare' Arcana that necessarily even require a triple fusion.

General Persona Strategy: So now is when we really start fusing and accumulating good Personas. I like picking up strong Personas with a –dyne level offensive skill 'on-element' and a mid-level one in some other element. This lets us get the most out of our strong Personas and gives us the ability to strike without making ourselves vulnerable. I largely avoid Personas with a physical emphasis in this mid-range, because I don't really like their elemental properties. Remember that it's always better to be defensively strong.

Antenora is pretty easy honestly, so I'll save all my exciting discussion of whether this game throws legitimate challenges or bullshit at us for our next door and its DELIGHTFUL second boss, who makes the Harem Dancer look like a delightful romp.

Mythology Fun Facts: Antenora is the next region of Lake Cocytus. It's named after Antenor, who betrayed Troy, and it is set aside for those who betrayed their state.