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by Feinne

Part 22: Insert Quarter For Witty Title Edition

Gameplay Notes: Insert Quarter For Witty Title!

Judecca is a lot like Ptolomea with easier bosses and basically everything I said then applies now. What I'm going to mostly do here is focus on some key Persona players for the rest of the game.

Chernobog: I love the hell out of this guy for a few reasons. First of all, he Nulls Slash. Slash actually becomes more common than Strike for the rest of the game so this is in and of itself a great thing. It's even better because his best attack, Deathbound, is also a Slash type. We can use it with impunity even when we don't know what an enemy does with Slash because even if it gets countered or repelled we're not at risk of killing ourselves. If we can get Null Light on him (say, from Succubus) he can negate both Light and Dark. He also will naturally Null his own weakness in time. All of this is nice, but the real kicker is his Heart Item, the Black Stone. This will let us Null Slash in any Persona. I'm going to use this with Aigis for the rest of the game because it is one less type of attack I need to worry about. It'll also synergize really well with a Persona I'll get just before the last battles in the game.

Melchizedek: Melchizedek is one of the strongest Personas we'll get in The Answer for a few good reasons. He's got Mediarahan, which is absolutely vital once we get to the last parts of the game. He is insulated from Light and Dark, and resists Strikes. He gets Growth 3, so we can just leave him in stock and let him level up to crazy heights even in fights where we can't use him. His Heart Item lets someone Null Light, which is great for Metis (since she has no weakness, we might as well make her Null an instant death type) or Koromaru. The best thing about Melchizedek though is that he absolutely mulches trash in the last door. Almost all of the regular enemies in the last door are able to be hit by Strikes, and he's got Akasha Arts. He's cruise control to easy levels.

Odin: Odin is simply the best Electricity based persona in the game. He gets Spell Master, which halves the cost of all skills, he gets Elec Amp, and he gets THE skill. The single most overpowered ability in all of Persona 3, Thunder Reign. This does Severe Electricity damage to a single target and if they can be Shocked they will. This sets them up for brutal crits from the rest of the party. There is a very valuable fight which can only be won in a reasonable time with Thunder Reign so we want it badly. Note that we can and arguably should eventually fuse Thunder Reign and Spell Master onto a better Persona chassis with access to things like, say, healing and no weaknesses. We'll see next time exactly what is, in my opinion, the best choice.

There are of course some other Personas that are super awesome that I just never get around to making in this level range. Daisoujou and Alice both get awesome High Odds multi-target instant death abilities that we can totally transfer onto other, better Personas. Thanatos is back, and better than ever since he's not a Special Fusion anymore. The game is opening up and giving the best Personas to us, so its now our job to use them.

Mythology Fun Facts: Judecca is the fourth region of Lake Cocytus. As I'm sure is no surprise, it's named after none other than Judas (though he does not reside here, as he gets to be personally tortured by Satan forever). Judecca is for those who betray their lords and benefactors, and is the deepest hell save the prison of Satan himself.