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Part 18: 10-1: Alette Took a Really Long Time to Decide, OK?


aaaaaand we're back! A few things are different about this game than before since some of the events are random and some...well...I wanted to make things easier for myself and after spending entirely too much time debugging, I deserve it.

Changes of note:
1.) Folka is level 5 rather than 4. She can use the Bjorg al Levander (+2 armor/turn). She killed Bolverk in that one training fight where he’s an enemy and I used the reward renown to get her to 5.
2.) I used Mogun in the waterfall battle so he could hit level 5 and thus carry another good item to Bolverk's caravan.
3.) I don't know how many casualties you're supposed to take in a war battle when you succeed. But given that 2 successful waves when you had a decent number of fighters/varl has been 0 casualties in the previous game as well as the "we need to chop driftwood" battle earlier in this game, I'm assuming it's 0. So when we take war casualties on a successful war, I bring them all back to life.

I think that's it. So, without further ado, let's make Alette a mender!

: Sorry it took so long for me to decide! Kept having these weird nightmares about Griss rising from the dead, items being stuck on that dick Bolverk, not being able to reposition before battle, people losing their skills on levelups, and our heroics not mattering at all and everyone dying anyway.
: That last one...that last one might be real, Alette.
: Oh.

: I'm placing some patterns on your bow. Trace them with your thumb at all times. Practice Memorize them. Understanding will occur later.

And that's that! Alette is now a mender, apparently. Or on the path to be one.

At long last, we start our journey again.

: How do you know who I am?
"Word travels fast," she says. "Think you can slay a Sundr and keep it secret?" She clicks her tongue and shakes her head. "Madir knows of you, sure enough."
: Why are you out here selling things?
"Madir sells things to those traveling," she says. "It's what she does. Used to be as generous as Aselei, Madir was, but that don't buy more supplies."
: Let me see what you have.
"Of course!" Madir says. "But make up your mind. Madir will be gone as quick as she arrived. And don't get any ideas of sneaking off with things. These four varl have the keenest eyes, the sharpest blades, and the shortest tempers!" You feel the varl watching your every move.

This merchant is a random event. Much like the random event merchants in other games like say...Fallout 4, she has nothing worthwhile. We take a look and then keep on moving.

We don't move far, though.
You glance back to Eyvind who looks at you and shakes his head. The entire caravan comes to a halt.

: And there's no telling how far we'd have to backtrack to head north.
: Then we'll head south across the Ormsa riverbed. We can head toward Grundar and on west.

: Heading south is...questionable. Those people.
: Why do you say that?
: Maybe I spent a lifetime there. Plenty of things to eat under logs, but there's also people in the bogs.
His eyes go wide.

: But what's wrong with heading south?
: Different ways of living. Old ways. Stick to the mud, and kragsmen are less bothersome.

Tryggvi frowns at Iver.
: Words like that can find you swollen, filled with poison.
He puffs out his cheeks and stares at Iver.
: ...this is why we varl tend to keep to ourselves. Each human is crazy in their own way.
Tryggvi hunches over with laughter until he suddenly stops, sniffs the air, and marches away.
: Strange, but it's a fair warning. We're crossing over into lands most of us have never seen. Just because we left those dredge behind doesn't mean we won't have more wars ahead of us.
: If we had more supplies, I'd say we should stop for a few days and train some of these clansmen to fight.

: I don't want to risk running out of food.

: Fair point. Let's train.
Calls for camp spread down the line and Iver finds Sven, the trainer.

This turns 80 clansmen into fighters. Hope it's enough.

Oh hey, that dick Ludin wants something. Let's go find out what.

: Glad to be heading home?
Ludin turns to the two of you and offers a polite smile.

: I thought you hated being so far from Arberrang.
: Life on the trail hasn't won me over, but it's not all bad. It's even possible that I've learned a few things about leading people while out here.
You, Iver, and Yrsa are stunned to hear the prince talk this way.

: Saying stuff like that won't make you any friends in this caravan.

: Oh yeah? What exactly do you understand?
: It seems they know just as little about the things I know as I do about the things they know. For instance, they know almost nothing about the kingdom's economy, and I know very little about making the things they sell. I know the trade routes, but they know the trade!
You've never seen the prince this animated, but then his face falls.
: I just don't think the king will appreciate my knowledge. Yrsa will agree: my father's not what you'd call open-minded.
: The king's a hard man, but his son is his weakness.
Ludin glares at her, but the archer only smirks.
: The prince is the king's weakness?

: Watch your words, prince.
: What? I wasn't telling you what to do.
An awkward, icy moment passes between the prince and his bodyguard.
: Meinolf was fearful of sending Ludin away. So he sent his two advisers to watch him.
: You're one of King Meinolf's advisers?
Yrsa gives you a wry smile.
: Regardless of who he sent to protect me, I had no say in the matter.
: Kings usually have to make tough decisions and stick with them. Maybe someday you'll see why.
: I know. I just don't think he'll care for my ideas on treating with peasa...commoners...what would you like to be called?

: You have a charming way of humbling me.
Yrsa rolls her eyes.
: Just keep an open mind about your father the way you'd like him to have toward your ideas.
: That's...something I've never considered before. I'll think on it.
As Prince Ludin and Yrsa walk away, you feel Iver watching you.
: What?
: When did you become so full of sage advice?
: Since I started listening to you?

The two of you share a smile before moving on.

Ludin: less of a dick? I guess this means Bersi was the other advisor, but he fucked off with the Ravens.

This chapter unlocks a couple more training missions. Might as well get that renown.

Piece of cake.

This one is slightly more difficult in that you have to wait for the enemy to line up right. You need to zap 3+ enemies with arc lightning.

But once they do, not a problem. And Iver can tank for a WHILE until they get into position.

Full of renown for doing easy missions, we set out again.

: Why are you all out here?
"Homes were burned," a man says, coughing. "Cowards didn't even show a banner. Now we're just trying to get somewhere safe to start over."
: You can join us if you like.
Worried glances are exchanged among the group until a man says, "Better than starving out here on our own." They all tend to agree and thank you, joining the rear of the caravan.
+24 clansmen, 0 fighters in them.

Welcome to Swartsbog. It sucks here.

Morale drops. Turns out nobody likes being in the swamp.

And already we've got an option here.

Do we:
1.) Travel on the stone marker path
2.) Stick to our current path?