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Part 20: 10-3: Lundar


Alright, I was worried that the #1 and #2 vote totals were gonna be in different branches and I'd need to make a determination as to whether to go with the sub-branch with the most votes, or the main choice with the most votes and then select its most popular branch.

Thankfully, ya'll voted fairly convincingly to attack the dredge head on.

So off we go. Stay safe, Oddleif and new horsey friends.

: We'll stick together and rout them.
: A damn bloodletting for this caravan. I thought you wanted to save lives. Let Dagr help. This is what he was made for!
: I've made my choice.

So we'll have ourselves a rather standard battle against dredge. It's a war battle; I'll need to edit casualties out of the savefile if (when) we win.

Anyway, here's Scathach. He's the only horseborn in the party right now since the other two took off with Oddleif. Armor stat is garbage, though thanks to being able to move after attacking it's not too debilitating. And he has exceptionally high strength.

Horseborn are good.

Hakon gets his strength maxed out and his exertion to 3.

Ooh, slingers. That could make overwatch strategies a little less effective if they don't approach Alette's distance.

But let's just see what happens.

The short version: it still works, though a few people take hits from the slingers. More importantly, Alette knocks back a stoneguard who was going to use his tremble attack. Instead, he uses it after being knocked back and does significant armor dage to ONLY his teammates.

I've been playing the Survival Mode (I'll show it off when we finish TBS2) a bit and i"ve gotta say: Aleo is a pretty solid unit. His "Tale Worth Telling" skill allows Ludin to never miss, and also use his exertion to maim big units. Works great at low levels--or with low level characters.

This fight has reinforcements. But they're not really threatening.

This poor bastard gets overwatched into the next dimension.

More reinforcements.

Ludin's actually a pretty solid character. If I could do something about his rubbish armor stat or keep him from getting attacked so often, I might use him. He led Hakon's caravan in kills, but enemies in TBS2 are just a lot more dangerous for mid-tier defenses.

I was going to mention this earlier but it's a bug I can't fix.

See those pointy-headed slingers in purple pants? They're a new unit type. Instead of throwing 2 bombs like the fire slingers, they throw 2 eggs. If the eggs hatch (on the slinger's next turn) they become stalkers. The eggs have 8 HP each and take up room on the map. And apparently they count as kills as Scathach flails one to death.

Had you all selected the horseborn fight, I'd have been pretty nervous if this were a Rook game. That fight also gets reinforcement waves, and horseborn thanks to their movement and after-attack-moves are a LOT more dangerous than dredge.

Losing this battle is also an instant campaign wipe, so it's one of the ones to be very afraid of.

However, with Alette (and really the whole team turning in good work) it's not a problem.

A bug. I'll edit in...I don't know...8 more clansmen, 26 more fighters, and 17 varl? I really don't know what flawless victories are supposed to look like.

More importantly, how are our allies that we ignored doing?

: It's not over. The dredge were only part of this war.
He motions to something behind you.

Holy shit, all 3 survived. I was not expecting that (I split the party on my playthrough).

All 3 are injured though.

Even before your breathing slows, an older man runs up shouting "They kicked their way through! The mangey, hoofed monsters are in our town!
: The horseborn?
"Call them what you want," the man shouts. "But they're everywhere! They're hitting the homes, the market, even those rich folk hiding out in the great hall." He spits at the last mention.

I know where this is going.

Another vote!

Do we:
A.) Save the market! No sense saving lives if we doom everyone to starvation afterwards.
B.) Save the families! Civilians have to come first. We can always train them into fighters later on.
C.) Save the rich! Whatever shape we arrive in Arberrang in, we're going to need political allies.
D.) Split the party and save 2 of the 3 above? If you vote this way let me know which group you're going to let get destroyed.