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Part 44: Coda 1: The Alfrun Ending


A few of you voted for "B": to strike down Eyvind and let Alfrun do the ritual instead. This is what would have happened.

I think it's a defensible choice. Eyvind's not exactly trustworthy, and given that in a moment of grief he wrecked the world before, there's no reason to believe he won't do it again at a later date.

So we'll kill Eyvind before he finishes, and trust in Alfrun.
: For all our foresight, it was putting trust in my allies that doomed them.

What do you mean? She seems pretty confident everything is fine...


Alfrun succeeds in the ritual and puts Juno back in the sun, destroying the Serpent, stopping the darkness, and crushing all the warped. However...

As flesh falls off of her in strips...

The tower collapses.

The rest of the ending plays out as you already saw: Aleo does his little poem, Zefr points out that there's hope and they can rebuild. But Oddleif never spots Iver on the horizon because Iver and all the Ravens die in the explosion. Juno is the only survivor of the darkness expedition, and she's trapped in the sun for eternity.

...I'm glad you didn't choose this one, guys.